Customer Photos - Asgard Bike Storage

Thanks to all of our customers for sending in pictures of their Asgard bike sheds in use, Take a look below at some fantastic customer photographs and reviews of our Bike Storage ranges. Please keep those images and reviews coming, we read and publish every one.


Please find attached a photo of our recent purchase, which has been adapted to house portable floodlights for our coaching staff. We have added electrical sockets so the batteries can be charged on site This is the final addition to our stable of secure storage. The asgard storage system is excellent and we are very happy with our purchases. I even have one at home to store my electric bikes. They are easy to build and the whole experience from ordering to delivery was efficient and easy. Live tracking on the final day was a big help. Primarily they are advertised as cycle storage but with a bit of imagination they can be used to store anything securely. Very pleased with your product and would recommend it to others.


This is my second Asgard shed and I absolutely love it. It will easily swallow 3 adults bikes and two kids bikes, plus a load more on the shelves. A cracking bit of kit and one I’m I know will look as good in 10years as it does today (based on my last Asgard purchase!!) Informative delivery stages and a smooth customer experience, thank you!


Hi, I just wanted to Thank you for a great product, Delivered by a really helpful and nice driver.


Just erected the latest edition to my collection (grey one). The brown one I’ve moved twice and the cream one moved three times. Due to house moves, but they come apart and go back together with ease


We love it! Thank you so much


Arrived a few weeks early - which was great. Easy to assemble with a second pair of hands and incredible amount of space inside - definitely get yourself the shelves and hooks! The 2 recent storms (latest was Henk) tested this shed to the max and it was rock solid with zero water ingress. Highly recommend Kelly in customer services for Employee of the month for resolving a minor issue so promptly! Thanks all…


I have just installed the Bike Storage x 4 - great quality, design and super easy to assemble!

Debs Carter

It looks great! Very happy

Steve Armer

A great quality product, superb tracked delivery service with friendly driver and really easy to assemble meant we made the right choice for our bike storage.


Hello Asgard, Delighted with my Asgard product. From helpful friendly delivery to the high quality product. Really pleased with it.

YNWA Kaiser

Today I have had my new bike shed installed by @AsgardStorage and am so happy with how it is set up. I already have one shed from you and its brilliant but this takes it to another level !! OK I may have over done the hooks but cannot wait to start filling the shed now


Bought an Access Plus shed ‘complete pack’ bundle in December, created base in January, built in February and been delighted with it. Excellent quality, and was able to assemble by myself in an afternoon - with some careful lining up and balancing. A couple of tips: If building by yourself, put the lid on before putting the doors on. Also, if you get the wooden floor, then it’s helpful to fasten a handle to it – makes it easier to lift up if you ever need to. Have an adult bike, 3 children’s bikes and 2 children’s scooters in it, and easily enough room for another adult bike (maybe 2?). Great colour, well-made, secure storage, and delighted with quality and sturdiness. Not cheap, but well worth it – I did a lot of research before buying and am very happy with the decision. Highly recommended!


Bike shed was installed today @Asgardstorage – seems like a benign update but I’m so excited to not have small bikes, scooters and helmets left around the house!

Matt Morrison

Ordered the 29er storage shed and it arrived today! Communication around the delivery date and time was clear, the driver arrived spot on the time. He also gave me some helpful tips, and stacked the parts in the build order. I had a concrete base poured, so knew I had a level base to work from. Took my wife and myself about 2 hours to put together, but we took it steady and paid careful attention to the instructions. Everything was very clear and easy to follow. No problems. Tricky bit getting the hinges fitted, but made it in the end. Just need careful alignment. Very pleased with the end result, looks very smart. Glad I chose this product.


I've got 2x 29ers & a 27.5" full size MTBs in mine, plus a Coleman event shelter, 2 camping chairs, tools,kit, spares & cleaning equipment & a stunt scooter. Pics as requested on a FB post, one shed was just not enough when you have 3x MTB & 3x Cycle Speedway racing bikes

Blackhall Handyman

So solid and secure ! Fantastic bike storage unit built to spec.


Outstanding quality. This is my second Asgard shed, I was so impressed with the first one I bought another! Outstanding quality, security and customer service. Nothing on the market comes close to Asgard, very impressed.

Nick & Lynne

So solid and secure. Received our Asgard bike store today. Only took 3 hours to assemble. We are extremely pleased with the build quality and the locking mechanism. Finally will be able to retrieve our bikes from family members houses and put them into their own proper storage shed at last????


Very pleased


Thanks to one of my Top customers, Andy Heath, who works for Asgard, I purchased an Asgard bike shed for my own place a few years ago. Normally it's used to store my growing collection of tools, but I've recently bought a new bike, so it has now taken pride and place in it. Excellent sheds, Mine is in as good a condition as the day it was installed. Even painted my smaller tool storage box outside to match the Asgard shed.


Ordered the 29er bike storage in grey for my 2 bikes with additional room required for tools and bike n+1 at some point, after building my own concrete base ready for it if was finally delivered this week. Have to say that quality is amazing, delivery driver took care unloading the shed leaving card between each piece to ensure that they didn’t mark each other, each piece is labelled so you know what’s what and went together easier than i thought. Really pleased with the results and have even ordered a large garden shed 11 x 5 to replace the wooden shed we were that pleased with it. The hardest part was waiting for it to be delivered, but well worth the wait when it arrived.

Jorge Vegas

We needed a way to store bicycles securely in the front garden, the problem is that we needed a big shed and wasn't sure this one would be big enough, however, we couldn't fit anything bigger. Once received and assembled (which is quite straight forward), it is amazing, it is big enough and looks sturdy and secured. Would recommend it!

Alan Stephenson

I liked my 6x3 annex that much I ended up buying a 14x5 and a 7x3 Trojan is on its way! quality metal storage strong seamless design that works an is so easy to build and use it’s a no brainer

Kat Benson

Just want to say what a fantastic driver you had delivering to sale on Wednesday evening! He was really lovely and helpful! Loving our Asgard storage!!!

Rik Meadows

Our cat Marcel still loves ours


My store was delivered in the autumn, as there was no real rush to assemble it during the winter I left the panels in my garage until spring time. I did make sure all the required parts were in the delivery just in case, no problems there as all was in order. The assembly was done in an afternoon mostly by myself, just needed help when it came to fitting the lid. It all went together without any real difficulties, just a bit of fiddling with the packing to square it all up. I also made a simple timber frame to match up with the dimples on the floor plate, this will prevent the shed sitting in water when we have heavy rain. Now enjoying the space in the garage as all the gardening equipment and patio furniture is now in the asgard along with my bicycle.


We love our Asgard! We had a wooden shed that broke in the last storm and we had a neighbour have their bike stolen from their wooden shed. We decided to scout out the best reliable bike storage and after much research decided on this green four bike Asgard. We could not be happier. It fits our four bikes, looks great on our patio, is really secure and is easy to lock and unlock. Customer service is great. We bought the shelf but then decided we did not need it and they were great about the return. I cycle to work so take the bike out and in every day twice. So easy to use. Thank you Asgard. It was worth the wait.


Andy - thanks for the email - Yes the shed is brilliant, as a builder this will be invaluable to me, I can store all of my work gear in there, safe and sound. There is lots of room for my bikes, tools, and even my mixer - my neighbour already wants one for his motorbike so he will be in touch soon. Great service by Stuart and Peter the installation team - A faultless and really quick build. Chris


Hey!! Thank you, suits our garden perfectly! Really easy, took less than an hour to do with two people! Oh amazing, thank you. At what point do you accept you’re old and the delivery of a new shed gets you excited. No games round here though, nothing but @asgardstorage finest

Helen Gyselynck

I'm the proud owner of a Sentry shed. Squeezed in down the side of my house. My thanks to my son who spent the afternoon fitting about 225 screws!.


I am involved with our local sports / playing field and we were getting short of storage space. Chose this unit because it was the perfect size for what we needed and, more importantly, gave us the security required for a remote location.


Perfect size for storing my recumbent trike, with its extra width requirement. Well-engineered product and easy to assemble.

Sam's Pretty Little Home

First time opened in a few months, bone dry just a bit of dust and a few tiny dried out worms if your looking for bike storage then this is the one,, I’m also made up with my new hooks both bought from @asgardstorage .. it’s only taken 4 months for them to go up! Also my reel was spoilt by Shauns foot, which he thought was amusing! How annoying! Happy Saturday, going on a bike ride today, wish me luck it’s been a while, xx


asgardstorage thank you!! We’re big fans of the shed, it’s great! A lot of passersby ask us where it’s from


Like the majority of other review(er)s, I am indeed delighted with my new cycle store and, would similarly echo many of the comments made about product quality and the importance of a good level base. I also thought I'd share a couple of observations (insights perhpas) from the self-build installation process in the hope these may be of interest to others. My experience would lead me to suggest its probably best not to fully tighten any of the fixings, initially. Maybe slightly more than hand tight - enough to just retain in build position. This is because (thankfully) the majority of fixing points have slotted holes in at least one direction, presumably to compensate for differences & discrepancies in bases and positioning accuracy (every one will be slightly different). This approach allows a little bit of wriggle room during the build to get the best / optimal alignment all round between all components, before a completing a full and final tighten to all fixings toward or at the very end of installation. I discovered this after initially fully tightening the first couple or (rear) panels and then realising that the corners needed some adjustment to sit most tightly together. A little 'fix' I deployed (and found really helpful) when fixing the roof hinges, was to apply a short strip of sticky tape over the bolt heads when inserted in the outer plates (see pic.) as this allowed me to insert them in 'sets' together externally, and it also made it much easier when placing the inner plates and captive nuts on the inside, without pushing the bolts back through the holes. (Remove the tape when done). When fixing the doors (hinges) to the main store, I used pieces of wood to support the doors at the right height while inserting and tightening the hinge screws. Do not over-tighten - the screws are stainless steel, not hardened steel and could be susceptible to damage. Make sure the screws used to fasten the lid handle are tightly fitted but not too tight before pressing in the plastic concealment flaps as I cant see how you'd be able to access these again should they ever work loose? Having spent a good deal of time laying and preparing my base with HD concrete slabs on sand on compacted hardcore - along with many progress and finishing checks with a long spirit level in all directions, I was still rather suprised that I still needed to resort to using the (supplied) levelling shims to get the doors properly aligned (an even meeting gap). However, they are fairly easy to insert (I used a very large flat head screw drive to gently lever / raise the unit locally) and push them under the front corner and just out of sight. The only downside on the products supplied (for me) was that I didnt find the 'self-cutting' anchor bolts very good or easy to use, even after particular taking care to drill vertically with the correct sized masony bit into my concrete (slab) base. Having tried two of them without getting either to stay vertical or to fully sink (maybe my drill was not powerful enough), I resorted to extracting them, and instead, inserting HD plastic plugs and large (conventional) SS screws with washers under the heads. Its certainly held very solidly in position and was very straightforward to execute. I bought a 'bundle' Access Plus store with the need to store three bikes plus kit. With this came the locks - really easy to use - two shelves really easy to make and fit, some handy hooks and a sturdy timber floor. However, after doing my final measurements of bikes prior to installation (but after taking delivery) and in reading the small print, I discovered and learned that by inserting the timber floor one loses 65mm of internal height. In the end, I decided not to install the timber floor as I couldnt readily accommodate my large framed 29er with bull-horn bar-ends with the floor in place... so this is an expensive 'spare' at the moment..... Probably my fault but do measure your bikes carefully and consider how they will all fit before ordering. Best to go large!! Finally - (and to finish where I started) the product overall is well made and pretty easy to install and (in my view) 'looks the business' and feels reassuringly solid and very secure. I have still taken to locking my bikes together with a ground anchor chain as well but its a case of 'once bitten' etc... In short : Thoroughly (and without hesitation) would recommend this as an excellent secure cycle store solution.


