Parcel Delivery Box Locking System

How to lock an Asgard Parcel Delivery Box

The Parcel Delivery Box Mini and Medium both feature the secure and easy to use locking system.
Locking system for the Parcel Box.
Before a delivery is made, the empty unit is left closed and unlocked to accept mail and parcel deliveries.When making a delivery, the courier simply lifts the lid of the box and places the parcel inside and closes the lid.
Locking mechanism
The Courier then simply turns the lock, which secures the parcel inside the box with its robust locking system.  
Secure Percel Box
Once locked the parcel box keeps all your packages stored inside safe, secure and dry until you return home.
Turn lock to open Parcel Box
When you return home, you can simply unlock the Parcel Delivery Box with the key provided and retrieve your parcels.
The Parcel Delivery Box range is suitable for deliveries at both residential and commercial locations.