Cycling Electric reviews the Access E Plus E-Bike Storage Shed

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The Best Cycling Products of 2023 Reviewed. 
Myles Warwood's top picks.

Posted: 20/12/23

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2023 has been a tough year for the cycling industry, yet there has been one constant. The sales of e-bikes have stayed pretty steady. Granted, they’ve not increased, but with the market around them, a flat line is as good as an increase. While I have been busy working away on many buyers’ guides, often helping with the best electric bikes to buy, this puts me in a great position to handpick the best cycling products I’ve seen and tested over 2023.

I’ve looked through a comprehensive and varied range of products, from bikes to jackets to shoes, in many different cycling disciplines. I’ve enjoyed riding an e-MTB this year more than ever, and electric road bike advances have been tremendous. But above all, I’ve noticed an uptick in the quality of products we’ve been testing. Brands have delivered this year with the quality of their products and had to diversify as the consumer explores new cycling areas.

Best cycling products of 2023 shortlisted

  • Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike Shed

I’ve tried to keep this list as varied as the products I’ve tested, and I consider these the best cycling products from 2023. They do their job incredibly well, fitting seamlessly into your life, which is what all the best products should do.

Cycling Electric Best Shed 2023 UK

The best cycling products of 2023, as picked by Myles Warwood

If you own an e-bike, then having somewhere secure to charge it must be a priority; while yes, some have space in their garage, this very secure shed from Asgard is an excellent solution. It’ll keep out the rain and wind, protect from frost and have your bike fully charged every day when you commute or ride. Assembly was quick and easy, and the plug installation was super easy. I love this shed and you can read the full review of the Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike shed on the Cycling Electric website.


  • Easy to put together
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Does its job effortlessly


  • Electric sockets and other security items are not included

Material: Galvanized steel
Dimensions: 7’7” x 3’4”, height at back 4’ 4.76”
Locking System: Shrouded, twin lock system (8.5 Heavy Security Rating)
Weight: 122kg


This review is about the Asgard Access E Plus Bike Shed. Click here for more information.