Phew! No more carrying bikes up from the cellar @AsgardStorage

Dry Biker

Picture as promised. We are just heading out for our snow ride into the moors. I can confirm all dry and correct inside the Asgard bike shed


Andy. Great tip from last year. After moving the shed away from the trees, you were correct I would say there was the slightest hint this morning of dampness, but hardly anything at all. Compared to last year that is amazing. It's all down to leaving a gap for the vents.


This is my bike storage now over 10 years old , paint slightly discoloured but locks and door hinges perfect . Best money spent for secure place for the bikes.


The Sentry, Limited space so opted for this. It’s amazingly spacious, better than I was thinking. Built myself (well I needed the roof corner pushed down once)


Best Metal Shed in the world. Thats all i can say.


Bike Shed is up! Our adjoining wall was failing and so with the agreement of our neighbours we dismantled it to be re-mortared later. I then cement repaired the back edge of the wall before finally building out our new bike shed from @asgardstorage which feels super sturdy, very happy with this


Just built ours. Very pleased with this now that we have built it on top of flagstones. Asgard- please make your instructions clearer- although we did manage to work it out, it wasn’t easy to fit the bits around the door. Two of us did it in under 3 hours on a windy day . Shelf well worth it. Hooks good but too wide for things like padlock keys- would be good to have a mix of hook shapes . Despite all that we do recommend it. (Please see our Youtube channel for a how to video for the Addition/Annexe Rainguard & Trap Plate)


Asgard products are the absolute best! This is my second Asgard purchase, and the Shed is everything I hoped for. It fits a dirt bike with room to work around it. There are a lot of Asgard products popping up around my city and they seem to get passed over by the criminal fraternity. I'm so happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this Shed to other bikers!


We bought the twin bike for the storage of my daughters mobile scooter. its been great and since the picture we have laid 22mm chipboard which makes pushing and pulling out very easy. only criticism is the locking handle, this is very stiff and difficult to use for a disabled person of little strength. We paid for delivery and erection and the guys were very good and through.


All in by lunchtime. Very clever design, fits like made to measure. Very happy to be entered into your draw!


Asgard is not a place, it's a secure shed. So very pleased with the quality of the shed and the simplicity in how it went together. It's a two-person job only when you get to bolting the lid on, and the fixing pack came with more than enough screws to do the job (unless I've missed half a dozen). Bought with Blue Light discount (Mrs works for NHS) which afforded us to get the base, locks, and shelf kit as well. The wooden floor tops the whole thing off, making it feel extra sturdy. Installation instructions are easy to follow and the leveling kit helped me resolve my door issues (which is what they're supposed to do, I guess). Couldn't fault the purchasing process - kept us informed through lead time and gave us an accurate delivery time (although they turned up an hour early when no one was home - luckily a neighbour was on hand). All in all, a great shed and a secure new home for my ever-growing stash of bikes.

C Hipkiss

Worth the wait. Was looking for external bike storage for my 3 bikes. I did consider a van but too expensive, then found Asgard bike storage. Read the reviews and watched some you tube videos on these and thought yes best way to go. I have no access to the rear of my house only through and with dirty muddy bikes not good with the wife. So needed something sturdy, weather proof and above all secure or almost a really good deterrent for out front of my home. It does not impose that much out front. All in all had to wait nearly 4 months for delivery, but it was about 2 hours to put together, my bikes are safe as I can get them now and it takes me a couple of minutes to get out my bikes whichever one to ride. I did make a slight improvement I think in the door locking handle, as I made a small bracket to hold the latch onto the other door. All in, it was worth the wait and the price I paid. Well happy.


Easy set up for our ebike storage, definitely recommend the Access bike shed

Tim Priestley

Just what I was looking for to secure my bikes. Easy to put together as others have said in their reviews. Worth waiting the time it takes for delivery after placing your order. Not totally water tight and condensation gathers on the inside of the roof. My way to help mitigate this is by building a roof and guttering system. Bought from Wickes, a single shed roof panel fits perfect along with the half shed guttering pack. Also bought bike covers to put over my bikes inside.


Hugely impressed with our new Asgard e-bike shed – it took a couple of hours to put up and was straightforward to assemble. (Tip: Don't tighten all of the screws compleee until you've seen how the doors align – makes it easier to make slight adjustments to the panel positions). It's big, strong and feels very secure – and because of the colour selected ('grey' which is actually a greenish-grey) easily hides behind our hedge and isn't viewable from the road as the photos show. We were storing our electric bikes in a garden room as we don't have a garage plus access to the garden where this was located wasn't straightforward. Solution: An Asgard e-bike storage shed on our front drive. Although it's spacious, the compact design means it can easily fit on our not-huge drive still leaving space for a second car – we're very pleased

Trys & Luce

Arrived damaged but both delivery driver and customer services were brilliant at resolving the situation. Took a few hours to install ourselves but the end result is fantastic. Feels very secure and sturdy for our trusty steeds. Would recommend!

Jonathan George

New bike shed delivered yesterday, successfully installed following simple instructions. Great build quality and solid secure storage result.


This is a superb bike box. It does what is says on the tin. Keeps my bike dry and safe.

Jena Mihalovic

Thank you @AsgardStorage for the quick response. New door fitted this am by a great, friendly, efficient team. Easy, secure access to my bike for commuting to work. Thanks again!

YNWA Kaiser

Just constructed a new @AsgardStorage shed. This “Trojan Plus” model is something else. Small enough to fit in spaces, large enough to store plenty. It didnt take us long to complete it and all I have to finish off are the shelves inside now. (It is grey…not striped)


Really well made and easier to assemble than we thought it would be. Perfect size for what we needed. Excellent quality product. Worth having an electric screwdriver for assembly.

Richard Fisher

Super secure bike fort. I'm 100% confident leaving my trusty steeds in this shed. Great looking slimline shed that's got plenty of room for everything. Very happy with purchase and highly recommend.


So much going on at WV HQ today. The bedside tables are up, the lamps are in and the bike shed from @asgardstorage is getting built so our guest have a secure place to store their beloved bikes. @asgardstorage it was harder than we thought, so if I was ordering now I would definitely book the build as well ???? but it’s up and ready for our guests to store their bikes knowing they are in a very safe place. Well worth the investment!


Fantastic bike storage, perfect for mid-terrace properties to avoid dragging wet and muddy bikes through the house. There was a long lead-time for delivery, but this was clearly explained at the time of purchase and I received multiple messages closer to the delivery date to let me know when to expect it. I arranged a concrete base to be laid beforehand, and the Annexe was delivered in multiple flat panels (see photo) with a large bag of screws. Assembly was straightforward, although the pictures on the instructions weren't as clear as they could be. It's definitely a 2 person job to build as it's a heavy unit and it probably took a good couple of hours or more. I had to add a couple of spacers under one edge to get the doors to close smoothly so that took a bit of trial and error, and I needed a large masonry drill bit and a socket wrench to bolt the unit to the base (exact sizes are stated in the instructions). Once assembled it has been fantastic - keeping our 3 bikes out of the house, out of the elements and safely locked away along with our helmets, bike locks, pumps and other bits and pieces (we went for the bundle with hooks and a shelf - I would highly recommend getting this with any Asgard shed). The shed looks great, and the grey fits nicely with our windows and front door. Very happy with the shed and would recommend to others looking for an alternative to storing their bikes in the house.


We love our bike store - it currently has camping chairs, event shelters, a hammock, 2 kids scooters, 2 kids bikes and helmets. The ivory looks beautiful and the children can easily get their scooters out for playing in the garden.


I’m so happy I decided to bite the bullet and buy this shed. It’s brilliant. I’m positive I’ll hear anyone trying to break in to it. As it’s right outside our bedroom window, I’m, or at least my husband is really pleased that the doors open and close quietly when I leave the house at silly o’clock in the morning. If you’re sitting on the fence about buying one of these, jump off the fence and get one.

Darren Rhodes

The bike store was very simple to build, and the delivery was done quickly and easily as well. The quality of the store is excellent and it is clear that ingress of dirt and water will be virtually impossible. Inside there is ample space for our two road bikes and accessories. That's when we can convince our two cheeky Cocker Spaniels that it isn't a posh kennel! Thanks Asgard Storage


These metal bike stores are amazing, no leaks, very secure and 15% Blue Light Discount


Pimp my bike shed! Can still fit two road bikes, the chair, track pumps and lots of bits and pieces in. @AsgardStorage all the way!


The shed feels bulletproof and accommodates 3 bikes (2 mountain plus 1 road) easily. The lock and closure exude quality. We chose to assemble it ourselves: it's definitely a 2-person job and some of the screw alignments are slightly off, requiring "fettling". My wife thinks it looks like a 5G box so has stuck some transfers on it, which I do agree enhances it's appearance. All in all a great shed, but choose your colour carefully!


Oh well, at least the @AsgardStorage bike shed kept them out whilst we were on holiday, despite the damage...


An exciting week this week! The @asgardstorage bike store arrived, which means I’ve been able to finally move the bikes out of the garage, creating room for… a lathe! Yep - easy to put together, good quality!


Really impressed with the design, solid build and peace of mind the bike sheds provide. Managed to assemble them with relative ease and had them both filled with bikes within the day, including the thule foldable bike rack. Just need to order an extra couple of shelves for the tools etc.

Rachel Browning

We had agreed to leave our last Asgard shed for the new owners when we moved house and regretted it ever since. Delighted to have our new shed at our new house, although could have done without choosing the hottest day to assemble it! Great quality, have 3 bikes in with room to spare for helmets, pump and other bits.


I was recommended to Asgard by a colleague as I needed somewhere secure to store my new bike, as well as mountain bike and kids bikes, so needed something large. I went with the bundle option with the timber base, locks, shelves and hooks, and paid it off over 4 months with the PayPal credit option. The shed came and (although I needed some help from my wife with the roof) I built it a the following weekend. The delivery team left the shed as requested down the side of our house. Unfortunately the shelves and hooks were not included in the order, but when pointed out Asgard sent these on straight away. The shed went together easily although I need to work on the fit as I have to fiddle it a bit to close it properly. Overall very happy and happy my bikes are now safe and secure.

