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Yale All-In-One Camera

Add Extra Protection to your shed with the Yale All-In-One Camera with Light & Siren

Boost your Garden, Bike or Motorcycle shed security with the Yale All-In-One Camera with Light & Siren security system. All Asgard metal sheds boast a large range of security features and are made from thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel, designed to provide safe and dry protection for your equipment. However, a Yale All-In-One Camera could give you peace of mind, alerting you to any unwanted visitors.

Yale’s Yale All-In-One Camera for your Asgard Shed with a light, microphone and alarm security system is designed to fit either on your Gladiator or Centurion Secured by Design (Police) approved shed using an Asgard bracket, or wall mounted pointing at any of our other metal sheds, giving visibility of your garden and any unwanted visitors.  

What features does the Yale all-in-one light have?

The Yale All-In-One Camera brings the practicality of a motion-activated LED light on your shed (great for winter bike rides), with the safety of a security system with recordable camera, siren and microphone all controlled through the Yale View App. No matter if you are out at work, on a bike ride, or simply tucked up in bed, the combination of an Asgard Shed & Yale All-In-One Camera gives you peace of mind your equipment is safe, secure and under surveillance with motion detection alerts at your fingertips. 

With the built-in light and siren, plus real-time conversation, you can inform any would-be thief the Police are on the way too! Acting as a great deterrent as any thief would need to pass through the camera, siren and then Asgard’s security features to get to your pride and joy! In addition, the camera works with Amazon Alexa and Google’s voice assistants, making busy modern life that bit easier.

When setting up your Camera, the image masking functionality allows you to simply select the areas that need to be covered by the motion detection feature, whilst ignoring other areas, allowing complete control and also ensuring they are complying with privacy laws and not collecting footage from neighbouring homes.

See the Yale All-in-One Camera in Action

How easy is it to install the Camera?

The Yale All-In-One Camera is easy to install with your Asgard metal shed, with different methods depending upon your shed.

  • Wall mounted positioned towards your Asgard - secure the camera to your home and aim it at your Asgard - great for all Asgard sheds or sheds at the front of the home.
  • Gladiator & Centurion Bike & Motorcycle Sheds - using the supplied brackets and bolts, fit the camera to your shed fascia, feeding the electrics inside your shed. Please note, installation varies depending upon the age of your shed, see Asgard Shed Compatibility section below for more details.

To install your camera, it must be in reach of a Wifi connection and mains power supply.
See our handy video where the Asgard installation team shows you how.

Asgard Shed Compatibility

The Yale All-In-One Camera is compatible with all Gladiator and Centurion bike sheds and motorbike sheds. These sheds prior to 01/01/22 dispatch date will be required to drill a 17mm hole through the fascia of their shed in order to feed the wire through. All holes must be sealed with a rust inhibitor such as Asgard touch up paint. 

All these sheds must feature electrics and be in reach of wifi as stated in the Yale’s camera requirements.

Yale All-In-One Cameras are compatible with all other Asgard sheds by wall mounting the camera and positioning the camera towards the shed. 

Important Note:

We would always advise anyone using outdoor Cameras to make sure the position of your cameras complies with your legal obligations under the data protection laws. More information on this can be found on the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) website.

Video and audio streams can be secured by end-to-end encryption when 'customised encryption' is selected in the Yale View App.

Please note – Asgard do not fit cameras as part of our standard installation service.  These are customer fit only products.

Product Code: YALECOMBO

Boost your Garden, Bike or Motorcycle shed security with the Yale All-In-One Camera with Light & Siren security system.


Extra Bike & Motorcycle Security with Yale

  • Outdoor all-in-one camera - weatherproof for outdoor use.
  • Designed by Yale - trusted and secure products for peace of mind.
  • Integral siren alarm - 80dB loud siren alerts you and others in the area to any unwanted visitors. 
  • Motion detected alerts - alerts you on your phone to activity around your shed. 
  • Requires Yale View app - free app available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
  • 2 Way Conversation in real-time - talk to any person around the camera with a built-in microphone/ speaker. 
  • Customisable detection - set image masing in the Yale View app to select areas you want the camera to detect.
  • Night Vision - works at night with night vision up to 10m.
  • Built in LED Light - 160 Lumens to help see in the dark.
  • Recordable footage and App Playback - when used with a micro SD card or connected to a compatible DVR. Micro SD Card up to 128GB (not supplied)  
  • Live Viewing - see in real time.
  • No monthly fee - free app with no monthly recording fees.
  • End-to-end encryption - safe and private security footage.
  • Superb picture quality - full HD 1080p with 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Attach to your Gladiator & Centurion Bike & Motorcycle shed - with colour matched shed bracket.
  • Compatible with all Asgard sheds - wall mount and position towards your shed.
  • Long Cable Length - 3m USB cable to connect to your shed mounted power modules*.
  • Wifi Connection - Wifi connection required.
  • Power Source - Mains power required to connect.
  • Adjustable Camera - adjust the angle of the camera up and down

*Gladiator & Centurion Bike & Motorcycle shed with power only. 

Please note – Asgard do not fit cameras as part of our standard installation service.  These are customer fit only products.


Yale All-In-One Camera - Dimensions

Yale Outdoor Camera, Light & Alarm Dimensions

Extra Bike & Motorcycle Security with Yale

  • Yale Outdoor all-in-one camera. 
  • An Asgard bracket suitable for Centurion & Gladiator shed models. 
  • 6 small eyelets for cable management.
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