Adding Power to your Asgard Shed

 Shed with electrics


Adding Power to your Asgard Shed


Our motorcycle, bike, and garden sheds are perfect for keeping your items safe and secure. The all-metal sheds are made from tough galvanised steel and include a wide range of features to create the ultimate secure storage space for you. As well as keeping your bikes, motorbikes, tools, and accessories safe and dry, you can also add power to your shed! Many of the Asgard secure sheds come with electric mounting plate kits* which means you can customise your shed however you like to include lighting, tool benches, or charging stations for your E-Bikes!

Why have a shed with electricity?

Having a shed with electricity can be very handy! Making gardening or bike maintenance that little bit easier. For example, if you are a gardener, you could power your garden tools such as electric garden hedge cutters from inside your shed, instead of pulling out the extension leads all the time! If you are a cyclist, you could charge your bike lights, e-bike, or tools overnight before your morning cycle. Or maybe you fancy a spot of gardening or bike maintenance in winter and use an electric fan to keep yourself toasty. The options are endless, but selecting a shed that can easily fit electrics in could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the future.

How does it work?

Select Asgard sheds feature electrical mounting plates located inside the units (see below for a full list). This allows a qualified electrician to safely mount an outdoor double electric socket to the shed without perforating the shed structure. Below each mounting plate is a rubber grommet allowing you to feed cables from the mounting plate, down the shed, and out to your power source. The cables can be neatly tied to the shed using eyelets too!

Below is a list of Asgard bike sheds, motorbike garages, and garden storage which feature electric mounting plates:

Asgard Bike Sheds

Asgard best metal storage

Access Plus E-Bike Shed

Weatherproof bike shed

Centurion Plus Bike Store x 7

Metal shed with floors

Gladiator Cycle Store x 8

Asgard Garden Sheds

Access Metal Garden Shed

Access Plus Garden Shed (8x4)

Garden Secure Steel Storage

Gladiator Large Garden Shed (7x7)

Access E Plus Subfloor

Gladiator Plus 1 Garden Shed(7x11)

Asgard Lawn Mower Storage Shed

Gladiator Plus 2 Garden Shed (7x14)

Asgard Motorcycle Garages

All Metal Motorbike Storage Garage

Gladiator Motorbike Plus 1 Storage (7ft4 x 14ft6)

Secure Metal Outdoor Motorbike Garages

Gladiator Motorbike Storage Garage (8ft11 x 7ft4)

Motorcycle Garage with Integrated Metal Floors

Centurion Motorcycle Garage (9ft x 5ft2)

Metal Sheds for Motorcycles

Centurion Motorcycle Plus Garage (10ft11 x 5ft 2)

Metal Secure Shed for Motorcycles

Gladiator Plus Extended Motorcycle Storage (10ft11 x 7ft4)

ATV & Quad Bike Metal Storage Shed

Centurion ATV & Quad Bike Storage

All Metal Asgard Mobility Scooter Shelter

Centurion Mobility Scooter Storage Shed

Depending upon the size of the shed, the number of mounting plates will differ, please see the product pages for details.

*Please note: you will need a qualified electrician to install the mounting plate kit - Asgard do not supply electrics or fit electrics.