Mark Hinton

Loving my new bike store. Able to constructed by a man with no DIY skills and a pregnant lady. Very easy to assemble

John Coffey

Setup finally complete now power has been installed to the Asgardss shed, much more convenient than storing in the house.


All done, bikes in. Worth the wait.


Really pleased with this high quality British made product. Looks great, was easy for 2 people to assemble following the picture instructions. Definitely worth the wait time. So pleased we chose Asgard for our 3 bike store! Highly recommend this product and company! Also a shout out to the extremely helpful delivery driver????????

Tony Gregory

Hi Helen, Thanks for your reply. I'm happy for you to use my comments as I am genuinely impressed with the product and service. The delivery driver was a very pleasant person and did everything to ensure that the shed arrived safely. He went out of his way to ensure that I was fully happy with the delivery position as well as the condition. The bike store is extremely well constructed and I really like the grey finish I chose. I know my bikes will be safe and secure. Please find attached a few more images that you can use if you like. Thanks again for your help. Regards Tony Gregory


Quality product and great customer service. 2 x 29er e-bikes and room for more


Finally got my new asgard shed. It’s huge inside! @AsgardStorage. Soon be filled with all my stuff


Thank you Team Asgard! Turns out this little shed is actually a Tardis! Now just need to buy more Park Tools to finish the look

Rachel Browning

We had agreed to leave our last Asgard shed for the new owners when we moved house and regretted it ever since. Delighted to have our new shed at our new house, although could have done without choosing the hottest day to assemble it! Great quality, have 3 bikes in with room to spare for helmets, pump and other bits.


We bought our Bike bunker to house our expensive electric mountain bikes in. We have since managed to store a 3rd bicycle and also the bike rack that goes on the back of the car. Fantastic peace of mind. Great value for money. And very pleased with the the look and ease of use. Thank you Asgard.


Really pleased with the shelter: precision engineering made putting it together very straightforward; great colour blends in with UK flora; accurate sizing enables two bikes to actually fit inside. In addition, it is so unobtrusive that no-one has actually noticed its appearance adding substantially to the level of security. Really pleased.

Caroline Ross

We just finished assembling it and it looks great!

Becky Rimmer

Yes, we love it! I thought it may look too imposing in our small space but it's perfect. Room for bikes and lots of other stuff! x

Will Freeman

For years we have been keeping our five bikes under individual covers in our rear garden. Sadly the bikes covers haven’t lasted very well in the sun, so we decided to invest in a metal shed that would allow us to store three adult bikes and two BMX’s. I thought it might be a little tight to get this many bikes inside the shed, but with some clever planning we have accommodated them all. We have managed to fit one shelf which is being used to store shoes, bags and accessories. We have a three helmets hanging on the hooks and have managed to find space in the shed for a car roof roof for the bikes, pump and spare locks. Some observations and feed back: We selected the cream version, however really wish we could have selected a ‘special colour’ so we could have had it sprayed in a RAL colour. I would have paid a little extra had I been able to specify a colour that worked in my little garden. The rear of our house is painted in a Farrow and Ball colour, and it would have been great to have matched this. The hinges are sprayed with the paint, as you open the hinges the paint starts to comes off and exposes the hinges. In our London climate this may not be too much of a problem, however in more harsh climates, maybe in coastal area, I think these hinges will really suffer with corrosion. An option for stainless steel hinges, fitted after the shed was painted, would be a good idea. The shed was delivery by Asgard. The panels were ‘protected’ with sheets of cardboard, which doesn’t really stop damage. The delivery chaps arrived with a tin of touch up paint and did attempt to touch some of the paint damaged we noticed, but we couldn’t see it all. I think if this is the preferred method of transportation then a touch up pen should be included at the time of purchase, included in the price. That said we are pleased with the Asgard shed, it has allowed us to store five bikes and a load of bike stuff that was dotted over our house.


Tada! Bike shed done thanks @asgardstorage and to my allotment friend with all the tools. All anchored and ready for bikes!


Just finished assembly of my #Asgardsss Access Plus Bike storage. Really happy with it. The quality is just perfect. All the parts having lables making assemby process smooth, everything fits perfeft on assemby - no kicking, bending, no wrestling #madeinuk bikes are safe now


A locker for all locations. Robust and pleasing to the eye! Was looking for some form of bike storage as I live in a flat. After hours of web searching the cheap plastic ones I felt relieved to come across Asgard. They offered the perfect solution to my size requirements and location on a second story end of walkway. The workmanship and colour is outstanding. Building was easy and not stressful. Customer service were professional and friendly when dealing with some small problems. It's nice to see good old British manufacturing is alive and well. All I can say folks is don't think about it, just buy and enjoy this wonderful product


The long lead time for the Access shed meant that I had plenty of time to re-design our front garden and get the base built. The shed is now nestled into our laurel hedge, and all but invisible from the pavement. It's in its rightful place, blends in perfectly, and is absolutely secure. I'm very happy, but not as happy as my wife who had been asking me to take the bikes outside the house for ages.


*finally* bought a bike shed @asgardstorage (Took 90 mins to set up. Turns out putting it together is a whole body workout. But v excited now!)

Heather Snowdon

Hi, I’d just like to send a review in for the bike shed I recently received. Although there was a long lead time on the shed it was definitely worth the wait! I’m so pleased that my bikes are now out of my under-stairs cupboard, allowing me to do such joyous tasks like reading the meter reading and retrieving the ironing board with no obstacles to contend with. I was at work on the day of delivery but the communication with the driver was excellent and he left the shed carefully in my safe space as well as providing advice on whether my planned destination was appropriate for the shed. Installation was smooth and I’m so pleased with the look of this shed in my garden. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another shed in the future and have already recommended you to a friend. Thanks very much! I’ve attached some photos

David Brennan

Some interior details now added to my @AsgardStorage. My wife will be please that my helmet will no longer be on the dinner table.

Barry Jones

We have two of your products. The E-Bike storage shed and the larger storage shed. These are practically impenetrable looking at some of the videos on Youtube. This is my sons E-Bike shed.... with my childhood bike awaiting its restoration


Never ones to turn down a challenge we were asked to step a little outside our comfort zone and to paint up a recently purchased Asgard bike shed with a wraparound wildflower meadow scene featuring a hummingbird. Okay then. Game on. First up we had to come up with a design they were happy with and it’s funny how sometimes things are easy to design but tricky to paint. That should probably be a memo to self. Next up - the fun part. With the shed disassembled we got to work throwing some paint around. After a few furious hours, we had to stop due to rain but when we got back to it it all seemed to fall slowly into place. Whack a fancy little hummingbird on there and some varnish and you’re good to go. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Linda Burgess

After having two bikes stolen and limited space for a shed. I opted for this bike shed as it was the most compact one I could find. The shed was easy to put together and is very strong and secure. I have had many compliments and would highly recommend these sheds to anyone

Neil Laing

Came home to find house burgled. I have two asgard sheds. This model resisted all efforts to get in, see attached photo, with just minor damage to lock casing and the paint. So secure was this that they didn't even attempt to get in the other one. Had this for several years, and the other for over ten. Thought they were good before this incident, but now I'm seriously impressed.


The moral of the story is….get yourself an @asgardstorage (or 2). They aren’t going anywhere. #storm #stormeunice

Sam Merron

Really happy with my Yale bike storage alarm. You wouldn’t even know its there.


Finished (except being fully screwed down) bike shed. It’s very solid and well designed

Roman Tatarek-Gintowt

Hi Andy. We bought this Asgard x3 (?) cycle store in the early days of your company, nearly 20 years ago and it has barely aged. It keeps the bikes clean and dry, stood on some scrap wood to deaden the echo. When we replaced the patio, it was the only outdoor structure we kept (soon to be joined by a 5x7 Flexistore). The kids (now grown) wouldn't even let me consider a wooden or plastic shed, given that the bike shed still looks like new, when other storage had rotted away or broken. Kind regards, Roman (Leeds)


Looks super slick. Safe. Keeps items clean. Not intrusive in garden. I see the price has gone up since we purchased it! But still it’s a really good investment. Would buy another shed from them if needed.

Emma Thompson

Bike Shed arrived on Wednesday and we put it together this morning, no more bikes in the house! Its brilliant, was relatively easy to put together too. Although we are missing the shrouds for the locks, I have emailed about it, otherwise really pleased with it and also the delivery guy was really good too.


"My new Asgard shed is incredibly secure and a perfect size for my bike storage. It was so easy to assemble I managed to do it in the dark!" As a professional photographer, I take photos of bikes all the time, its really useful having some where to keep the bike post and pre shoot.

Tara Mathews

After lots of research we decided to take a chance on Asgards. It was worth it! After making the decision to demolish the garage we needed somewhere for the hubby’s and girls bikes and the 29ers did not disappoint. We ordered two so we had even more storage for anything not bike related. Once the first one was completed, the second was a dream to construct. These are amazing feats of engineering and worth the wait! Love them and now looking at a third. Thanks Asgard!


I'm so happy with my 4 bike unit that I'm thinking of changing my name to Larry :-) Having spent years battling to get our bikes in/out of the shed and worrying about security, this has now solved both those problems. The unit is strong and sturdy and was surprisingly easy to build. The instructions were clear and the pre-drilled holes and self-tapping screws made piecing it together straightforward - and the latter makes sure that everything is nice and rigid. I love the opening roof which gives ample room to manoeuvre bikes and the mechanism is smooth and easy. The bundle pack was well worth the extra - the shelves and hooks are great for storing all our accessories and the floor is a perfect fit. When I first built it I was a little sceptical whether it would fit 4 bikes but I was proved wrong as they all fit in easily with room to spare. I did want to also comment on the customer service which I found exceptional. My delivery driver took great care when placing the parts in my desired location, laying cardboard down, and between, so panels didn't get scratched. I did actually have a problem with one of the screws in a door. When I reported this I was very promptly sent out extra screws but also a replacement door within days, no questions asked. I have to do a shout-out to Tracey W who was brilliant in dealing with me. This just meant that the whole experience from start to finish was stress-free, which is invaluable. So highly recommend, both for the quality of the product but also the customer service. Will definitely be telling others about it. And finally, the biggest plus from this purchase is that we are all using our bikes much more than we ever did before! Win, Win!


I think the expression is ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’. This is definitely my Christmas Day!! 3x new storage units for the courts. A big thanks to the driver who managed to get his van perfectly through the posts and helped carry everything onto the bank of the courts. It’s been a long time coming but they are here and already made. The van is already nearly empty and will soon get my loft and shed space back! Big thanks to my dad for helping getting them built just as we were losing light. I did not get tempted to lock him in…promise! #asgard #storageunits #gamechanger

Jay Gavin T

my new bike shed, loving it. #bikes #cyclist #asgard


Been looking for a decent bike rack for our front garden to save us traipsing the bikes through the house. Really nicely designed kit and plenty of space for 2 bikes. Hooks a nice added extra with my pannier hanging up when not using it


The sun shone, the sealant flowed, the holes all lined up beautifully and the new locking mechanism works a treat. Which may surprise you when you see the light streaming in along the bottom edges. His little back yard has been paved but the spot where he wanted the shed was where a really heavy plant pot had been standing. So the pavers have sunk in that spot but miraculously that area is surrounded by level ground so the shed rests level and the door opens and closes nicely. Apart from diabolical traffic jams getting to him and home again, it was a great success.

