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  1. Tough
    Lawn Mower Store - 5ft 2" x 7ft 3"

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  2. Garden storage shed
    Lawn Mower Storage Unit - 5ft 2" x 3ft 7"

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  3. Ride On Mower Storage Shed - Secured by Design
    Ride On Mower Storage Shed 7ft 4" x 5ft 2"

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  4. Lawn mower storage shed
    Lawn Mower Storage Unit (XL)

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  5. Ride on mower storage
    Ride On Mower Shed - 5ft x 10ft 11"

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Lawn mower storage units

The Asgard Lawn Mower Storage range has been designed to keep all types of lawnmowers, gardening tools and equipment stored in a safe and secure way. These purpose-built lawn mower storage sheds provide a safe and sound storage area for your lawnmower and all of your tools - safe from the weather, as well as the risk of theft.  Asgard storage sheds feature a tough weatherproof (metal) construction and a 5 point locking system, making Asgard storage ideal for storing all types of lawnmowers - even ride-on mowers!

Asgard lawn mower storage sheds feature large double door opening, integral metal floor, reinforced construction and vented roofs (reducing condensation). With so many features included, it makes investing in the best security for your lawnmower an easy decision. A choice of sizes and colours are available, so you can tailor your lawnmower storage to meet your needs. 

Lawnmower storage sheds for security

The average garden shed contains several thousand pounds of equipment, which is often uninsured. Don’t leave yourself at risk of theft, now is the time to keep your valuable garden equipment locked up in high quality, weatherproof, purpose-built Lawn Mower Storage shed and protect your equipment from the risk of theft, rust and damage.

Reduce Condensation

Keeping your tools and equipment dry and safe in an Asgard is easy - A metal shed from Asgard will feature fantastic security measures, but also a vented roof - Discreet holes in the roof eves allow airflow inside the shed even when fully locked! Keeping your lawnmower secure and dry!

British made approved Lawnmower Storage

POLICE APPROVED. Read about Police Approved Design here>*

INSURANCE APPROVED. See the Insurance testing video here> *

LOCKSMITHS APPROVED. Locksmiths Association report here>*

See Customer Case Studies here>

See Independent Reviews here>

To see examples of Asgard sheds in action - see our customer case studies section for real life Asgard stories.

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