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Brilliant way to hang a bike in the back of an Asgard shed!! Leaves plenty of floor space... for more bikes!


Really handy in the garage

Iian GA

Andy thanks for the tip off. These are cock on for strength and security. The asgard shed is tough enough on its own, but with 15k of bike in there I now sleep better at night knowing there is another layer of bike security in there. Easy to fit and epic results on my menta health.


Hi Andy, As you can see the 2nd bike rack arrived and is already in use, a great idea and perfect for all sorts of bike shapes and sizes.

Ladder Man

As promised here are the pictures of the Asgard Bike Rack, installed in our garage. Thanks for the hints and tips on the best way to install them, John put them up in no time at all They are the perfect fit and very tidy looking.

Ladder Man

This is a really useful rack. Great for hanging ladders in the garage.


I got the LED magnetic light for my Flexistore 5x7 metal garden shed, It's a complete game changer, day or night i can see clearly what's in the shed, and removing it off the ceiling if I want direct light in a box. I initially thought that this was a little expensive for a light, but the quality is excellent (so much better than the ebay stuff) - and its rechargeable, plus it's free delivery.


Great shed and amazing with the additional electrics pack.


FABULOUS paincave light!


Super handy and sturdy tool rail for my Asgard garden shed, makes everything much easier to find. Good value too.

Kate Webber

Super handy shed hook for my garden shed, makes good use of the walls. I've used mine to hang up saws out the way and a kneeling pad. As they are quite deep hooks they can take a good range of stuff.


Durable wooden floor, it fits quite tight in the shed which isn't a bad thing! Helps absorb the noise so the shed isn't loud when in use, which was one of my concerns with it being a metal shed but i have no need to worry.