Paul O' Brien

After a cold night, glad to see that my bike is getting toasty in the shed, bathed in sunlight. Ha ha!

Creating Roots

And it is up!! Managed in 1.5 hoours which is much quicker than we expected

David Norcross

Super impressed with the delivery of my shed on Friday. Driver was on time super courteous and helped deliver into the back garden and stacked the components in order so that I could build over the weekend. It took me and my son 2 hours today to put together ( more him than me) Really easy but as it was the access plus shed it does need 2 of you for the roof. One or two minor alignment issues but all overcome with some careful thought. Only 1 minor chip on the paint internally but that was possibly my fault. All in place now and glad we got the access plus and my Wife’s large electric bike would not fit in something smaller. My other sons bike is also in the shed as he has no space for it in his flat currently. Good to have the accessory pack also with shelves. Just need to fill them now. Shed came just in time as the bikes were stored in what will be the extended kitchen next week. Thanks. Looks study and secure.

S Bateman

Loving the shed very easy to build

Colum Duffy

Finally got to install new bike shed from Asgard Storage. Front garden now neat and tidy and I have a place for the bike

Castro Trap House



The delivery driver was sitting outside my house when I got home from my nightshift, I built it up within a couple of hours very pleased with this. Great quality


Only 5 hours to build with a minimum of lost skin and tempers. Finally the bike doesn’t have to live under the stairs. #asgardstorage #mtb #shedsofinstagram

Happy Bear

Finally got round to putting my Asgard 4 bike storage unit together after waiting for 2-months due to building work. Very easy to put together, with a little help from my teenage girls. Fits four adult sized bikes comfortably, with a shelf at each end and helmet hooks across the back. Very happy all round


So pleased my police approved three bike shed finally turned up. It’s been a long wait but now I’m confident I can take my bikes out of the kitchen and store them safely outside. Thanks so much! And yeah. It looks great. I only have a small yard so managed to get it in without imposing too much


Finally got around to assembling the Asgard bike locker. It's been sat in my shed in pieces since last summer. Quality bit of kit.

Chris Scott Artist

Loving my new cycle workshop space. I would highly recommend Asgard sheds as excellent quality and a must for anyone concerned about security. They are Secured by Design and recommended by lots of organisations.

Justine Kinnear

Having had our bike shed for over a month now, it has definitely made life so much easier, as we no longer have to take our bikes through the house, eliminating scuffed walls. The 2 men that delivered and assembled the bike shed were fantastic and couldn't fault them. They did it in a fraction of the time that my husband would of taken as he did not have the correct tools or the inclination to undertake this task. Well worth spending the extra cost of fitting! Although the delivery men did a fantastic job, it was only when we started moving our bikes in that we realised having all the shelves at the one side restricted the bike storage. As a result of this my husband spend some time moving the lower shelf to the other side.....The request of touch up paint was delivered quickly.

Amanda Vaughan

I'm extremely happy with my Asgard Additions unit. Thegentleman who delivered it was extremely helpful and punctual. It was easy toput up in my car park outside my flat and is extremely durable. It looks smartand fits my 2 bikes in easily with plenty of room for other gear. I'd highly recommend the product and the service, especially for people who need some secure overspill storage space!

Kate Pearson

Flashdog inspecting our handy work building our second Asgard! She approves


We live in a mid-terrace house, and are sick of trailing ours and the kids bikes in and out of the front door. Finally took the plunge and initially bought a smaller unit from Asgard, before realising it was not going to suit our needs. Asgard were great, cancelling the existing order and changed to the x4 unit with no delay on delivery - absolutely brilliant service. It is very well constructed and relatively easy to put together, with two of us taking about two hours. I was a bit worried about the size of the thing out the front, but it fits in very smartly and has received numerous compliments from our neighbours! Thank you!

Christopher Flint

I paid "extra" because I believed this to be the best comparable shed on the market and on delivery I wasn't left disappointed. My shed was delivered by Steve who was very friendly, helpful and was able to put it exactly where I wanted it and gave me a couple of handy tips for installation.Installation was easy and I personally found a second person was only necessary for lifting and aligning the lid. Despite there being so many screws, every hole lined up perfectly, and with labelled panels, the build quickly became intuitive. The instructions were very good but there is an obvious notch on the floor panel that goes to the back, I initially thought it would be for the doors and had to turn the base around. I feel the instructions could only be improved by highlighting the notch. Also building it against a wall I found to be near impossible, so plan to build it far enough away that you can get your arm a 1/4 of the way in, and then move it back later. It moves relatively easily prior to being bolted down. Shed built, I am very happy... The "extra" price I previously mentioned has become a distant memory as it has directly reflected in quality! This shed is a beast!!! Feels very secure and very roomy! I bought the 29er shed so I had more room so I could also store my mower, and more expensive garden tools, while the rest are destined for a plastic shed. Personally I would have liked the padlock points to be on the side, so the doors could open to 180⁰, but they still open a generous amount for access, and I literally only just have enough room for them to open (built between a fence and a wall) and I can still get a bike though without any fuss. Overall, I am very, very happy with this shed. I have added extra security internally, but I think the security on the shed alone would be enough to keep most thieves away! I noted that any attempt to gain entry would generate a lot of noise, and that alone makes this more secure. Thank you!

Curtis Lodge

The first thing to say about Asgard sheds is that they are worth the wait! If you value whatever it is that you're putting in your shed, then don't settle for anything less - I guarantee you won't find anything this secure from any of the big DIY stores... After lots of research and reading reviews, forums etc, I was happy that I'd found a shed that would be secure enough to store our bikes. I have easily fit my 29er MTB, a 27. 5in adult MTB and two children's bikes along with all the cycling gear, helmets, maintenance stand, tools etc too. I went for the Access Plus 29er bundle with shelves, hooks and Oxford chain with ground anchor. The shelves are very sturdy and worth the bit extra and are easy to fit to the pre-drilled holes. I have all the bikes chained together using the Oxford chain and anchor, just incase by some miracle someone manages to break in without waking half the street up using an angle grinder or similar! I used hard wearing carpet tiles rather than plywood to protect the base and it looks great. It didn't take long to build with two people but I imagine it would be a bit fiddly on your own. I had a couple of small issues at first but Asgard sorted them out quickly and offered good advice. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone!

Jon Kirkup

The bike storage is great and really easy to install, it looks great and has loads of space for my bikes. It’s an excellent addition and is a well designed and built product. I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others


HI Asgard - as promised my picture from last years snow downfall - not a drop of snow inside and no rust. Super service and product


my three-year-old son is enjoying having a safe place to store his balance bike. He's also asked if he can sleep in there! Thanks for all your email replies to my enquiries about laying a suitable base. Everything secure and in place now #bikes #cycling #asgard

Colin Lathwell

I have two of them and they are so safe and look fantastic. How’s that for a shed. All hand painted [circles] Plus all my bike ride numbers on the door. I use it every day for my bikes when I go out just coming up to 9000 miles this year

Ashley Sword

Worth the wait. Quite expensive and a long lead time, I was initially questioning my decision; however even when I was helping the driver unload I could just feel the weight and the quality. I really enjoyed the build, I had a good level area prepared and the panels all lined up on the base perfectly, only one screw for every connection it really easy to assemble and good solid stainless bolt screws for the hinges. Looks amazing when it is finished, has loads of room with all cycling extras fitting on the long shelf. It is incredibly secure and I feel confident that our bikes are safe. Great example of British engineering at its best.

Tim Smith

The bike store arrived & was just installed today. Very impressed with the intsallation service & the quality of the bike store (just waiting for my E- Trike to arrive now). Really pleased i did my research & chose an Asgard shed, it might be more expensive than other brands, but the peace of mind & security it gives you is well worth it. It's nice to know my trike will be safe & sound in its new home.

Simon Hawthorne

Hi Helen. Finally got my new gladiator shed - was well worth the wait! Already got a few of the bikes in and will finally get my garage back. Lads who did the install were very good. Love the quality. Thank you.

The Velo Dad

Done some organising and there is room for at least another 3 bikes in there #justsayin

Ben Bradshaw

These are cracking sheds. I’ve 3 of them, with oldest one 10 years old now and still as good as the day I bought it. The brown one has also moved 3 times, so been dismantled twice and reassembled and is still like new. Something not possible with a traditional wooden shed.

The Velo Dad

The best you can get the best you can get

Andrew Ebben

With a recumbent trike to store, you need a wide door to get the wheel width and the garden shed just wasn't the answer. The Bike Shelter really comes up trumps here. Built in about an hour by my wife and I, it takes my folded trike with ease and with room for a box of spaces and even some CPR training manikins we needed to keep somewhere! Asgaard have been really excellent in solving a faulty lock problem with spare parts sent overnight and clear instructions on what to do. The Shelter has drawn admiring looks from some of our local cyclists and they have been amazed at how much space there is in what is a very compact footprint. It is very well made, assembly was a breeze and it looks pretty well bomb proof; it should last for years.


my friend helped me put it together (we also did the slabs beneath - which seem a shame to hide but luckily I can see them when I open the door) - I’m so happy with it!


Very happy! It’s freed up some much needed space in our living room. Thanks.

Mat Shreeve

That’s two electric Terns. A Tern GSD and a Tern Vektron. There’s two Frog bikes in there too and a folding Dahon Speed 7 on the left. The Tern GSD fits in there without having to remove the Yepp Maxi.

R Joberns

@AsgardStorage Had a 29er and my god it’s amazing! Delivered earlier than planned, updated along the process. It’s solid and,as secure as, fixed to the floor, x4 adults bikes in there no problem and I feel safe leaving them in there. Worth every penny! A must have for cyclists

David Roscoe

Very happy with this, extremely solid and easy to access. Delivery was ahead of schedule and the driver was helpful. Was able to build this on my own in around 2 hours, it's very easy but would recommend two people to fit the lid ideally as is quite heavy. Built on a not quite level path, risked it without a 'proper' base and was able to use the levelling shims to align which are included and worked perfectly. I got the bundle and would recommend this for the extra bits to make the most of the space.

Douglas Guest‎

"Great product, looking great in our wee portion of Scottish glen paradise. Excellent communication, delivery to, for our collection from, Livingstone went perfectly and installation was a breeze. Greatness achieved, thank you! A picture of our lovely, installed bike store in a beautiful Scottish glen. In transit protection was perfect and delivery to Livingstone for us to collect when it was possible worked well. Great product and service, as we were kept well informed and everything was as discussed. Delighted!"

Julia Wilson

This bike shed is very well made and easy to put up. Feels very robust and my 4 children are able to take their bikes in and out easily and can all lock them away safely.

