Sold Secure Lock & Chain Kit


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This is available for orders valued between £250 - £5,000. With plans designed to offer you convenience and flexibility.

The Asgard Lock and Motorbike Shed are a game changer.
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Sold Secure Lock & Chain Kit

Sold Secure Lock and Chain pack

Add Extra Protection with our Motorbike / Bike Cable & Padlock Kit - Sold Secure Diamond 

All Asgard metal sheds are designed with security as the number 1 priority, made from thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel, and packed with security features helping to keep your bikes and motorcycles safe and dry. However, for a little peace of mind, you can an extra layer of protection with our lick and chain kit.   The 2.1m heavy-duty Security Cable and Incredible waterproof U Lock combine to add a Sold Secure layer of protection.

Designed to work on its own for independent security or with our fantastic ground Anchor kit this Heavy Duty Double Loop Security Cable weaves around your bike, and connects to your internal anchor point (or anchor) via our heavy-duty U-lock. Even if a would-be thief got through Asgard’s impressive security systems, they would have to contend with our hardened shackle padlocks and protected security cables - not an easy task!

Bike Security on the move

This Motorbike / Bike Cable & Padlock Kit isn’t just for home use! You can take the kit anywhere to secure your motorbike or bike to any outdoor anchor point when on the move, thanks to the lightweight design, just pop them in your riding bag.

Why is the Heavy Duty  Security Cable and Weatherproof Bike Lock combination so tough?

We have selected both of these products for their resistance against theft both Products are Sold Secure.  The U Weatherproof Padlock has been tested to EN12320:2012, for different forms of attack such as cutting, pulling, and twisting of the hardened steel shackles, alongside tests for corrosion resistance and opening/closing performance - Teamed up with the Heavy Duty  Security Cable which its self boasts 15mm diameter braided steel cable with a 2-year guarantee and vinyl cable protection, Covered in a durable vinyl coating, it not only protects the cable from wet weather but also prevents scratches to bicycles. Perfect for combining with a Sold Secure U-lock for certified protection for your bicycle. This bike cable and lock kit offers great security both outside and inside your Asgard shed.



Sold Secure Lock & Cable Kit

  • Includes: Heavy Duty 15mm Dia Sold Secure Cable
  • Includes: Heavy Duty U lock and 3 keys 

Heavy Duty Steel Cable:

Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure to Bicycle Silver standard. These cables provide a high level of resistance to all of the most common methods of attack. 

Police recommended

These heavy-duty cables are Police approved, and awarded “Secured by Design” status – the official Police initiative to support reducing crime through good product design. 

  • 15mm diameter braided steel cable for increased strength and flexibility
  • Weather-resistant vinyl coating
  • Ideal for bicycles and general security

Sold Secure ULock:

These heavy-duty Ulocks are a serious piece of bike security kit, slip it in the backpack and you have on-the-move bike security, or keep it at home to lock your bike to the wall or team up with our ground anchor kit for extra security at home.  Sold Secure to Bicycle Diamond, security for your bicycle doesn’t get much better than this. Perfect for pairing with our heavy-duty cables, ideal for those wanting to protect their expensive two-wheeled investment on the go or at home.

  • Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond & Motorcycle Gold
  • Double bolted mechanism
  • Case-hardened steel shackle and body
  • Protective rotating keyhole cover
  • Weather resistant
  • Strong disc-locking mechanism
  • A large number of key differs

Police Recommended Bike Security:

Both of these products have been awarded “Secured by Design” – the official Police initiative to support reducing crime through good product design. The “SBD” logo shows the product meets strict standards through independent certification and good product design.

Independently tested by Sold Secure

Many insurers will request this certification to ensure your bicycle is secure, even out of sight. Bicycle Diamond offers the highest levels of security against all common attack methods such as hacksaws and bolt croppers. It is also approved for use with motorcycles, meeting Sold Secure Gold.


Sold Secure Lock & Chain Kit - Dimensions

Sold Secure Lock & Chain Kit


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