Matt DiAngelo gets an Access Plus Bike Shed for 29ers

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Matt DiAngelo uses an Asgard Bike Shed

Who is the latest superstar to get an Asgard bike shed?

The drive to get fitter and go outdoors during lockdown has led to an increase in bike ownership. Actor Matt DiAngelo is the latest superstar to take up cycling and has chosen an Asgard to protect his bikes at home. Matt originally chose the Access x 4 bike shed, but after a bit of advice from Andy here at Asgard and a few moments outside with the tape measure, Matt upgraded to the larger 29er bike shed. The bit of extra width offered by our 29 shed really can make a difference. Looking great in our cool grey colour, Matt now stores his bikes, garden equipment and all sorts of “stuff” in. Busy Matt opted for the Asgard installation service and had a good flat base ready for our installation team to do their thing.

“Building the bike shed was straight forward as Matt had a good, level base to build off, a job like that is always a pleasure” Asgard Installation team.

Matt DiAngelo with his Asgard bike shed

Does Matt like his new Asgard bike shed??

“Let me start by saying ... if you are looking at a timber bike shed, or one of those plastic things, just stop. This Asgard bike locker is in a different league. It looks and feels solid too, I wanted it to be future proof so I went for the e-bike version. Fits my two mountain bikes easily even with the wooden floor in, still had space for my Karcher (k5) and all its accessories. Shelves are a great addition too, we keep all our ‘bike stuff’ organised together and easy to find. The delivery guy was ace, quick and simple drop off, then had it installed by Asgard. Installers were very friendly and put it together in under an hour. LOVE IT”. - Matt DiAngelo, Actor best known for BBC’s EastEnders.  


What is the Asgard 29er Bike Shed?

The 29er bike shed, is the larger of the Access bike storage range, with an overall width of 2.3m (approx.) – this full metal shed has an appetite for swallowing up multiple bikes and the family riding gear. Huge double door access and an integral gas-assist lift lid give the user quick and easy access to all their bike equipment, providing the complete hassle-free bike storage solution. The 29er is also available for e-bike storage, featuring two electrical mounting points and a cable grommet to easily add your own electrics. Matt opted for an e-bike shed with power to futureproof his outdoor storage. 

Metal sheds and condensation? 

Don’t worry, this large bike shed is ventilated and made from fully galvanised (weatherproof) steel, not only keeping your bikes and equipment out of sight but keeps condensation to an absolute minimum.  Read about Asgards ventilation system here.


Inside Matt DiAngelo bike safe

Are my bikes safe??  

Steel shrouds protect the level 8 rated disc locks that fasten into double thickness steel eyelets. Inside the solid steel (weatherproof) doors you will find a 10mm deadbolt that secures the doors and locks into the base of the shed. As with all Asgard sheds, the Access is built inside-out to stop thieves from unscrewing the shed and features an integral metal base that can be bolted to the floor for added security. 

“Absolutely LOVE my Asgard bike locker, safe, secure and blends into its environment. Worth paying a little more to have the peace of mind knowing nobody is getting there hands on anything I put in there....ever. Couldn’t recommend it more!! Thanks guys! “ - Matt DiAngelo. 

More details about the
bike shed for 29ers can be found here, or you can find the e-bike version here.

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