Lord Glencoe

@AsgardStorage delivered at 8 this morning and it’s alive and looking fabulous a few hours later. Great piece of kit

Paul O'Donoghue

Still loving mine...

Richard Sparkes

@AsgardStorage a long wait(because everyone wants the best) but well worth it. Quality product, good instructions and great customer service from Tracey when there was a small issue(new part delivered within 3 days). Thanks

Rowley Clifford

The quality of the shed is fantastic - as you can see in the picture I've got all my kit in with space for another bike at least. If I didn't have all the other junk which goes with living in a flat without enough storage space, you could easily fit 3 adults bikes and a couple of kids bikes. The way the bike shed goes together and the locks provided make it feel an absolutely bomb-proof bike shed. Seriously, I reckon this thing could withstand all sorts. Earthquakes, nuclear war, you name it - maybe even the most determined bike thieves in London!! The hydraulic lifts also feel really strong with a smooth action so no qualms there at all. Thanks a bunch to all the folks at Asgard for an excellent product and even better service. Thoroughly recommend!

Marianne James

Hey @AsgardStorage Delighted with my new bike shed.

David O'Donnell

Ordered the Bike Shed x 3 in grey and it is a quality product and looks great in grey. Quite easy to assemble with good instructions. Further to this there was however an issue I ran into and can only say that the Customer Service I received to address the problem was first class and sorted quickly.

Jaime Fox

Love my new 3 bike storage shed.

Paul Goodchild

My 6x3 Bike shed lot better since off ground where sitting pulled away from Fencing & moved Conifer now Shed Bone Dry inside

Tom Cardy

We had a long lead time waiting for the bike store but it’s definitely great quality. The instructions were easy to follow and took around an hour to put together. Pleased we went for it!


My bikes being safe is my main objective especially when they look that dreamy. The guys over at @asgardstorage kindly helped me source one of their Police Approved bike sheds to give me piece of mind that my bikes are safe in their little house. If you’re like me and safety for your two wheels is your main priority head over to @asgardstorage for top notch service & even better products. Thanks Guys!!

Richard Levi

My bike shed arrived in a very timely fashion. It needed to be put together which was actually much easier than first anticipated. Instructions were very clear and it didn't take too long to build. The finished article is amazing. Really tough and durable construction, and our bikes now have a lovely, weatherproof and secure home. I would totally recommend Asgard as well as the bike shed. Simply brilliant!!

Paul Gallagher

Worth the wait! Up in a couple of hours with a friends help and despite my patio slabs not being super flat a few shims helped me get my shed perfectly level. Very rainy day and not a single drop of water inside. Lots of space for 2 of my bikes and my gear and my sons child's bike. Happy customer :-)


It's great thank you!


So mine and Shaun’s idea of bike rides differ greatly as you can probably see by this picture! I’ve not been using mine much as it was such a pain getting it out of the shed.. I’ve no excuse now I’ve got this fabulous Secure bike shed from @asgardstorage it’s grey so it matches my fencing, And it’s not taking space up in the back garden. I’ve obviously had to bling it up for the gram because that’s me its super secure and easily fits our bikes and all our cycling accessories in.. fabulous, now I have to ride the thing. Happy Monday xx


We are really pleased with our bike shed and I would like to pay credit to Helen Finnigan, Customer Services Manager at Asgard, who provided such a professional support in the process of getting the correct sized shed for our redesigned garden. So unusual to have such a reliable personal link with a real person in a company these days …. And the shed is great for our three bikes! (My only regret is that I forgot to apply for the 10% discount


Hi Andy - As you have asked here is my shed picture again! 2010 our family was joined by the Asgard Gladiator bike shed, so now shes 11 years old and she is looking as good as day 1. Very tough, very secures and still unmarked, not a drop of condensation, not a hint of rust and I am in there once a week post ride doing all of my fettling! Thanks to Asgard

David Joseph BLM

Wow this bike shed is solid! Top marks ⁦@AsgardStorage even the Elder Whippet approves... Well if you’re after a bike shed this Yorkshire company’s is solid not bad putting together but is built like a tank and comes Monty Approved Asgard Storage.


If you are after peace of mind when it comes to securely housing bikes, then the Asgard bike store is spot on. So much so, we bought two...perfect

David Baker

A really modern design with good security which looks great outside our house

Allan Woodhouse

Thanks to @AsgardStorage for the Access Plus bike store and Vanguard shed. Excellent customer service throughout and Steve the delivery driver was just brilliant. Would highly recommend to anyone needing secure outdoor storage. And they do @bluelightcard discount!


Bike security is not a thing to be taken lightly, with another Scottish shop being ransacked on Saturday it’s about time my security went from high to Fort Knox! Bring on the @asgardstorage bike store. It’s impressive for sure. All screws & bolts are from the inside so nothing is exposed, locks are shrouded too, these guys have thought of everything. It’s an easy build too, only a couple of hours. Secure, weather proof & can hold it all.

Carrie Ann

Took delivery of my Asgard 29er bike shed on Tuesday. Finally got a dry window on Wednesday with just enough time to lift, level and relay the paving and put the shed up, with assistance of my mum and 8yr old daughter girl power. Vinyl flooring went down yesterday and contents speedily added, in the rain. 5 bikes, 4 scooters, a wagon, cleaning things, a sack of Halloween decorations and 2 boxes for riding kit.

Chris Prettejohn

Very pleased with my new ASGARD x 4 grey Bike Shed. Took half a day to assemble. Door hinges are the trickiest but be patient. Excellent build quality. Vital that you have a good base to start with. Excellent build quality. Vital that you have a good base to start with. Instructions are very clear and the finished product lo0ks great in our front garden.

Richard & Nick

This shed is phenomenal! We were hoping the old owners would leave it with the house and we were so excited to see it was left. It’s so good, secure, and it can fit my big bike in.

Rob Saggs

The Asgard 29er bike unit is a fantastic unit capable of storing my boys bikes and other equipment. The thing I like most about it is the excellent quality of the build and the really good security it offer. Brilliant product.

Barry Knibb

They are not only for the outside. I fitted Mine on Thursday! Love it

Mike Roberts

New installation for us in Cornwall. The shed is Bonzer and is a great way to store our bikes safely and dry year round

Sally Benatar

Good start to the day - bike shed from @AsgardStorage delivered & installed before 0800hrs. Great customer service by Jo & Mike. No more wheeling bikes through the house.

Willcocks Family

It's great, in use everyday!


Here at Fronwen we care about your bikes. Our bike storage is secure and police approved. Relax in the knowledge that your pride and joy will be well looked after.

Karlaw Bike

New pain cave christened. Can’t wait to have more hours of @gozwift with my @aeo_rt teamies :)


I bought an Asgard bike shelter x2 and installed it in the front garden of my terraced house. A very neat solution to just exit the house and get out the bike, happy in the knowledge that my bikes are securely stored.


I'm absolutely delighted with this shed. It was a delight to assemble. The service and delivery was excellent. It fits my eBike perfectly, allowing for all my kit to be stored in there too. Would definitely recommend buying the bundle, the shelves and hooks are really handy. Can highly recommend Asgard.


Love my new Asgard Trojan shed, fits in nicely down the side of my house. Was easy to build and is really sturdy. Really happy with it.

Robert Collins

Arrived today as quoted on time Driver was polite and knowledgeable and gave me a few pointers on how to build and it was up in no time. Suberb Shed High Quality Easy to Build. Took 90Mins from Start to Finish Very Impressed Dont Hesitate to Buy


We live in a very exposed spot in Scotland and our first Asgard bike storage stood up to the the worst of our weather and so we ordered another one this year and are planning on getting another couple as we can afford it. No, we haven't got that many bikes but it means we can get lots of secure, weatherproof storage for the normal shed stuff without losing the lovely view in our front garden

Mark Hurst‎

Ten weeks to prepare the site (thanks, COVID) then an afternoon to build my Access Plus 29er. It can be done single-handed, just needs a bit of thought to get the lid on safely. Now my bike's in or out in half a minute, no chains and D-locks required, and a whole lot cosier than my leaky garage! Tidied up the garden a bit too.


I took delivery of my 4 Bike Store this morning and have spent an enjoyable afternoon with my 11 year old son building and filling it. The product is well made, easy to construct (although there weren't any instructions for the final parts - strengthening brackets and lock shields - but they were easy enough to figure out) and great to look at when complete. I would definitely buy again and recommend to others.

‎Jason Weald‎

We have had the larger lock up for about 2 yrs and still looks great and wouldn’t be without it for secure storage. Just got the bike storage today and really pleased with it and easy to put together and takes 2 adult bikes with plenty of space left over. Can’t fault Asgard and would recommend without hesitation


Spent a couple of hours putting up our awesome @asgardstorage #bikestore. So easy to assemble and has plenty of room for our #bikes #asgardstorage #green #garden


Asgard security shed going up. Very solid.

Victoria Williamson, GB cyclist

Huge thanks to @asgardstorage team for my awesome shed, super happy with it! Police approved & looks great too. #bikeshed #asgardshed


Happy belated Father's Day & birthday daddy! I hope you like your lovely new bike shed from those lovely people at @asgardstorage. Personally though I prefer mummy's new bird bath. It's very tasty. #borderterrier #asgardsheds


Loving my new bike shed, excellent quality and very well thought through design. I've fitted three bikes and a partially dissembled trampoline in mine, and they fit very well. One is a hardtail MTB (29" wheels, front wheel removed due to length of wheelbase), plus a tourer and a road bike. I managed to put it together on my own in about 2 hours, so although two people would be handy it's not essential. My only slight comment is on the instructions. Some panels (facia trim, door trap plate) would benefit from having an orientation sticker so you know what is meant to be top/bottom or front/back. It can be deduced from the hole patterns but it would be made easier with orientation markers. All in all, delighted with my shed and looks like it will last for years to come.

Gifford Box

I have finished building my Access Plus shed and I am thoroughly impressed. The quality of the product is fantastic and throughout the whole assembly I kept saying how well made it was. Every single screw hole lined up and everything slotted together. I’m also very impressed with how everything interlocks and how robust it looks and feels. Please find attached a photo of this finished product.

Katy Marie

Delighted with our new Asgard Shed!! It's exactly what we wanted. Super secure, neat looking and excellent quality. Highly recommended. Ps my husband managed to put it up by himself which was a bonus

Paul Richardson

Fantastic bike store, robust yet easy to open up. Had lost a bike from the house front before but not again! Easy to put together as well. Delivery was well communicated and as promised.


Very happy with our new bikestore which arrived today. Thanks ASGARD!


Shed up and love it!

Joanne Paul

Lovely, secure shed that looks good in the garden. Two bikes stored (with one on hooks) and enough room to hang up helmet, etc and put other items in the back. Paid for installation which was fast and friendly! Excellent shed - and looks good!


