Choosing the right Parcel Delivery Box

If you have decided to buy Parcel Delivery Box for your home, you may be wondering what size is best for you. This depends on a number of different factors, such as the space available outside your home to install the unit as well as the average size of the parcels you receive during the week.

Asgard have a range of sizes in the secure Parcel Delivery Box range - Large, Medium and Mini to suit all requirements and usage. Refer to the table below to compare the dimensions of each of Parcel Delivery Box units.

Parcel Delivery Box Range - Dimensions






Door Aperture

Base Size

Large Delivery Box

2ft 1"  (650mm)

2ft 2"  (660mm)

1ft 7"  (500mm)

28kg (4.4stone)

W535mm x D445mm

W600mm x D500mm*

Medium Delivery Box

2ft 1"  (620mm)

1ft 8"  (561mm)

1ft 4"  (426mm)

18kg (2.8stone)

W500mm x D348mm

W550mm x D400mm

Mini Delivery Box

1ft 7"  (527mm)

1ft 5"  (461mm)

1ft 1"  (326mm)

13kg (2stone)

W400mm x D248mm

W450mm x D300mm

Brian Regan from The Delivery Magazine, a publication specialising in the Parcel Courier service and distribution stated that many retailers have a tendency to use a larger parcel box than the item itself in order to protect the product from being damaged during transport. However, this means that a parcel box needs to be a sufficient size in order to accept these larger containers.
If you have regular home deliveries from shopping online, have more then one user in a household, or require a box for trade/business use, then we advise you to choose the Large or Medium Parcel Delivery Box. However, if you require a mail box for either smaller packages, such as A4 letters and smaller parcels that wont fit through your letterbox, then the Mini Parcel Delivery Box will be more suited for your home.
For more information on any of these parcel boxes, please visit the individual product pages on the Asgard website.
*Please note that the the Lid for the Large Delivery Box overlaps the edge of the unit, and measures at W560mm x D690mm.  Please take these additional dimensions into consideration when installing the unit.