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Motorcycle Storage Reviews

Thanks to our great customers sending in pictures of their Asgard sheds in situ, we're able to show you how they can looking in different settings. Browse photos below.

Metalshed for Motorcycle Storage

FEBRUARY 2020 WINNER - Keith Machin

The instructions recommend 2 people to assemble the garage, both me and my wife, who is 5'-2" tall took just under 5 hours, however I must admit we did take our time, (what's the rush anyway). The finish is absolutely superb and the fastenings and numbered parts are easy to separate and install, it really is a one stop shop package.
I researched most if not all products on the market and the Asgard came out on top every time, including price value for money, a true quality product.Finally I had to check my Insurance with Harley Davidson Direct and they returned with a full endorsement of the product to continue my Fully Comp insurance.
Thank You Asgard. One Satisfied Customer.

Motorcycle Garages with Metal Floors

Andy Phillips

Had this for a couple of months now and im as pleased with it today as I was on day one. no issues with the quality of the product, its very solid and well put together, no issues with condensation and enough space for what i need. I paid for the fitting service which saved me a job, the guys came and installed it in about 75 minutes, Overall Im very happy with my purchase.

Large Police Approved Motorcycle Garage

Paul Lewis

Well 6 months have passed since taking delivery of my Asgard Motorcycle garage & it’s the dog’s b’s. We’ve had some really bad weather, high winds & torrential rain at times & my shed it dry, stable, secure & most of all a place I can escape the wife & kids If your thinking of purchasing an Asgard shed I can personally recommend them without any hesitation.
Yours Paul Lewis happy owner xx

Centurion Motorcycle Police Approved Garage

Mateusz Kucaj

Everything is perfect. Thank you so much for your service and support. Very happy customer from Bristol.

Centurion Police Approved Motorcycle Garage

Ryan Williams

Awesome motorbike sheds. I've had my motorcycle shed 10 years now and it's still in perfect condition never had a problem with it bought another gladiator a year ago and the well happy with that too.

Motorbike Secure Storage Shed

Melissa Nuttall

We ordered this shed in brown rather than green. We were pleasantly surprised with how well this colour fitted into the natural surroundings and has become an unobtrusive addition to our garden. The shed was delivered one day late and with incorrectly sized floor panels but these were replaced within about a week. Some touch up paint was also supplied FOC for a few minor scratches on the panels. The shed has plenty of space for a family of four’s bikes, scooters, skateboards helmets, bike carriers and car paraphernalia! It’s solid and the lock seems sturdy. No attempted break ins to report. All in all very happy with our shed

Secure Steel Motorcycle Storage Shed

Colin Campion

I purchased this garage after a lot of internet research. I have had a bike shed previously at another house but I wanted something more secure. The purchase was easy and all questions answered. the delivery driver contacted me as arranged and he was there when asked. My wife and I put it together in a couple of hours and once levelled it was perfect. At each stage of the build i found another thing to be impressed with, the build is very strong and the design and features are second to none. I have added power , alarm and I could not be happier with how secure it is and how much storage I have. I have a motorbike , tools , two mountain bikes and a lawnmower in it. I am going to buy a bike storage shed as soon as I can. Yes its not cheap but you have will not be disappointed.

Secure Motorcycle Shed

Andy Lucas

After two and a half years, mine looks brand new.. fits two bikes easily

Steel Motorbike Shed

Derek Carruthers

Just like to say I am delighted with this product. I know things didn’t go exactly to plan but you went above and beyond to sort it, that’s excellent customer care

Police Approved Motorcycle Shed

Gary Weedon

Love the product

Best Motorcycle Shed

John Dinning

Love my asgard man cave...

Gladiator Cycle Store With Electrics


When the shed arrived, I was impressed straight away with the quality of the panels and paint work, also the lads that delivered it, gave me straight forward advise for a no hassle assembly, which I had to do on my own as the family assistance never showed up. So it is possible to assemble on your own, but wouldn't advise it.
All the panels lined up nicely and it was up in about 2-3 hours. It's even more sturdy and impressive once built, great value for money and the bikes are dry and safe.