I spent quite a long time searching for a bike shed. I had seen the standard design but this would not fit the area. The Sentry appeared to be the best design for what was required. We had to wait about 12 weeks for delivery but were advised this was due to this being built to order. The delivery process was well organised. I had read the reviews about self assembly. I thought that a 90 minute average build time was optimistic but set out about doing this on a dry Saturday morning. I would say that with 2 people, with basic DIY skills this is not a 90 minute job. It actually took us 4-5 hours , split over two days. There were teething problems with getting the first screws in. Once the main panels were up, the screws seemed to go in easier. I managed to get most of the screws in, but there were some holes that just did not align. It was a huge relief when the door went on and just shut perfectly. I follow instructions meticulously and I would say that the instructions could do with some additional segments. It was easy to miss the fascia. I have not been able to install the bike rack. Following those instructions suggest that there are pre-drilled holes missing. On closer inspection of the main frame, it seems that I may need to remove existing screws and insert the rack. Overall, it fits perfectly into the space and I love that it is a walk-in shed.

Sue Allaway

A brilliant storage solution for TrikeyBob! I ride a recumbent trike, and it has rather a large footprint when it comes to storage, even though it can be folded to fit in my car. We’ve bought an Asgard shed before for a previous home. We’ve chosen to purchase one again due to its quality, in terms of construction, security and looks. We had it built for us by Asgard and I would definitely recommend this service, especially as our ‘ flat’ concrete base wasn’t quite that flat and with the Asgard build team expertise the shed was levelled with minimal fuss! And TrikeyBob is very happy in her new home!


For years I've always kept my bike in the house to the annoyance of the wife. Finally I agreed to buy a shed but only after researching them first. Came across the police approved bike shed. Very easy to put together and its built from very think strong steel. I'm so happy with this that I'm now looking at ordering a full size shed to replace the old wooden one. Easy fits 4 bikes as in x2 adults x2 teen size bikes without needing to remove handle bars or seats . Overall very happy and will be buying again

Christoph Hopniks

Hey Asgard, thought I'd send you a few pics of my sheds in use! They're great, cheers

Jen Handley

Bike Shed Incoming!

Patrick Dennison

Exactly what I wanted. Secure and strong. Managed to put it up largely by myself, although needed the kids at times to hold bits, and needed my wife to help with the roof, which is heavy. It would be good to have included a tiny pot of paint for those occasional scrapes i.e. included for free, but you can't have everything. Also found the lock covers a bit tricky, they do make it much more secure i.e. making it difficult to cut through the padlock, but I left one off.

Jon Hill

Great bike storage - Whilst we had to wait for quite a while (fully informed the whole time), it was great to have the shed arrive last week. I managed to assemble the whole thing in a few hours and our bikes are now safely housed outside rather than cluttering up the kitchen! I bought the bundle and it's a real bonus to have the shelves, hooks and wooden floor in there too! Many thanks!

Mary Lloyd

Was so pleased to find a secure bike shed for my bikes! Had to order in November for delivery in March which meant I have missed out on the sale prices that are now on offer! With installation spent over £1000! Will write an updated review once I’ve been using it a while! Very pleased with how the installation went! The installer arrived on time and was very helpful. Thank you!

Jayne Jones

We have built my bike shed today, it was really easy to do and extremely well made, it took us about 2 hours including getting the base ready, I’m very pleased with it and know that my bikes are very secure, thanks also to the delivery men that bought it to the back of the house, they were very helpful

Joyce Millar

We bought our Asgard bike shed in advance of purchasing two new ebikes. The shed was easy to put together and is really secure. It fits well in our small garden and is hidden behind a hedge.

Mary Lloyd

Was so pleased to find a secure bike shed for my bikes! Had to order in November for delivery in March which meant I have missed out on the sale prices that are now on offer! With installation spent over £1000!

Tony Davison

This bike shed is excellent... It is solid and very secure .. I can store 5 bikes (2 Adult & 3 Child) in it and there is plenty of room at the sides to store some garden tools as well .. Some sheds I have assembled in the past have been very complex but this one is very easy to put together. I was lucky to get a Blue Light Discount but would have paid the full price now knowing the quality is strong and very secure. I would highly recommend this bike storage

David Pauling

Our new bike shed is absolutely ideal. The perfect shed to finish off our courtyard. Large but unobtrusive, fits all 3 of our adult bikes PLUS my golf clubs, the power washer, all our hoses, various containers and the shelves / hooks are ideal for all our cycling bits and pieces including spare tyres, helmets and other accessories. Fitted a double power socket which gives peace of mind as it’s dry and protected from the weather. The colour matches our existing door, gate and window surrounds perfectly. Really couldn’t be any better!


This will give access for cycles and scooters that will be stored in this @asgardstorage box we have installed. I must say we were seriously impressed with the quality of this unit and would throughly recommend if you are looking for remote secure storage.

Paul O'Brien

one of the best bike related things I have ever purchased. Happy Days!

Susan Moseley

So very happy with my Asgard bike shed. Despite the long lead time, they exceeded my expectations and delivered 2 weeks early, we built it last weekend (in the snow) and had a few problems fitting the hinges fully. A quick call to Customer Services on Monday and the lovely Helen Finnigan provided a solution that once again exceeded my expectations and within 48 hours we had a fitter knocking at our door putting right hinges. First class bike shed, company, customer service and lovely people. This bike shed has transformed my life in a week - no more dragging 3 bikes through the house! Love it and would totally recommend Asgard!

Karen Bolton

We spent a long time looking for bike storage after deciding to have our old garage demolished. One bike is used daily for commuting so we wanted it to be secure and easily accessible, so the addition looked perfect. It was a long wait to get it, but came earlier than expected. Easy to assemble - two small issues but these were resolved without question at first contact. Amazing customer service! We are really happy with it, and it fits in well in the space we had available.

Jon & Ivana

I just wanted to share some images of the shed, which arrived safely as planned, and is now up an running! Assembly was quick and all went smoothly. We only had one hiccup when one of the screws for the base sheared off. The others also did not go in very well and we have omitted them for now. The concrete we laid is very tough and I think the self-cutting bolts are not quite up to the task! As soon as local Covid restrictions permit we will buy some decent masonry bolts, or chemical anchors, and will fix the base properly to the concrete. Attached, please find 3 photos, which hopefully show the base and shed in good form. We like that it is low and not visible through our fence. We can still store wood on the wall behind the shed too, which is convenient. Thank you so much for getting the timing so right! With the lorry blockages at Dover, another week could have been a real problem. I am also very happy we managed this before Brexit. I really feel sorry for people who voted for it and for all Brits who now have to live with it. The deal Boris Johnson has negotiated is really bad for the UK and the negative effects will be felt by normal UK citizens for years, maybe decades to come. Only Boris' oligarch friends will potentially benefit and even then not nearly as much as the hoped. The EU must be laughing behind our backs! Its very sad really. Oh well... In fact, if it wasn't for Brexit I would seriously have recommended that you start to export your products to the EU. Just knowing how many of our friends and colleagues would really appreciate a bike shed like ours would be enough. There is nothing quite like them on the market here. There are German and Swiss products which have a similar function, but which are far more expensive. Czech's spend a huge amount on bicycles compared to people in the UK and not everyone has a suitable space to store them. Maybe you could do a franchise deal with a local manufacturer? Anyway, thank you again for your help. We are delighted with the shed and trust it keeps our bikes safe and dry for many years to come! Our best wishes to you for a healthy, happy and prosperous year in 2021!


Love my new @AsgardStorage shed. Solid and easy to install

Graham Taylor

My @AsgardStorage box doing the business of securely storing my bikes out of the winter weather


Arrived today, no delivery issues with weather etc, really helpful delivery guy, assembled with no issues and pleased with quality and ease. Would recommend to others. Second on our street.


The I’ll send a nighttime shot with the #goldentandem in the background too!

Andy Lockran

Thank you @AsgardStorage for a couple of safe spaces to keep the bikes ;)


@AsgardStorage happy with our new bike store! 4m of waiting was not ideal but the final product is awesome!

Donna Fearn

During lockdown, being a key worker, I invested in an electric motorbike to get me to and from work quickly and easily. I searched endlessly for a secure unit that wasn’t enormous and didn’t cost the earth! After a lot of research I opted for the Asgard Access storage unit. I was a little dubious as I hadn’t seen any reviews of this unit being used for motorbikes. However, I have not been disappointed. The unit is solidly built, but easy to access and manoeuvre my motorbike in and out on my own, with the addition of the ramp. There is plenty of room for my motorbike, but the unit doesn’t dominate the driveway. The double disc locks give me piece of mind that my motorbike is safe and secure. Thank you Asgard!


Thank you for the prompt delivery of your 4 twin bike lockers. I just wanted to let you know that they were incredibly easy to construct (with some help in lifting the lids on) and I managed to build all 4 in under 6 hours. A really great product - they are robust, well built and easy to install. Here's are some photos in our back garden

Rich Beck

What can I say, from the professional delivery (helpful driver) to the quality of the shed, this surpasses my expectations. From delivery to complete erection of the 2 bike shed, by myself (66 years old) took me 1 hour, although I would recommend putting the heaviest item (the roof) on with assistance, I managed it myself. The construction is solid and the locking and lock mechanism is very secure, The build went without a hitch, I am well pleased with the result, and worth the wait.

Yasmine Camilla

[PR product] Took this just before Christmas when the kids were at school, but had to post today! One, I’m super excited to be posting a new video up on my YouTube tonight, but ALSO how awesome is my new shed!!! I never thought I’d be SOOO excited about receiving an @asgardstorage bike shed!!! But I am! We live in a terrace Victorian house in London, and the hallway is narrow. I don’t currently own a bike because I couldn’t face dragging it in and out of the house. The kids bikes were bad enough. This shed has changed our lives and made getting the bikes out for the school run *cough* super easy - AND I keep a mud free hallway

Debra Rayment

On the day of delivery I was expecting a call from the driver , but got 2 calls from Asgard stating he couldn’t get hold of me and was at my address . I hadn’t received any calls though. I gave my permission for them to tell him to unload it , which he had done by the time I got home. But it would have been nice to have had some notice as I was informed I would be . Assembly wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped , to start with the left and right panels had been incorrectly labelled so that took 30 mins to work out as it was the first stage of the assembly process. My base was completely level ( didn’t require any wedges ) but it took 2 of us over 5 hrs to assemble it. That did include fitting of a shelf and hooks though. Once assembled I am really pleased with it , it’s perfect for my mtbs.


Bike Storage, makes a lovely new garden wall + have never seen anybody use them with the doors facing outwards onto the pavement, makes removing and adding bikes easy. Thank you for a lovely product! A double entry for the £50 voucher : )

Chris Nolan

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the Additions Shed. The shed was exactly as described, living up to the claims of being a quality and secure unit. The shed was purchased to fit in a 'tight' position behind our garage and boundary fence, ultimately leaving approximately two inches gap on either side. As can be seen from the picture, the shed fills the gap perfectly, and its overall weight and stability obviates the need to bolt it to the base.

