Asgard Customer's Modification Photos

Asgard design and manufacture an amazing range of secure metal storage for keeping your bikes, motorcycles and garden tool (anything really) - but our best inspiration is our customers.  See some of our customer modifications here.

Mat Shreeve

Best bike shed in town. Need to finish the rest of the infills around it, and anchor bolt this baby back down, but looks ace

Huggy Hawes

These sheds are fantastic, simple to put together, rock solid and secure. Well worth the money. Outstanding customer service.


Green roof on an @asgardstorage bike shed in Wood Green. About a year and a half old, developing really nicely. #greenroof #bikeshed #beefriendly. You can see how ecoalexander made his planter at

Andrew Dempster

Last pic, is the theme park! I’m bringing the beach me this pandemic. Shower curtains and magnets. It’s a metal shed buy magnets. I can honestly say I love my shed/workshop/business storage. It inspires confidence to express myself at both work and play and is one of my best purchases. The only shame is I really can’t justify another one.

Andrew Dempster

The now infamous tool rack. Splurge for the 3/4” aluminium the cheap racking is too heavy. 20/25kg on left door 10ish on the right. No issues with the hinges yet.

Andrew Dempster

Fitting power is soooooo easy because of the power cable holes and prefitted switch holder.


Customer Shed Modification: Bicycle storage shed with additional window frames. "Our fabulous new bike store is higher than the back garden because the canal towpath is just out the back gate. With some sticky-backed plastic and window frames stuck on with magnets, we've softened the view a bit. The neighbours love the upgrade!"


Customer Shed Modification: Bike storage shed with rubber matt on the floor and shelves to protect damage. "Love it! A spot on piece of kit, the second one in my family!"

Winston Bourne

Customer Shed Modification: Mobility scooter storage with wooden floor "this Bike Storage x 2 shed by asgard is perfect for what i wanted, I keep my mobility scooter in it plus there is plenty of room to put some folding garden chairs in the back to store for the winter i have put a piece of ply on the floor to keep things dry its great i love it"

Shed Warrior

Customer Shed Modification: Garden shed with insulation "I'll send in a full review and how to guide for you, but for now - here is my Trojan shed retrofitted with insulation - I have never had issues with Condenstion, but I am about to fill it with guitar amplifiers whilst I do some modifications inside, so just to be sure - my lovley Vox amps are nice and warm! For the sake of £30 and an hour of my time."

Christoph Hopniks

Customer Shed Modification: Garden shed with insulation and faux green wall "Hey Asgard, thought I'd send you a few pics of my sheds in use! They're great, cheers"

Tristan Hale

Customer Shed Modification: Garden Shed / Bike Shed with customer internal shed lights and external shed light. Complete with insulation and shelving.

Collin Popperwell

Customer Shed Modification: Tool Shed / Workshop Shed with wooden floor, work bench, electrics and llighting system "Here is what I did to one of your sheds!"

Claire Hutchings

Customer Shed Modification: Floating shed on industrial float "Excellent sturdy shed that was very easy to assemble. It took three months from ordering to delivery as it had to be manufactured. Our garden often floods in the winter so the shed was placed on a float (Max1500 from Zego Marine) capable of bearing 1500kg weight on land as well as in water. Obligingly, the garden flooded within days of installation and the shed happily floated for two weeks keeping the contents safe and dry."

Chris Moores

Customer Shed Modification: Twin bike locker with customers own wooden floor. "Absolutely delighted with my #bikelocker from @AsgardStorage. Simple to build and #bombproof once bolted to the floor. Plenty of space for 2 bikes plus kit. So comfy I'm tempted to put the kids in there. Highly recommend #AsgardSSS to anyone looking for a #SecureStorageSolution"

Mal McNeil

Customer Shed Modification: Bike storage with teather "The other shed is used for a tether to be able to swim constantly."

Mal McNeil

Customer Shed Modification: Garden storage with solar panels "Another great use for the strong metal sheds. Makes them ideal for helping the heat solar mats and air heater makes the most of the conductivity of the metal providing a hot surface for the pool heaters. I have 4 Asgard sheds and they’re great"

Dianne Leyland

Customer Shed Modification: Bike shed with customer vinyl floor. "Smart, secure and Yorkshire weatherproof. With six bikes and a whole load of accompanying gear between us, my husband and I now have side-by-side his n' hers bike stores! Whilst not cheap, the installation service was great - as a bit of a neat freak, I'm so pleased with how well they lined up the new store with the existing one. Everything fits in beautifully, feels secure and when our area was recently battered by days of torrential rain, not a single drop made it inside. Definitely a sound investment."

Gary Weedon

Customer Shed Modification: Gladiator motorcycle garage with workbench, lighting system both inside and outside the shed, foam flooring and bench seating. "Nearly finished! A lot more mods to inside, flooring, new tool storage and motorbikes! Very happy with the product!"

Andy Smith

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle shed with mural graffiti by local artist.


