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Asgard Gladiator metal bike shed review

Posted: 27/01/2018

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Asgard Gladiator Police approved bike shed

Our review: Solidly-built bike store with some great security features, but the instructions could be better
Buy if, You want a solid and functional storage option for your bikes

4.5/5 Stars

Pros: Solid construction and great security features
Cons: Instructions could be more detailed, not the nicest to look at

When it comes to storing your pride and joy, you don’t want to cut corners. And while the Gladiator isn’t cheap, its galvanised-steel construction means it’s about as secure as a shed can get. The reinforced double doors swing on beefed-up hinges and are secured with a five-point locking mechanism, consisting of a drill- and pick-resistant lock and four 10mm bolts. There are no windows, so no one can see there are bikes inside, but it does get pretty dark.

 "I squeezed seven bikes into mine (it’ll fit eight) along with tools, shoes, packs and other kit" - Robin Weaver 

The shed is delivered in flat-pack form. You can pay £200* to have it built, or assemble it yourself. While the instructions are pretty basic, it is a relatively straightforward task once you get into the swing of things — although the big, heavy panels make it a two-person job. Asgard even supply silicone so you can seal the rain out. Once up, the Gladiator feels incredibly sturdy. Two shelves and a set of hooks are included so you can keep things tidy inside. I squeezed seven bikes into mine (it’ll fit eight) along with tools, shoes, packs and other kit. Ultimately, storing your bike in something so secure makes it that bit easier to sleep at night, which more than justifies the cost.

*At time of writing

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