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Metal Garden Shed Reviews

Thanks to our great customers sending in pictures of their Asgard sheds in situ, we're able to show you how they can looking in different settings. Browse photos below.

Large Metal Sheds for Garden


Received this shed just over a month ago. Help from team when I needed to rearrange delivery. Delivered whilst I was out, all pieces left in the order in which they needed to be put up. Was informed prior to delivery that wooden flooring would come in separate delivery as it wasn't in the warehouse when shed collected for delivery. This wasn't an issue, this was ready for delivery a few days later and when I opted to collect from the depot I got an email from Asgard reminding me about the collection a few days later.
Putting the shed up was straightforward, instructions were clear, we had 3 of us putting it up but could be done by 2. Very happy with the quality of the shed and pleased with how it looks.
My brother has had a similar one for a few years now and still looks as good as new. Would highly recommend this product and this company.

Small Metal Sheds for Garden


Purchased this small shed as we are limited in space, however it’s actually a really great size.
Easily put together by two of us, with all screws supplied. Good quality metal and seems extremely sturdy once fixed in place on our concrete slab base.
Ordering was very easy on the web site and delivery was more or less on time. Delivery driver kept us informed as to his timings etc and put it exactly where we wanted it. Would definitely recommend Asgard Sheds

Metal Garden Shed In London

Natalie Gould

Love Asgard sheds - my old bike shed from 2015 and now the brand new garden shed. In London this provides extra secure square footage of storage at reasonable prices

Flexistore 1522 Garden Shed

Jennife Ebdy

A strong , well made metal shed product. We are very pleased with our Asgard shed. It is strongly built and excellent value for money. The instructions and labeling were all very clear. I built it with my husband over one day and it was very easy and straightforward to build.

Personalised Addition Shed

Andy Lewis

Final piece of the puzzle on a garden in Chorlton we did earlier in the spring

Metal Shed Safe From Rats


We don't have bikes but being in the countryside we did have rats living under, and eventually in, our previous wooden shed. Solution was a metal shed and this one was ideal. The company was a pleasure to deal with and the shed is well made and very easy to put together. I added a gutter of my own design to catch rainwater, all fixed using the holes and bolts supplied, and painted Asgard green. The shed needs a flat concrete base so a bit of work involved before it arrives.

Two Centurion Garden Sheds


I thought I’d submit a photo of our two Asgard sheds for Picture of the Month. With a bit of clever hard landscaping they’re disguised but still accessible. We’re very happy with the product and the way they fit at the back of our garden.

Flexistore Garden Shed Reviews

Ade Lautieri

My new Asgard shed erected this morning. I absolutely love it!

Asgard Secure Steel Outdoor Storage


Exceptional service yet again from @AsgardStorage caravan storage now sorted. Thanks

Asgard Trojan Plus Metal Sheds


I have two 7ft x 3ft sheds from Asgard. They have been in place since May 2018 - so well over a year now. I really cannot fault them. Being able to open up the entire front end with two wide doors means there is no wasted space. And to maximise space further i have added a full length shelf across the entire width and depth of the shed. I bought a shelf pack from Asgard, put one shelf at each end, and then laid 3x2 timbers between the two shelves, and placed a bit of ply on top - voila a massive shelf that effectively doubles the capacity of the shed.

Garden Secure Metal Shed


When I first heard about Asgard from a good from of mine, who'd paid over a grand for his shed, I baulked at the idea of paying that much just to store my [much beloved] bikes in. But reading reviews and thinking it over for a along while I took plunge on this shed and do not regret doing so at all. the 5x11 Flexistore shed easily holds two bikes, golf clubs, garden furniture equipment, numerous tool boxes, and a bike travel bag ... with east. Still plenty of room to move around inside. You will need internal lighting fitted as it is rich black at night (so much so you can see the far end when stood at the open door).
Having this shed has freed up space in my new home, which was a long term aim after moving in last year.
A few things regarding the construction: you will need a caulk gun to apply the sealant. There [appears to be] no mention of this in the instructions which delayed our my (friend and I) plan to build to completion in one go, so instead had to build over two 2 1/2 stints over 10 days apart.

Asgard Trojan Plus


We recently took delivery of our new 7x3 combined metal garden and bike shed for our caravan. It was delivered when you said it would be by an extremely helpful and polite young man.
I have a bad back so the shed was built entirely by my wife (apart from lifting the roof on) in 1 1/2 hours. I manfully steadied the panels and passed screws to her and made a cup of tea when required.
We are absolutely delighted with every aspect of the purchase and ease of the erection of the shed, it is exceptionally well designed and built. We have had several people ask to look inside it so hopefully you will get more orders.
I have attached a photograph of my wife proudly posing by it

Access Secure Steel 10 Year Warranty

Mo Mepani

4 years now still brilliant.

Secure Garden Shed Trojan

Vince Finch

Purchased in brown as it would look more pleasing on the eye.
We did notice a few small scratches after delivery when moving panels and it would have been better for a small tub of touch up paint to be included with each purchase. Its a very secure product and far better in my opinion than any timber shed. Should any attempt be made breaking in your going to hear a lot of noise. I will purchase again.
We placed this on preserved 2x1 roofing batons on a flat concrete base to keep a flow of air underneath protecting the floor of the shed. All in all a fantastic item.

Secure Garden Storage

Cath Laycock

I love my Asgard shed.

