Yale Weatherproof Padlock & Standard Security Cable


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Add Extra Protection with a Yale Motorbike / Bike Cable & Padlock Kit

All Asgard metal sheds are designed with security as the number 1 priority, made from thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel and a whole host of security features to keep your bikes and motorcycles safe and dry. However, you may prefer an extra layer of protection within your shed, giving you peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to protect your pride and joy. The Yale Standard Security Cable and Weatherproof Padlock kit offers extra protection to secure your bike or motorbike to an internal anchor point.

Designed to work with the Yale Ground Anchor or Asgard Bike Racks, the Standard Security Cable weaves around your bike, securely held in place and connected to your internal anchor point with Yale’s 61mm Weatherproof Padlock. Even if a would-be thief got through Asgard’s impressive security systems, they would have to contend with Yale's hardened shackle padlocks and protected security cables - not an easy task!

This Motorbike / Bike Cable & Padlock Kit isn’t just for home use! You can take the kit anywhere to secure your motorbike or bike to any outdoor anchor point.

Why is the Yale Standard Security Cable & Weatherproof Padlock so tough?

With 180 years of manufacturing expertise, Yale is trusted to make some of the best security systems available. The Yale Weatherproof Padlock has been tested to EN12320:2012, for different forms of attack such as cutting, pulling and twisting of the hardened steel shackles, alongside tests for corrosion resistance and opening/closing performance - ensuring this is a secure padlock that lasts. Teamed up with the Standard Security Cable with its 2 year guarantee and vinyl cable protection, the Yale Bike Cable & Padlock kit offers great security both outside and within your Asgard shed.

See the Yale Bike Lock & Standard Security Cable in Action

Product Code: YALELOCK


Yale Secure Bike Lock & Standard Security Cable

  • Designed by Yale - trusted and secure products for peace of mind.
  • Designed to work with Yale Ground Anchor - for the best bike security.
  • Hardened steel shackles - designed to prevent cutting.
  • Double ball locking - for added security.
  • Weatherproof padlock design - with protective cover on the body and shackle plus key hole cover.
  • Padlock tested to EN12320:2012 - tested against different forms of attack such as cutting, pulling and twisting of the shackle.
  • Padlock tested up to 120 hours for corrosion resistance - ensures protection against weather conditions.
  • Padlock tested to 10,000 cycles (opening and closing) - for optimum performance.
  • Protected standard security cable - with touch protective vinyl cable cover, preventing scratches and marks
  • Cinch-loop design - requires less cable for effective lock-up.
  • 1.2m in length - an ideal size to secure your bikes.

How to use your Bike Lock & Cable


Yale Secure Bike Lock & Standard Security Cable - Dimensions

Yale Secure Bike Lock & Security Defendor Cable Dimensions

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