Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson & her Annexe Bike Shed

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Tiffany's front of house storage shed

Made in Chelsea star Tiffany Watson & her Annexe Police Approved Bike Shed

Made in Chelsea star Tiffany Watson joins the growing number of famous faces who own an Asgard Shed. In desperate need of outdoor storage at her newly renovated home, Tiffany and her Belgian footballer husband, Cameron McGeehan, needed a compact storage unit for the front of the house in which they could store their bikes. 

We suggested our Police approved bike storage range to provide extra security and peace of mind. With the Annexe bike shed having a compact footprint of just 6ft x 3ft, it was the perfect fit. Tiffany picked our durable cream finish, complementing her Victorian house exterior and newly tiled front garden.

“So happy with our Asgard Annexe Bundle. The team were really helpful and installed the bike shed with no issues. We feel so much safer now having this for our bikes especially as it’s police approved” - Tiffany Watson



“Tiffany’s front garden was a tight squeeze! The bicycle storage shed fit in with millimetres to spare on either side from the house to the wall. The cream bike shed works really well with the exterior of her house too which was under construction at the time - the shed looks really smart now it’s all complete” - Stuart Leddy, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Who is Tiffany Watson?

Tiffany Watson is a British TV reality star who made her name on Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea with sister and fellow star Lucy Watson. She made her TV debut in 2014 and has been on the show for five years. Since her Made in Chelsea days, Tiffany is a successful influencer and business women and is building a life and family with professional footballer Cameron McGeeha whilst renovating a home in Fulham, London.

Tiffany runs a personal social media account and home renovation account, with a combined following of 641,000 people

Tiffany Watson outdoor metal shed
Tiffany Watson police approved shed

Why did Tiffany choose the Annexe Police Approved Bike Shed?

With a small front garden and the need for extra secure bike storage, the Asgard Annexe Police Approved Shed was a natural choice for Tiffany. Designed to accommodate up to 3 bikes, the metal shed features reinforced doors, panels and hinges, a pick-and-drill resisted lock with an EN1303 rating, and a handle designed to snap off in an attempted attack. 

“The front of our house is nearly there! A big pet hate of mine is having bicycles in hallways/inside the house so we got this @asgardstorage bike shed installed outside the front ???? it’s police approved and aesthetically pleases me so it’s a win win” - Tiffany Watson

As with all Asgard sheds, the Annexe also features an integral metal base and is constructed from thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel. These tough security features give the shed Secured by Design (Police) approval, UK Locksmith and Loss Prevention Certification Board certified, not to mention peace of mind for Tiffany with Hammersmith and Fulham being a prime target for bike theft.

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