Gladoator Garden Storage Shed

Wrose Community Garden

big thank you from wrose community garden and st cuthberts church for the fantastic new metal shed, it was delivered on the date and time agreed and the delivery guys gave us plenty of advice re erection,
We have now erected the shed and I have enclosed a couple of photos. And already started to move stuff into it, it will he used to store gardening equipment and other items used by the 3 local primary schools who attend on a regular basis for wildlife lessons
We are overwhelmed by you generosity.
I have requested a big thank you also goes on our weekly notice sheet

Asgard Trojan Plus Garden Bike Store

Jessica Auton

Absolutely love our new shed, I'm told it was easy to put together and it is really sturdy. Best of all it looks great!

Metal Storage Shed for Garden

Helen McCarthy

Bellevue Playgroup has one. Perfect for all our outdoor equipment. Amazing quality and we have had it a few years now. Thank you

Garden E shed storage

Mark Arnold

So Good I bought a second one......
Having a base already laid out to the specification made building this unit very easy to build. The Shed was so good I have ordered a second one.

Trojan Plus Bike and Garden Shed

Julie Tyler

Great new shed , lots of room & VERY sturdy

Metal Addition Secure Shed

Ian Grieve

Well pleased with my Asgard Addition bike shed! Great communication and customer service from the company and the delivery driver was excellent, telephoning to arrange a day and then delivered at 8:30am! Took a few hours to erect on my own with only a little help required from a neighbour to position the roof. Now houses my lightweight Diamondback MTB and my rather heavy electric MTB easily with the full length shelf and hooks holding all my cycle-related paraphernalia. The green colour also fits perfectly with our garden “decor”! Well done and thank you Asgard. Highly recommended!

Metal Shed Installation

Darren Bloore

Loads of secure storage space, really easy to put together and in ivory, doesn't dominate my small townhouse garden. I'd certainly recommend to anyone looking for outside secure storage. Quality product and great service from Asgard :-)

Steel Garden Shed

Simon Knowlton

Rearranging the shed before winter.

Combined Bike and Garden Shed

Mark Egan

Iv had my asgard shed for a while now and its a great product. I sleep soundly at night knowing my valuables are safe. I would highly recommend asgard sheds to anyone who is on the look out for a quality item that they can trust to keep their valuables safe at all times

Fishing Tackle Storage Shed

Christopher Merrell

Very happy with my Trojan plus, only problem is I may have to get another one . Piece of mind knowing that my fishing tackle is as safe as it can be.

Centurion Plus Garden Secure Shed

Row Saunders

Very sturdy shed and secure. Bit of a puzzle putting up, but got there in the end!
The ramp didnt fit so couldnt use that

Asgard Garden Shed

L Ward

Best purchase ever made, simple to put together, clear instructions, put together in just over an hour! Would highly recommend

Cycle Storage Metal Shed

Peter Hardy

Here's my Asgard shed. And yes, it is in another shed!

UK Manufactured Garden Shed

TJ Hooker

High quality, British made shed. All Metal construction gives us confidence that our equipment will be safe

Gladiator Bicycle Shed

Seb Ski

It has been fitted today. Very good product, high quality and looks great in my garden.

Shed for Garden Tools and Barbeques


I bought the Trojan Plus Metal Shed Complete Pack. It took two of us nearly 3 hours to put it together, but the finished product is really good. The shed becomes very solid once all the panels are screwed to each other. It is a lot more spacious than the website's photos of it make it appear to be, and it holds mountains of stuff. I would certainly recommend buying the wooden floor - it adds the finishing touch. Before the floor went in, it sounded noisy and tinny, but the wooden floor absorbs the sounds - nicer for the owner and the neighbours! The 'pack' includes 2 shelves and 10 hooks (and the floor) - to be honest I could have done with 4 shelves and 4 hooks. 10 hooks means you end up putting them up where you don't really want them, just to use them up. 2 shelves make you realised how useful shelves are, and make you want more! I chose the ivory colour, as I felt that if anyone were to be creeping around it, they would stand out against the ivory colour more than against dark brown or dark green. Also, the light coming in through the doors reflects around the inside of the shed making it easier to see what you're looking for, whereas brown or green wouldn't be so bright inside. Costing about the same as a good wooden shed, you can't beat this Trojan Metal Shed - so much more secure and longer lasting, can't be eaten by rats or mice, and doesn't need re-felting or re-treating. I'm thinking of buying a smaller version as well, now that I've seen how good they are.

Metal Garden Shed

Tony Covello

Loving the shed and could not be happier, cheers.

Secured by Design Garden Sheds


Built by a group of community allotmenteers on one Saturday morning.
Still excellent a year later. We put it on a base of pavers due to sandy soil.
Easy to order extra keys.

Flexistore 1511 Garden Shed Review

James Bailey

Great quality, solid and secure.
An excellent product, it was very quick to put up (Quicker than the "Access" store I bought a few years previous). Laying on a flat base is essential. It's weighty, so I have no fear it will blow over in the wind. Comes with fixing bolts for added security.

I haven't experienced any issues with condensation in it either. A minor glitch with the screws not fitting easily in all the holes was resolved when I contacted customer services and a pack of different screws was sent out the same day, no quibbles. Would recommend to anyone wanting a secure and robust product.

Extra Storage Space for Home

Philip White

I have two. Bought one secondhand, panic buy, didn’t really know what I was buying. Loved the engineering and quality. Just bought the same again new for extra storage. Will never buy anything else but Asgard.!!
I had to shift house in a hurry because it was sold. Asgard shed was on the selling pages. Picked it up same day with my car. Built it that night!! Best money I ever spent!! Picture of the two sheds.

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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