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Yale Ground Anchor

Add Extra Protection with a Yale Ground Anchor

All Asgard sheds are exceptionally secure, made from thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel, and designed to provide safe and dry protection for your bikes and motorcycles. However, if you share your bike shed with other users or just want that extra layer of protection and peace of mind, then a Yale Ground Anchor may be the answer you are looking for!

The Ground Anchors sit inside your Asgard shed, and secures your bike to the wooden subfloor creating an additional layer of security. Any would-be thief would have to beat Asgard’s impressive security features and THEN they are faced with a heavy-duty ground anchor - not an easy task! Giving the would be bike thief more time to be caught, or simply give up and move on!

What is a Yale Ground Anchor?

The Yale Ground Anchor is corrosion-resistant and tested to a minimum of 96 hours, giving you an internal anchor point within your shed to secure your bikes to - adding 1 or multiple ground anchors depending on your shed and preferred set-up.

See the Yale Bike Lock & Ground Anchor in Action

How easy is it to install the Ground Anchor?

The Ground Anchor is easy to install in your Asgard metal shed – Note this ground anchor has been designed to only work with Asgard sheds fitted with wooden subfloors and has not been designed to be fitted directly into concrete.

If you require your ground anchor to be secured to concrete you will need our other ground anchor available here.

Fitting to your wooden subfloor (if fitted) - using the supplied disc brackets and bolts, drill through the wooden subfloor to clamp the ground anchor in place.

See our handy Ground anchor fitting video here, The Asgard installation team shows you how to do this quickly and simply.

If you purchase this ground anchor and lock with your shed and opt for our Asgard shed installation service, the Asgard team will install the ground anchor at the same time as the shed.

Asgard Shed Compatibility

The Ground Anchor is compatible with all Asgard storage sheds* when fitted with a wooden subfloor.

*Excludes Vertical Bike Locker and Gas Storage Units.

*Please Note: If you have purchased installation, then in order for the installation team to fit the anchor on your shed, you will need to also purchase the relevant wooden subfloor.

Product Code: YALEANCHOR

Ground Anchors sit inside your Asgard shed, creating an additional layer of security.


Extra Bike & Motorcycle Security with Yale

  • Secure Ground Anchor - added protection for your bikes or motorcycles.
  • Designed by Yale - trusted and secure products for peace of mind.
  • Suitable for Asgard sheds with and without wooden subfloors - includes a bespoke bracket to fit to your Asgard metal shed. 
  • Easy to install - see our handy Youtube video for advice. 
  • Full fixing kit - includes bracket and bolts.
  • Corrosion Resistant Ground Anchor - tested to a minimum of 96 hours.
  • Unlimited Ground Anchors - fit multiple ground anchors to your shed for maximum protection.
  • Black Ground Anchor Design - sleek and neutral to suit all sheds.
  • Designed to work with our Bike/ Motorbike Lock & Cable Kit - for complete protection.

How to Install your Yale & Asgard Ground Anchor


Yale Ground Anchor - Dimensions

Yale Ground Anchor Dimensions

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