Secure Motorcycle Garage

Sarah Morley

It has taken a while, but as I have finally got around to bringing my bike home out of storage I thought I'd share a photo of my Asgard centurion shed with both bikes fitting in with room to spare.
We are very happy with the shed. Thank​ you

Gladiator Plus 1 Storage Shed

Ian Ward

Although the shed arrived a little later than planned it was worth the wait. Driver unloaded and set all panels in order which was great and near to where the shed was to be erected. Shed is now up and standing proud and full of garden items in their new home.
It took around 4 hours to install the shed with three people - the only issue being the third panel of the roof to line up but with a slight levering with a flat blade screwdriver all lined up perfectly. Doors lined up first time as well. Excellent well built shed. Thank you.

Two Gladiator Sheds in Garden

Mal McNeil

New shed up and looks good along with the bike shed

Storage for Kawasaki Motorbike

Christopher Berry

Excellent quality and security shed fits my kawasaki with plenty of room for my 2 pedal bikes also comes with shelf for helmets and hook rail for all my gear.. So good quality my parents just bought one to replace there rotting shed

Storage Shed for Motorcycles

Jase Ward

My Asgard garage. Perfect for storing my motorcycle.
My new garage thanks to Asgard.Perfect for storing my motorcycle.

Secure Steel Motorcycle Garage

APRIL COMP WINNER -Whorterbank Community Garden

Yay, we have a shed now, delivered, erected and solid! Will get it filled with our equipment within the next couple of days or so.
Filled the shed with most of our equpment and had a bit of a sort out looking good with plenty of room for more stuff. Can just see some of our @WOLFGartenUK multi change tools. Perfect timing and no excuse not to grab a tool for all those spring garden jobs

Asgard Gladiator Motorcycle Shed


love my new house!! Thankyou

Motorcycle Secure Shed

David Bilton

This is mine, love it. Keeping my stuff safe inside.

Centurion Motorbike Storage


Today will be spent attempting to build my @AsgardStorage shed armed with nothing more than a plucky attitude, a selection of screwdrivers and a hammer.
*PROGRESS REPORT* Getting there. Also, high winds are not helping matters.
Massive thanks to @AsgardStorage for advice on getting the shed set up properly.

Best Motorcycle Shed Review

Darren Harding

I did a lot of looking around for the correct shed for me and after weeks of searching and comparing, nothing was even getting close to Asgard. I needed something that could house 2 motorbikes and a little workstation.
I could have bought the specific shed for motorbikes but as I needed a little more room so I purchased the Gladiator plus 1.
It took around 5 weeks to arrive which is a little long but wow was it worth the wait. I can only compare the shed to an ammo bunker and I can’t see a way any toe rag could get in it.
Even if someone had got in, by the time they had they would have made enough noise that the local off duty policeman would of come to take a look and lifted the tired thief very easily due to exhaustion from the unexpected hard graft of getting in.
I built the whole thing myself in less than 2 hours and I struggle to wire a plug at times and I made my own floor as I felt the floor should have been supplied with it for the cost but im not bothered.
Anyway all in all I have now a bombproof shelter that could house me and the kids incase world war 3 happens while the misses scrambles around outside sending us supplies.

Motorbike Garage UK Manufactured

Eugene Brown

So, at almost £1200 - this is definitely a high end, premium garage. The only reason I have put 4 stars for price, is purely because it prices out a majority of people. I understand that each panel is custom made and it’s an English company (which is great, but it still seems slightly steep)
Anyhow , my review.
Installation is easy enough with two people and power tools. There was a small issue with my door, basically the locking bolt piece had been put on upside down , thus needed a replacement. It was a little wait, but when the engineer turned up with the new part it was fit and inspected. No complaints...
Good customer care, I spoke quite a bit with Tracey before buying and no question was unanswered. Replacement part was organised as fast as possible.
Build quality is top class , very sturdy and secured and it’s bloody loud! So anyone attempting to make an entrance will wake up the street whilst trying! The noise alone should act like a deterrent.
I feel a lot more confident with this shed in my garden, but as you can see it fits in the following ( with ample space left ) : 636 Kawasaki, large garden mower, 2 adult bicycles , paddock stands , shelf for all bike maintenance bits etc. Hooks for leathers and textile jackets , pots of paint and so much more ..

Secure Centurion Metal Garage

Mark Worsnip

Please find attached photos of my newly acquired shed

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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