Just Ride Bike reviews the Gladiator Police Approved Bike Shed

David Arthur reviews Asgard bike shed

Just Ride Bike reviews the Gladiator Police Approved Bike Shed

Posted: 06/09/22

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Industry Expert David Arthur from the popular Youtube Channel ‘Just Ride Bikes’ reviews and recommends our Asgard Gladiator Police Approved Bike Shed.

“Hi, I hope you are well and are ready for some hot product recommendations. These are products I’ve been using on/with my road, gravel and mountain bikes for the last few weeks and months. So these are my unbiased and real-world reviews on these products. This video isn’t sponsored, there's not a brand involved in this video that had any say or input in this video. These are all my own views and opinions…

These are products I would highly recommend and I would spend my own hard-earned money on as well. There’s no point in me recommending stuff I don't think is worth your money, so these products all definitely carry my seal of approval.

First off, where do you keep your bikes safe and secure? In a house, if you’re lucky, bedroom? Bathroom? Conservatory? But more likely, outside, either in a garage or wooden shed. Now a wooden shed is far from the safest place if you want to keep a determined thief at bay, which is why for the last 7 years or so I’ve been using a metal shed from Asgard. Asgard is a UK company and they make these fantastic metal sheds designed for bicycles, motorcycles and other stuff you want to keep safe and secure. 

I first used one living in London, I had a flat and a small bit of outdoor space where I had a 3x bike shed in there. Now I’ve moved to a bigger house here in the Cotswolds, I spayed for a bigger shed in the garden, so I got a Gladiator which is a massive 7ft x 7ft shed, it’s humongous, weighs an absolute tonne almost, perfect for the space I had available beside a rickety old wooden shed fine for the lawnmower and gardening tools. This is just a perfect space for all my bikes. 

Now yes it is a serious investment, a big chunk of cash, you could buy many wooden sheds for one Asgard metal shed, but I wouldn’t trust a wooden shed with my pride and joy in there, whether my bikes or a test bike, while an Asgard shed you get peace of mind that you can leave them there overnight and know that apart from a really really determined bike thief, they are going to be safe and sound. They are rugged, they are secure, and they are reliable. If you are spending a lot of money on your bike, the price of an Asgard price shed is pretty small in the context of that expensive bike purchase. Now, this might sound like an advert but let me assure you it's not. I paid for my Asgard with my own money, I believe in the product so much, that I'm on my second one now. It is the way to go to keep your bikes safe if you can’t keep them in the house.”

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