Chris Whitwam

It arrived on time, with all parts - always a good start!! Instructions were good, bit of complication with the rain guard over the door but sorted it over a cuppa tea. Took 2 of us going slowly and steadily about 3 hours within limited space to complete with the one shelf included. Construction is very solid. It has rained heavily since construction and no signs of water inside the shed. It's very heavy as a unit - security looks good (fingers crossed). All in all, expensive...but worth it for me.

John Balharrie

I bought an Asgard Centurion metal shed a couple of years ago and was so pleased I recently bought the Addition bike store to complement it. I have found these units to be very secure, waterproof and without internal condensation. The construction was pretty straightforward but I do think it needs at least two people to build these units safely. I also personally found that a lot of the screws were secured more easily by hand rather than using a power driver (particularly when working inside the unit with the roof on).


I have been very happy with my bike shed; delivery, construction and use have all been without any problems: The delivery people were helpful, rang me to say when they were coming, were on time, and carried the parts of the shed into my back garden ready for construction. The building of the shed was straight forward, and I had no difficulties at all; I was impressed with the quality of manufacture and everything fitted together precisely…

John Stratton

We had one for our home in the South - which was then passed on to our daughter. It was such good quality that we opted for another now we have moved 'Up Norf'. This time we upgraded to one with lifting lid for ease of access. Simple and clear instructions, excellent build quality - all in all - superb. Thanks, team Asgard.

Greg Robinson

Yesterday we received the long awaited arrival of our Asgard secure bike storage unit, which arrived on time with full tracking details of the driver which was helpful. Once delivered I was keen to assemble and even managed to complete the whole assembly on my own before the light faded. It went together easily and the instructions were very clear. We can now get the bikes out of our home and into their new secure home... very happy with everything. Will probably return to purchase a few brackets and the shelf at some point as really think these should be included in the overall price.

Keith Stewart

Thanks for the shed it is fantastic. Shame I can’t get hold of my e-bike until the summer at the earliest!!!!

Diane Davis

Very pleased with my husband's bike store. Well worth the wait, good quality product, great delivery, easy to assemble - not a cross word said ! Matches wonderfully with our Sid and Ernie sheds and bonus I get my garden room back


Access Bike Shed shared by a customer. Asgard sheds have hidden venilation in the eaves of the roof to protect your shed in snowy conditiions.

Stalin Sunny

Access Bike Shed shared by a customer. The Access features double door access and a gas assisted lid.

Bala Shanmugam

Built this to store our family's bike securely in the front garden. Fits 4 bikes (3 adult bikes and one smaller bike easily . Plus plenty of space for accessories etc. Took about 3 hours to build for 2 of us and looks good. My only criticism would be the instructions need to be clearer and show exactly which way some of the panels go. Overall very happy with this


Ordered this shed after looking at our bikes indoors for too long. Looked around at other sheds for a bit, but found the reviews and specs for this one were really good. From personal experience, I have to add my praise. Perfect size for our three bikes (2 grown ups and a child size bike), pump, and accessories. My mind’s at ease because of how secure it is. Took me less than two hours to set up myself, but I could imagine it would be handy to have another person help. Fantastic communication and glad to welcome it to our back garden. :)

Tony Berridge

Delivery excellent , instructions excellent , quality of materials again excellent. Made the shed up myself , every fixing hole lined up perfectly , was enjoyable erecting it to. Excellent quality product . My only slight issue is the roof being flat, when it rains water rests On the top . Would be good if it had a slight slope . To combat this i have put a perspex roof Over it .... very very pleased with the shed

David Jones

Purchased this as wanted a properly secure shed, I was not disappointed and whilst it was initially delayed due to the pandemic it was worth the wait. Well made and will no doubt be durable, took a while to assemble but its so solid and whilst not cheap, would require some serious effort to break into. Our's as you can see has been located between us and our neighbors, which has added further security between the front and rear of our house and the secure storage required for two bikes and all my golf equipment along with a few other items. Not cheap but excellent and worth every penny and you'd be hard pressed to find a better product for the price - I know spent months researching before finding Asgard. If there was a minor gripe it wasn't easy to route power inside, which I wished to do without drilling a hole.

Scott Wilson

Super happy with my new Gladiator storage from Asgard took me over 5 hours to build and did 90 percent on my own

Michaeljon Fosker

At the start of the pandemic my partner started cycling to their job at the local hospital, which meant that each night a bike was being wheeled inside out flat. We ordered the bike storage to sit in our front garden to save the bike coming inside. The unit was easy to build (with help from our neighbour) and is reassuringly solid. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into making it hard to get into without the keys, and super easy to get into with them! Would totally recommend these to anyone.

Kay Orton

I have just helped my dad make this shed and we really like Asgard. We have now got two and they are so secure. We really like our bikes so we want something super secure so we knew who to go to for help thank you very much

Andy & Christian

Your team came and fitted my sons storage unit on Thursday, it was pouring with rain and they did a fantastic job - well done, please can you thank them :) I’ve attached a picture of it in situ with his trike in place, very happy for it to be put on your website

Richard Allen

Love these bike sheds. Cannot recommend enough. I bought my first one a couple of years ago, but more bikes and garden gear means I need more storage space! I now have another to accommodate everything. Great quality, really well made, sturdy and high security. I highly recommend.

Damien Chilton

Great shed ,nice build quality managed to build it myself a little tricky on your own, would have been easier with 2 people, lots of spare screws and bolts are in the pack, had a few small issues a small dent and a scratch on a panel but customer service dealt with it very well indeed sent some paint and offered a new panel or a 10% refund which was good. so all in all I'm very happy with the product very safe and secure indeed ....

Hayden Powell

having taken bikes through a terraced house for the last 40 years, what a dream to have the Asgard shed outside. The delivery and installation was as I like it. At the time stated, efficient and pleasant people. A real success!

Wendy Flemming

We built the shed this morning and was nice and straight forward. Seems to be very well made and extremely secure.

Michael Van Bergen

Great experience dealing with Asgard. They were responsive and informative through the pandemic and the delivery staff were friendly. Fantastic product. Secure design with only internal installation is brilliant and surprisingly easy to put together. Looks great and we put a magnetic motion sensor light inside, which works a treat as well! Highly recommend and great value for money


Great product, simple to assemble and install. Shame about the 15 week delivery time.


We're really pleased with our new bike locker from Asgard. It sits well in our garage and we love the colour (dark grey). The lock looks solid and it's very spacious inside (could possibly fit three bikes in?). It wasn't too difficult to put together and all of the fixings and sealant supplied were fantastic. Delivery was spot on, we were well informed about the delivery date and time, and the driver was friendly.

Adam Bentley

Should have been an easy build as the panels are constructed to an excellent standard and pretty much everything lines up as it should however a couple of issues made it tougher than it should have been 1. The vertical strips which run either side of the door should have had holes to allow you to reach through with a screwdriver to tighten the screws behind it. However on mine these had been filled with a threaded fitting (the same as the holes for hanging the door). This meant you were not able to insert a normal screwdriver in order to tighten the screws behind. Must be a manufacturing error as the assembly diagram clearly shows these should be open holes into which a rubber stopper is inserted. In the end I was able to tighten the screws albeit after a lot of searching for something which would go through the tiny hole and still tighten the screws on the other side. 2. Trying to tighten some of the screws on the arch piece above the door also proved challenging due to tight access and also some of the holes being a tad small. Luckily again for me i had a good selection of driver bits and an impact driver to assist. Overall happy with the quality of the overall unit. Would recommend as long as they fix those minor issues. Would also ensure you have the 'correct' bits for your power screwdriver. It's amazing the difference in grip you'll get between using a phillips and a the right sized pozi-drive bit!

Alison Crooks

I spent quite a long time searching for a bike shed. I had seen the standard design but this would not fit the area. The Sentry appeared to be the best design for what was required. We had to wait about 12 weeks for delivery but were advised this was due to this being built to order. The delivery process was well organised. I had read the reviews about self assembly. I thought that a 90 minute average build time was optimistic but set out about doing this on a dry Saturday morning. I would say that with 2 people, with basic DIY skills this is not a 90 minute job. It actually took us 4-5 hours , split over two days. There were teething problems with getting the first screws in. Once the main panels were up, the screws seemed to go in easier. I managed to get most of the screws in, but there were some holes that just did not align. It was a huge relief when the door went on and just shut perfectly. I follow instructions meticulously and I would say that the instructions could do with some additional segments. It was easy to miss the fascia. I have not been able to install the bike rack. Following those instructions suggest that there are pre-drilled holes missing. On closer inspection of the main frame, it seems that I may need to remove existing screws and insert the rack. Overall, it fits perfectly into the space and I love that it is a walk-in shed.

Tony Greener

Last weekend my son and myself started the build of our new Asgard bike shed. 90mins later we have a superb shed! Job done. For those thinking about a purchase… The shed arrived on time and was well packaged. The instructions were simple and clear. The quality of the materials - excellent. Security is extremely solid. Most of it could be constructed by one person and only the lid needed the extra hands. Feeling accomplished and very happy to be able to move my bikes from out of the house! Nice one Asgard

Steve Orchard

Delivered nice and easy...wasn't to difficult to erect..not entirely sure what the 4 holes in the side are for though I used 4 rubber bungs that were provided but can't think what the holes might be for.Perhaps some could tell me ..Very happy with it..

Paul Clark

Overall the assembly took just under two hours and a further ten minutes for the shelves. The shrouds over the the latches make putting the padlocks on awkward but I think it makes it very secure.This is a quality product which is well made and I would definitely recommend it.

Paul Clark

Well, my Asgard Access shed was delivered when they said it would, in torrential rain. With the aid of my wife, we set about assembling it. My mistake was not reading the instructions correctly so I didn't put the grommets in the spare holes. We achieved it later but it was hard work. It is well made and went together fairly easy. One or two of the bottom front panel screws are fiddly but there were plenty of spares for the ones I dropped. Fixing the lid hinges is diffy, even with two especially when the shed is in position near the lodge. However, we managed it.

Jane Titley

Really pleased with our new Asgard bike shed. It is well made, easy to put together and we feel our bikes are secure. Also love the look of it. Would highly recommend.

George Steel

Having looked for a bicycle storage solution for weeks, I saw the Asgard unit and it seemed just the thing I was looking for. A 13 week waiting list seemed long, but, in reality, was much shorter than many other makes I checked. The unit was delivered on time by a very helpful man. Assembling the unit was straightforward, taking a morning, with a little assistance from my wife. It was well with the wait. Our two bicycles and two sets of golf clubs fit comfortably inside. I couldn’t be more pleased. A neighbour has already commented on how smart it looks and asked for your name.I would recommend Asgard to any friends or family looking for quality outdoor storage.

Stuart Schofield

Arrived as scheduled by very helpful member of the Asgard team. A very well manufactured shed, easily assembled with no brain scratching moments. It’s into it resting place extremely well. This my second Asgard bike shed, the last one still going strong before we moved house and decided to get a larger shed.