Customer Shed Modification: Green Roof Planter on top of the Asgard twin bike locker. "Hi, it's actually my bike shed and I love it! Made using our bikes much easier. And now it looks even better. .... Finished the #greenroof bike shed in North London. Used all the materials from the weekend exhibition except the stand which I will use another year. Looks pretty good I think, all on top of an @asgardstorage bike shed"


Customer Shed Modification: Access Bike Shed with wood insulation and foam insulation on the walls, door and base.

Steven Kersey

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle garage with workbench, power, electrics and trunking. "Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Really happy with my Asgard Metal Bike Shed for 29ers. Loads of room. Bought it to securely store 2 bikes, one my old 2012 Voodoo Hoodoo and my new 2019 Scott Aspect Eride 10, plus other items. The quality is excellent, much sturdier than other manufacturers metal sheds on sale. I added a bike rack to keep the bikes upright, and a foam floor to protect the paint, perhaps this is something that you could add to your accessories. Also I think the customer service was excellent, kept me informed via email of the delivery and when I mentioned a small problem with the paint on one of the door hinges this was resolved no problem at all. Very happy with the whole experience and would recommend Asgard if you want very secure storage in your garden. Thanks again Asgard."

Mark Howarth

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle garage with workbench, power, electrics and trunking. "...Now it’s up, it’s all about tinkering, I have installed power via an armoured cable from the house. The shed comes with side entry grommets but I wanted to bring the cable in through the floor, maybe Asgard could add this option instead of having to drill a bushing hole yourself? ... So overall a fantastically secure product finished with superb appeal robust enough for any application you have in mind. I will definitely recommend this to my friends."

Jamie Murrell

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage with lighting. "I wanted to send you some pics of my new gladiator shed from prep to finish, I'm over the moon with it the reviews on your site were all true all holes line up with construction taking my dad and I about 5 hours amazing quality. I had a small issue with some paint rubbed off the hinges but one phone to you guys and I had a tin of your touch up paint sent within a week excellent service thanks again"

Cathy Willcocks

Customer Shed Modification: BMX Bike Storage shed with electrics and lighting. "Thanks so much Asgard. Loads of much needed secure bike storage for our cycling family. Electric system and lighting installed too."

Nick Williams

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle storage with motorbike matt. "Simply outstanding. Had my Centurion motorcycle storage delivered and built at my house this week. Delivery guys were super helpful and had the job done in no time at all. I honestly cannot praise Asgard and the quality of this product enough. The whole process has been a positive one and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with the end result. My bike is now stored nice and securely under cover. My insurance company recognise the product due to it's "secured by design" which gives additional peace of mind. This is the best product I've bought in a long time and has been worth every single penny. Prospective purchasers? Don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed. I'm already planning a second purchase to replace our aging wooden garden shed ! Excellent stuff."

Les Biggs

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle storage with work bench to create a work shop. "Having looked at all manner of sheds on line for a Motorbike store and small work shop, I came across the Asgard site purely by accident via FB and was impressed by the range/sizes on offer. The Motorcycle Storage Shed 10ft 11" x 5ft 2" was exactly what I was looking for and fitted on my drive next to where I park my van, the idea for additional storage came about because my garage was getting full and meant I had no room for my classic vehicle. the Motor cycle shed gave me the extra room with the security needed for my tools and Motorbike. The instruction were fairly good to understand but being an engineer it worked out ok. Overall its Excellent product at a great price and the shed itself is well constructed too so its an 11/10 for me on everything and worthy of a recommendation each and every time."

Gary Milson

Customer Shed Modification: Motorcycle garage and bike shed with an Asgard bike rack installed high up to create vertical bike storage. "A cracking little shed! 10ft 11" x 5ft 2" and it easily stores 1 large motorbike with luggage + 3 x push bikes. I can actually get 4 bikes in without too much hassle but it’s a better fit for 3. I have fixed the bike rack at head height and secured the bikes vertically. They stand on their rear wheel with the front wheel in the rack. A little problem with a couple of incorrect / missing parts but very swiftly resolved without issue. I ordered my shed in ivory and would definitely recommend this. Its part visible through an obscure bathroom window and instead of a large dark shape it reflects the morning sun and lightens the room. It’s a similar situation inside the shed. My photographs were taken on a dull rainy day but it is still bright and light inside the shed. Ivory gets my vote! They're not cheap sheds but for what you get they are not expensive and I am 100% happy and would recommend! Does what it says on the tin - only better!"

