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Asgard have an enviable reputation for some serious motorcycle security for almost 50 years now. If you think the only way for your bike to be safe, is in a bike sized safe or bank vault - well, read on. You might have found your perfect solution!

You may have heard of Asgard, you may not. If you have not heard of them, then I would strongly advise taking a look and giving it some serious consideration. With the costs of insurance and motorcycle theft being as it is, these are a valid alternative to traditional structures and are priced fairly similarly, only with far higher security credentials attached, including Police backed Secure By Design, UK Locksmiths Association,  the Loss Prevention Certification Board and many top insurers recommend them.  When considering your layers of security, this would serve well as a first line of defense, and arguably far more secure than your brick garage with up and over, or roller shutter door which have proven to be easily compromised.

- UK Bike Theft Association Website


So What is there to Consider?

The Construction is made in the UK from their base in West Yorkshire from Heavy Duty Galvanised (weatherproof) Steel, including a steel floor which is OSB lined for a softer surface for your bike. Condensation which is a huge problem in Steel Containers is dealt with via an air flow system which reduce moisture from building up. So confident are they that your shed will remain a pleasant environment, they also include options such as shelves, hooks and helmet storage so you can keep your riding gear in there, rather than clogging up the hallway or requiring use of the wardrobe in the spare room. We've all been there, and if they are confident your gear will stay dry in there, then your bike will too.

These are built with bikes in mind, and bikes as we all know have a habit of multiplying through no fault of your own, leaving you struggling to explain to your partner - so sizes vary so you can cater for one bike or four and maybe even more. These panels are available and can be added to with extra if you want to enlarge the unit and cater for higher number of bikes, or should you fancy making a workshop of it - which makes perfect sense! Your tools are safe and well protected by high-grade steel and high-security Locksmith Association-approved locks, along with your bike - it's a no-brainer.


Asgards Environmental Impact

If your environment and planet are issues that you want to consider when purchasing such a product, then Asgard will impress you further still. They have a net Zero to Landfill waste achievement; they recycle, and reuse almost all in house and anything left over is used in energy production. If you would like a leaflet - you'll be out of luck! Paper waste is not something they contribute to as part of their environmental policy, but you can download any information you require from the website.

To top this their range includes Electric Ready options, which opens up use for workshops or Electric Charging Points which future proofs the unit and ensure it will comply with environmental changes or demands as the company proactively adapts and lead the way.

Do I need planning permission for an Asgard?

No, not at all - these are modular and removable so there is no need for planning permission. If you are living in a flat and are thinking of putting this in your allocated car parking space, it would be wise to gain your landlords' permission first to prevent any complaints or at least advise of it's planning-free status. Otherwise, once again it is a perfect solution for secure parking in a shared public access parking environment.



Asgard is a major level of security and is priced accordingly. High-grade steel, high security locks, and a 10 year warranty don't come with many alternative shed options. With a 10x10 wooden structure showing up as between £1200-5000 for a quality shed and with little security, and certainly no insurance approval, the price range of the Asgard makes fantastic value and even more appealing as an investment for your security. With insurance approval from Bikesure and Bennetts Insurance, you get a little back on your premium too.

Many may be reading this thinking, 'I can't afford that financial layout - I'm raising a family' - We understand that completely, and we get that this could be a dream to some...but wait and moment. Last year Asgard teamed up with Klarna to offer a finance package from as little as zero percent. Ears pricked up, eyebrows raised? They should be - this has taken a solution some may not have been able to budget for until the children have flown the nest, into an attainable if not crucial option in your security and one you can even take with you should you move. You could say that it has never been easier to secure your bike.

Asgard want to help you secure your bikes, and wish to make those options available to all. They have agreed that UKBTA Patreon and Supporters can benefit from a huge discount saving you 10%. That is a value of up to £360 on the flagship model, and equates to a huge saving on that and other models. We thank them for offering such a generous discount on the range which is available on all over £100 and we hope that you will visit the site and see what Asgard can do for you!