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How to keep your motorbike protected

In the UK a bike is stolen every 21 seconds, so no matter where you live it’s always a good idea to be extra vigilant with motorbike security. Motorbike insurance is a must-have to protect yourself and your motorbike, however, this can be costly. An effective way to add more protection for your bike and decrease the cost of your insurance premiums is with a motorbike garage.

Motorbike insurer Carole Nash said "The garage from Asgard is acceptable to your insurer and would be classed as 'garaged'. If you got this the terms and conditions of the policy remain the same".

So if you don’t have a garage and need that extra security, the Asgard metal motorcycle garage is what you need. This garage is made from weatherproof steel and is fitted with a tough 5 point locking system and reinforced components to help keep thieves out! The garage also has a full integral metal base, which can be bolted down to the concrete. For the ultimate motorbike storage, this garage is packed full of features including a unique vented side panel, a heavy-duty ramp,  a storage hook rail and shelf. 

Metal motorcycle storage shed

Customer Motorcycle Garage review

“This is an absolutely fantastic product..... very well built, easy to assemble, and extremely secure. It took a good half a day to build the flat-pack into a working shed, but this was working by myself....two people working together should have it completed in probably 2 hours. All of the panels fit well, and I had no real problems during the construction. The ‘How to build an Asgard Metal Shed’ video on YouTube is a really useful reference tool, and an electronic screwdriver (each) is absolutely essential. My insurance company class the shed as a garage, and I know my bike is secure and safe. The five-point locking system, heavy-gauge galvanised steel panels, wooden floor, and built-in ramp.....all for under a grand? Fantastic stuff.” Ell

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