Metal Bike Rack (Gladiator)

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Metal Bike Rack (Gladiator)

Heavy Duty Bike Rack includes 4 wheel holders as standard

The Gladiator bike rack is made from tough, galvanised (weatherproof) steel - made from 18 gauge steel (1.2mm). This retrofit complete bike rack will hold 4 bikes inside your Asgard Gladiator bike shed.  This has been designed as a customer fit, this rack will fit into your Asgard Gladiator shed in minutes* using only minimal tools. You can increase to storing 6 bikes by selecting adding extra stands.

This bike rack has been designed to fit the Gladiator-based sheds only.  By holding your bikes apart you will protect the frames from scratches and damage.

Fitting this Bike rack couldn't be easier.  

Select where you want the wheel holders to be situated, and use the supplied nuts and bolts to secure the wheel holders to the back plate.

Then remove 3 existing screws from your Gladiator shed, line up the holes on your new Asgard bike rack, and refit.  Now you have a complete bike rack inside your shed.

You can fit these racks at the rear of your shed or the sides depending on your need or just how many bikes you need to store.

The Bike Rack for up to 6 Bikes is compatible with;
7x9 Gladiator Cycle Store 7x11 Gladiator Plus 1 Cycle Storage
7x14 Gladiator Plus 2 Cycle Storage 7x18 Gladiator Plus 3 Cycle Store


*Fits Gladiator-based sheds only.

**Gladiator Storage Shed Pictured is not included

Product Code: BikeRackG

Store upto 6 bikes


Galvanised Bike Rack - holds 6 bikes

  • All metal galvanized steel* construction – heavy-duty bike storage.
  • Retrofits to Gladiator garden shed & bike sheds - easy customer fit design.
  • Holds 6 bikes – road or mountain bikes.
  • Easy assembly – fits in minutes. 
  • Supplied with bolts & nuts - minimal tools needed.
  • Doubles as an additional locking point – lock your bike inside your Asgard shed.
  • Available in 3 colours – to match (or contrast) your Asgard shed**.

*Wheel holders are not galvanised steel - 10 year warranty does not apply to these parts.

** Wheel holders are always dark grey - only the backplate matches your shed colour.


Gladiator Bike Rack Dimensions

Gladiator shed bike rack

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