Choosing the right Bicycle storage unit

Choosing the right bicycle storage unit for your cycle 

Are you a regular cyclist commuter, an extreme biker or just beginning to ride around on your bicycle? If so, then your number 1 priority when it comes to looking after your bike is to keep it safe and secure when storing it. With L'tour over here in sunny(?) Yorkshire this year... cycle storage and protection is a major issue... Lucky for us here in Yorkshire, Asgard are based here and we have some great bike storage ideas!

There are various levels of security on offer, depending on your budget and the cost of your bike... let us be honest ... there is no point in buying a £500 bike shed to protect an £80 bike – Asgard have lots of bike storage ideas and design and manufacture plenty of bicycle storage sheds to fit every security level and budget.  Below is a direct comparison of the most popular Asgard bike storage.

Storing your bicycle inside a garage or bike shed significantly reduces the chances of it being stolen. The Police generally recommend that you keep your bike out of sight Did you know that more than half of all bikes stolen are taken from the owner's property.

Bicycle storage shed range from Asgard – The dimensions the features …

Bike Storage Unit Height Width Depth Weight Door Aperture Locking type Product Reviews & Demos
Single Bike Locker 3ft 11"  (1200mm) 2ft 11"  (900mm) 6ft 3" (1900mm) 99kg (15.8 st) 1110mm x 790mm Customer fit padlock Single Bike Locker
Twin Bike Locker 3ft 11"  (1200mm) 2ft 11"  (900mm) 6ft 3" (1900mm) 99kg (15.8 st) 1110mm x 790mm 3 Point – Pick and drill resistant Twin Bike Locker Product Demo
Annexe High Security Bike Storage Unit 4ft 7"  (1440mm) 6ft (1832mm) 3ft (924mm) 138 kg (21.7 st) 50mm x 1150mm 5 Point – Pick and drill resistant Insurance Approved Annexe Bike Shed Product Review
Addition Bike Store 4ft 7"  (1444mm) 6ft (1832mm) 3ft (924mm) 103kg (16.3 st)    1150mm x 1150mm 3 Point – Pick and drill resistant Addition Bike Store Product Demo
Access Bike Store 4ft 4"  (1340mm) 6ft 8" (2060mm) 3ft 4" (1040mm) 114kg (18 st) 1060mm x 1360mm 3 Point – Steel shrouded

Level 8 rated locks.

Access Bike Store Product Demo
Cycle Store x6 6ft 7"  (2032mm) 5ft (1524mm) 8ft 11 (27185mm) 294kg (46.4 st) 1690mm x 1420mm 5 Point – Pick and drill resistant
UK Locksmiths Approved
(Coming Soon!)
Cycle Store x8 6ft 7"  (2032mm) 5ft (1524mm) 10ft 9"(3317mm) 334kg (52.8 st) 1690mm x 1420mm 5 Point – Pick and drill resistant
UK Locksmiths Approved
(Coming Soon!)

 (*The Access bike shed needs approx 100mm clearance at the back (from a wall/fence) as the top sticks/swings out a little when the lid is lifted.)

All of the Bike sheds made from thick, galvanised steel panels and are stronger, heavier and more secure than comparable products on the market. However, each of these cycle sheds have been designed by the Asgard engineering team in a slightly different way to suit the different needs and requirements of our customers. To show you these differences,  watch our product demonstrations by clicking on the product demonstrations in the table above.

A bike Storage unit from Asgard provides not only high security for all of your bicycles and riding gear, it also offers all-round weather protection and organised storage for your cycling gear and accessories.

Asgard are the bike security experts when it comes to outdoor storage sheds, with a range of top rated units to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right bike shed for you. To help you decide which storage unit is right for you, see below for a comparison table from its stylish and secure Bike Shed range. Remember only Asgard cycle storage is insurance approved and Locksmiths approved!

Any questions?

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