Tom Atherton

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage with electrics, lighting and a workbench. "Well impressed I keep my bikes in them"

Andrew Dempster

Customer Shed Modification: Tool storage shed with power and additional customer alterations including bespoke tool rails on the doors, floor matts, tool storage systems, shed alarms and shed lighting. "So 10/10 for the lovely Nicola, Helen and my superb delivery guy Paul. Firstly Nicola was epic on ordering exactly what I needed to replace a rat invested, asbestos ridden garage as a stockroom (Glad P3 + extras) and delaying delivery for a time that suited me. Minor delivery shenanigans swiftly avoided with a quick phone call, this lot clearly act as a very effective team. Delivery from Paul was epic. Lovely guy who explained each cage and it’s contents, what you need to do and how best to make it work, spending time actually visualising my shed in my intended space. Absolutely invaluable advice from a totally professional individual who clearly loves his job. Details like that are important to me when making this kind of investment. The actual build. I am my own worst enemy, I assumed my 1950s garage base was level, even and true. Nope, not even nearly.


Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage shed with power and customer's own electric trunking. "@AsgardStorage love my new house!! Thankyou. Finished off nicely with some double sockets"

Derek Carruthers

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage with bespoke foam tiled floor. "Just like to say I am delighted with this product. I know things didn’t go exactly to plan but you went above and beyond to sort it, that’s excellent customer care"

Bryan Williams

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage with motorcycle matt. "In this case it is a case of you get what you pay for. I live in a very windy area and up until now all my other bike covers, tents etc disappeared like the house from the Wizard of Oz. Until now. Several storms later and my “man cave” is still there. Just pay the extra and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Asgard"

Karl Hughes

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike storage shed with customer's own bike anchor, workshop shelving, lighting system and air ventilation covers. "Overall though I am very happy with my Asgard motorcycle shed. Yes, I would recommend it, and yes, I would buy another."


Customer Shed Modification: Commercial secure shed with customer's insulation and water pipe to pump water facility into the shed. "Great Shed. The Asgard shed has been great for us, an ideal place to store tools and materials, safely and securely. Being in a remote location, it's important that we have confidence that our equipment is safe and secure. The shed was delivered on time, and complete. Very happy with our purchase!"


Customer Shed Modification: Garden storage shed with guttering. "Just what we wanted. We don't have bikes but being in the countryside we did have rats living under, and eventually in, our previous wooden shed. Solution was a metal shed and this one was ideal. The company was a pleasure to deal with and the shed is well made and very easy to put together. I added a gutter of my own design to catch rainwater, all fixed using the holes and bolts supplied, and painted Asgard green. The shed needs a flat concrete base so a bit of work involved before it arrives."

Andy Lewis

Customer Shed Modification: Bike safe with bespoke cladding panels and garden roof. "Final piece of the puzzle on a garden in Chorlton we did earlier in the spring"

Mrs C Davis

Customer Shed Modification: Garden shed with customers bespoke plastic base insert. "Perfect storage and security - and no maintenance! Had to wait patiently for it to be built and then delivered - but so worth it. Easily put together by the two of us. The trickiest task was ensuring that the base that we put down was perfectly level. The overall finish and appearance is most impressive, double locks supplied reassuring, and the fact that we won't be painting/reroofing it time after time - a great bonus!"

Adrian Strudwick

Customer Shed Modification: Bike shed with artificial turf base. "Very solid, high quality storage. I bought this to store 3 adult bikes (one MTB,a hybrid and a road bike). These fit easily and it could probably take a small child's bike too. Assembly took about 90 mins with a helper and the end product is excellent; very solid and reassuring. I bought it with the accessory pack with padlocks, shelves, ground anchor/chain and hooks which was great value compared to adding them separately. Being steel, it's a bit noisy when you open it, but not a bad thing from a security point of view as it should deter any would-be thieves. Overall, well recommended!"


Customer Shed Modification: Bike storage shed with bespoke cladding and roof garden. "Thanks for following up - we're really pleased with the shed!"

Mal McNeil

Customer Shed Modification: Bike shed with plastic shelving system. "I received my second shed yesterday, just like my bike shed but a bit longer. Excellent service as usual and found some shelving that fits perfectly along the back of the 7' x 11' model from screwfix and only £60 for all 3"

Neil Armitage

Customer Shed Modification: Bike shed with a soft matt floor, freestanding shelving system, freestanding bike mount and shed alarms. "Firstly, this is a superb bit of kit! .... To summarise, I’m really happy with my Asgard bike garage. It is an impressively secure and robust product and well worth the investment. For the final step in security I am getting an alarm sensor installed to link to our house alarm system. I can barely think what else I could do to better protect my bikes. To echo what others have said, “I can sleep easy at night” - TOP TOP PRODUCT!!"

Gary Weedon

Customer Shed Modification: Motorbike shed with rubber matt flooring, powered mounted shed light, bike mount and tool storage cabinets. “Love the product"

Mandy Holloway‎

Customer Modification: A kiln shed with power modification and customer's own wooden floor. "And for those who have no bike but need somewhere to fire a pottery kiln......."

Andy Moore

Customer Modification: A movable shed with customer's own bespoke base with castors. "Thought you might like this one - just built and put my Asgard for 29ers on wheels so I can move it around - has a couple of nice anchor points underneath also. Great bit of kit, strong, good instructions,easy to put together and nothing missing !!! Well done Asgard"