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Motorcycle Storage Reviews

Thanks to our great customers sending in pictures of their Asgard sheds in situ, we're able to show you how they can looking in different settings. Browse photos below.

Secure Motorcycle Shed

Andy Lucas

After two and a half years, mine looks brand new.. fits two bikes easily

Steel Secure Metal Shed


The Asgard shed has been great for us, an ideal place to store tools and materials, safely and securely. Being in a remote location, it's important that we have confidence that our equipment is safe and secure. The shed was delivered on time, and complete. Very happy with our purchase!

Secure Motorcycle Garage

Sarah Morley

It has taken a while, but as I have finally got around to bringing my bike home out of storage I thought I'd share a photo of my Asgard centurion shed with both bikes fitting in with room to spare.
We are very happy with the shed. Thank​ you

Asgard Gladiator Motorcycle Shed


love my new house!! Thankyou

Best Motorcycle Shed

John Dinning

Love my asgard man cave...

Steel Motorbike Shed

Derek Carruthers

Just like to say I am delighted with this product. I know things didn’t go exactly to plan but you went above and beyond to sort it, that’s excellent customer care

Best Motorcycle Shed Review

Darren Harding

I did a lot of looking around for the correct shed for me and after weeks of searching and comparing, nothing was even getting close to Asgard. I needed something that could house 2 motorbikes and a little workstation.
I could have bought the specific shed for motorbikes but as I needed a little more room so I purchased the Gladiator plus 1.
It took around 5 weeks to arrive which is a little long but wow was it worth the wait. I can only compare the shed to an ammo bunker and I can’t see a way any toe rag could get in it.
Even if someone had got in, by the time they had they would have made enough noise that the local off duty policeman would of come to take a look and lifted the tired thief very easily due to exhaustion from the unexpected hard graft of getting in.
I built the whole thing myself in less than 2 hours and I struggle to wire a plug at times and I made my own floor as I felt the floor should have been supplied with it for the cost but im not bothered.
Anyway all in all I have now a bombproof shelter that could house me and the kids incase world war 3 happens while the misses scrambles around outside sending us supplies.

Centurion Motorbike Storage


Today will be spent attempting to build my @AsgardStorage shed armed with nothing more than a plucky attitude, a selection of screwdrivers and a hammer.
*PROGRESS REPORT* Getting there. Also, high winds are not helping matters.
Massive thanks to @AsgardStorage for advice on getting the shed set up properly.

Gladiator Cycle Store With Electrics


When the shed arrived, I was impressed straight away with the quality of the panels and paint work, also the lads that delivered it, gave me straight forward advise for a no hassle assembly, which I had to do on my own as the family assistance never showed up. So it is possible to assemble on your own, but wouldn't advise it.
All the panels lined up nicely and it was up in about 2-3 hours. It's even more sturdy and impressive once built, great value for money and the bikes are dry and safe.

Motorcycle Steel Shed

Brian Thompson

Nothing to say but absolutely brilliant, easy to put together, strong, weather proof and perfect for looking after my bike and gear. When the sun shines it heats up and dries all the wet gear. The only thing I would improve is the ramp it needs to be a little higher and longer, but I’m just being a bit picky, because I have no issues getting the bike in or out. The delivery was very good, nice driver really helpful. Top marks to everyone at Asgard, well done, a very satisfied customer.

Motorcycle Secured by Design

Bryan Williams

In this case it is a case of you get what you pay for. I live in a very windy area and up until now all my other bike covers, tents etc disappeared like the house from the Wizard of Oz.
Until now. Several storms later and my “man cave” is still there.
Just pay the extra and you won’t be disappointed.
Thanks Asgard

Secure Steel Motorcycle Storage Shed

Colin Campion

I purchased this garage after a lot of internet research. I have had a bike shed previously at another house but I wanted something more secure. The purchase was easy and all questions answered. the delivery driver contacted me as arranged and he was there when asked. My wife and I put it together in a couple of hours and once levelled it was perfect. At each stage of the build i found another thing to be impressed with, the build is very strong and the design and features are second to none. I have added power , alarm and I could not be happier with how secure it is and how much storage I have. I have a motorbike , tools , two mountain bikes and a lawnmower in it. I am going to buy a bike storage shed as soon as I can. Yes its not cheap but you have will not be disappointed.

Motorcycle Secure Shed

David Bilton

This is mine, love it. Keeping my stuff safe inside.

Shed Installation

Lorna Scales

Think he's pleased with his new Gladiator P1 shed, expertly installed by your friendly efficient team.

Motorbike Storage Garage

Peter Mace

Good bits
1) Firstly highly recommend would be happy to buy another if I need too
2) Stong, well made, easy to fit out with electrics.
3) Big enough for both of my full size bikes with ease.
4) Dry with good ventilation.
5) Tell you insurance company they offered me a discount!

Motorbike Secure Storage Shed

Melissa Nuttall

We ordered this shed in brown rather than green. We were pleasantly surprised with how well this colour fitted into the natural surroundings and has become an unobtrusive addition to our garden. The shed was delivered one day late and with incorrectly sized floor panels but these were replaced within about a week. Some touch up paint was also supplied FOC for a few minor scratches on the panels. The shed has plenty of space for a family of four’s bikes, scooters, skateboards helmets, bike carriers and car paraphernalia! It’s solid and the lock seems sturdy. No attempted break ins to report. All in all very happy with our shed

Secure Steel Motorcycle Garage

APRIL COMP WINNER -Whorterbank Community Garden

Yay, we have a shed now, delivered, erected and solid! Will get it filled with our equipment within the next couple of days or so.
Filled the shed with most of our equpment and had a bit of a sort out looking good with plenty of room for more stuff. Can just see some of our @WOLFGartenUK multi change tools. Perfect timing and no excuse not to grab a tool for all those spring garden jobs

Motorcycle Secure Garage

David Harrison

Put up in a day on my own with clear instructions of use.
Unfortunately one of the side panels didn’t have the pressed in female threads to accept the door hinge, a call to their back office staff quickly sent out the parts, these were pressed fitted by a local installer of the company the following day.
The installer also levelled the unit at the time allowing both doors to hang perfectly.
I cannot fault the customer service, product or installer service
Well done team, well deserving of 5 stars all round.
This unit is a perfect fit for the 1250GSA.

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