Daniel Potts

Excellent service from order to delivery. The shed its self was exactly what we expected, great quality. Easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to read and understand. Thank you very much.

Nick Baron

Peace of mind, Tardis-like dimensions, melds into nature After ten years of an increasing number of bikes in our back room (intended as, in chronological order: a dining room, a library, a baby playroom, a toddler's playroom, a television room, a homework room ...), my wife drew the line when the fourth bike appeared. We store two road bikes in the basement, but the stairs are too narrow for the MTB bars. So it was up to me to find a solution, re-establish harmony and joy in the household, and free up that back room for another purpose (now, probably, a teenager's lounging-around room ... how time flies!). Purchase and installation: After not much research I settled on the Asgard 29-er shed, for that little bit extra space. It came within the advised time, and delivery was friendly, efficient and easy. We'd had a concrete base constructed, so the store was very easy to erect, although the lid still needed some tweaking to ensure it closes in place with absolutely no jarring or pressure needed. In use: It easily fits my wife's Trek hyrbid, my 27.5" MTB, and my son's 26" MTB, plus assorted tennis and other sports kit on the floor, and loads of accessories and maintenance equipment on shelves and hooks. I bought an extra set of hooks plus some eyelets, but can't really see how to use them: the two shelves plus five shelves provides more than enough space. I think I got a bit carried away when I placed my order. My son will soon need a bigger bike, either 27.5" or 29", and I've no doubt these will fit with the same ease as his current smaller bike. We could fit a fourth MTB bike in, but would probably have to spin one or two set of bars to ensure the lid closes smoothly. I've tried it with 2 x MTBs and 2 x road bikes, and that's an easy fit. It's all about width of bars. Security: I'm happy that these bikes are 100% secure in the shed. I've also installed some PIR security lights on the house wall above them - helps with unlocking in the dark, as well as security. By coincidence, the week after this was installed, our street and the next had a spate of bike thefts from sheds. Some large gang evidently targetted the neighbourhood for one night, then disappeared. A nearby area was 'hit' the next night. Since then, nothing. They've moved on. But I'm satisfied that if/when the thieves return they won't try anything in our garden, since the Asgard bike store looks so solid, tough and impregnable. As the pictures show, it's also quite attractive - though I never thought I'd say that. We chose the brown, and it looks very natural in the garden. It's big, but doesn't look anywhere near as big as it actually is at the side of our patio, blending into fence and trees. It certainly doesn't seem anywhere near as big as it actually is inside! Overall, very pleased with the purchase. I was concerned that it would be much more of a faff than taking bikes from the back room down the hall out the front door. But it's so easy to unlock, get the bikes, go out the side gate and back again, with no scratched walls or grumpy spouse, that it turns out to be far better than in-house storage. And we have an extra room, for whatever we might need it for next ...

Lucy Pringle

We were worried the shed would look too big but it is compact and smart looking whilst also having plenty of room for four adult road bikes. Thanks Asgard!

Lucy Pringle

We absolutely love our Asgard shed. We have the four bike cream shed with the raising lid which makes it really easy to get the bikes in and out, and fits perfectly in the front garden of our London basement flat.

Joanna Gent

very exciting day as the new Asgard Storage bike locker goes in! Perfect fit!

Jennie Jordan

Today was all about the bike shed build @asgardstorage #greatproduct @sgoode81 #bikehome #solid

Liam Nickson

got this shed yesterday and built it on my own, is really easy to build but the instructions don't tell you how to secure the bottom trap plate and i saw no screw holes for it so had to leave it off. The shed is still secure though even if the bottom of the door is a little loose without the bottom trap. Just got to make a proper base for it now and bolt it down

Imogen Smith

A wonderful shed. Thank you !

Fran Ward

@AsgardStorage built and ready for the winter - great product!


Here we go @asgardstorage... protecting bikes from the rubbish scottish weather for 10 years. Thanks!

Leah Janss Lafond

I chose the model based on the size. I circled back round to Asgard after looking at loads of wooden sheds, trying to find the same security level. In the end I bought Asgard for the security and ease of access. I like the way the top lifts on its own, and the dimensions are perfect for our needs and the space it needs to occupy on the property. We presently store an ebike, two road bikes, our locks and helmets and baskets and other gear. I love the way the whole shed opens up and you can just walk right into it. It’s brilliant to have the bikes out of the house and I haven’t lost a wink of sleep over having them outside. I thought the sheds were expensive when I first started looking, but for what you get compared to what’s out there, I’ve come to find the price fair. I also paid for the assembly service and to me it was well worth it. It went up fast and they took all related waste away.

Andrew Atkinson

When I ordered the shed I was aware that there was an 8-12 week wait. The shed was delivered just after the 12 week mark. After I confirmed the date there was no email confirmation. (Just in case like me you were not sure everything was confirmed). The shed arrived and the delivery guy was really good moving the shed to the garden. However other than the sheets of metal everything else was missing. So I had to wait another three days for these to be delivered by mail. Some of the panels where marked however it wasn't visible from the outside. The shed was fairly easy to build with the parts around the lock being hard to get aligned properly. Also, some of the panels were mislabeled as the wrong parts. I am currently using the shed with 2 adult bikes and one child bike and it takes a while to get the bikes in the right positions to close the doors and lid. Sometimes with just one adult bike and one child bike, the lid will not shut if the handlebars are not a certain way. Other than the bikes there is tons of room to store tools and other bits of bike kit. The shelves are one of the best parts of the shed. Other great feature about the shed is the hydraulic lid which is really easy to operate with one hand.

Darren Head

Hi really happy with the shed as you can see holds 3 bikes easily and also the shelves are a bonus for more storage really happy with this product 5*

Andrew Broster

Very pleased with my purchase of the Asgard Trojan shed. Delivered within the timescale specified when ordered and by a very friendly driver. Assembling the shed went very well with all fixing points aligning perfectly. Assembly was undertaken as a fun family activity with help from my wife and sons! Given the number of fixings my electric screwdriver came in very handy, and makes for a very sturdy shed. The storage capacity is excellent, with space for all our bicycles (x6 of a variety of styles / sizes) plus space for skateboards and shelving. I would not hesitate in recommending this product, and note it has received many admiring compliments from neighbours.

Richard Hook

E-bike storage . Very well engineered, and fits together very easily without need for adjustment. Much better than expected solid,secure. Also glad got extra shelf and hook kit. Thanks @AsgardSSS

Patrick Briddon

I’d questioned buying this on many occasions, being in lockdown and riding my bike more often I decided to purchase one. The delivery driver was excellent (worth a bonus for his driving skills). The finished product looks and functions perfectly, very secure but also quick to get your bike in and out. I did install a Oxford ground anchor just for piece of mind. Plenty of room for 3 / 4 bikes, depending if they are all ebikes. I will definitely recommend the company for their storage sheds. Cheer guys! Keep up the good work.

Russ Grant

I can not recommend this she’d enough. Bought my first one a couple of years ago but a growing family means bigger bikes. Bought our second one a few weeks ago to accommodate the bigger bikes. Fantastic quality, very sturdy and I feel 100% confident in their security. I have both of mine on full view from the road and I’ve never worried about them being broken into. If you’ve got a bike (or anything else for that matter) that you want to keep safe and secure then an Asgard shed is the way forward.


We wanted to free up some space in our under stairs cupboard and make storing my bike more easy. We decided that a garden shed was the answer, but our existing shed had been subject to mice in the past, so we opted for a metal shed from Asgard Storage very well engineered and easy to put up!

David Baker

I purchased this to replace an old wooden shed. I wanted something that would not need maintenance. I laid concrete slabs for the base before it was delivered. Delivery was excellent with the driver advising time slot and arriving within that slot. He was very helpful in unloading and locating the parts. It was easy to erect but it was useful having a second person to steady the walls when starting the erection process. Also, when lifting the roof into position due to the weight and helping with the bolts and nuts on the hinges. It appears very secure and the lid is easy to lift up with the gas struts. It has a large opening at the front for easy access. I did add a shelf to one end but decided against the wooden flooring. I did however, put a rubber floor covering to prevent scratching the floor. I am very pleased with the unit and the quality of it. I feel it will last years and If I move I shall probably want to take it with me. Overall I give the staff and the product five stars.

Patrick Phillips

We ordered this for our new bikes - lockdown spurred us on to get some bikes. The ordering process was easy and was kept informed as to why the delivery would be. Delivery was effortless and the driver was friendly and helpful. Installation wasn't as hard as we thought it would be - you definitely need 2 people and an electric screwdriver and or an impact driver otherwise you'll be there for hours turning the screws. Our concrete base base was pretty even so the roof went on easily enough and we only needed 2 sliders on 1 side and 1 on the other to level out the door opening. Overall we are very happy with our purchase. The bike storage shed is very well constructed and looks like it will last for years to come. As and when we move house and want to purchase additional storage, we will definitely be ordering again from yourselves.

Paul Mills

Delivered and put up same day very happy

Lewis McKenzie

“This brilliant British cycle store fitted my space (an unused flower bed) really well. I can see why they are no problem for Asgard (waiting list) to sell” Lewis McKenzie

Anne Mills

The quality of this product is fantastic. The ivory colour matches so well with the pale brick of my house and the theme of my patio. I had to wait a little longer than planned to receive the product (due to COVID-19 manufacturing lockdown) but it was so worth it. Many thanks Asgard!


Thank you Asgard. Couldn't believe how easy this was to assemble. Set a day aside for it and took just over an hour. So pleased with it. Thank you

Richard Henry

Love my new bike store for 29ers arrived today and was a breeze to build and feels very secure !! Great product for the price must say!!


My entire experience with Asgard from research to delivery is a class in how to market your product and develop a brand of excellence. I assembled it myself with my husband's help I lifted the lid and attach the hinges, and it took the scheduled 4 hours as suggested. I am not a strong gym bunny so don’t be put off by the magnitude of the product. Be patient, organise your tools and pieces then slowly follow through each step. Expensive but I am hoping that it will be an investment in keeping my stuff save for a long time.

Kenny Gibson

#BobDog was disappointed that our fabulous new storage unit did not come with a built-in bone dispenser. It has space for everything else.

Joanne Eaton

We have put in some bushes to help it blend in a little.. however, we are still proud to show it off! We can fit four bikes and some other bike bits in without any stress and the lid glides up and down like a dream. We would thoroughly recommend an Asgard bike store.

Chris Roche

Feedback on installation – I built it in under 2 hours with the help of my 17 year old son. Hardest part was fixing the base I had to use a 6.5 drill bit as the recommended 6 was too tight to fit. There were some fixings left over including rubber bits with no guidance on where these were to fit. If you were ever to evolve the design – a lock higher up would be easier to access without stooping and floor rails to guide wheels would ensure bike goes in and out easily – currently front whell wants to drift across full width of shed Which is ok with only one bike but snags when 2. Please send me a link to your google site and I can leave a 5* review. Once again many thanks – and please let me know if you are interested in PR shots

Chris Roche

As promised please find below the first post installation photos – quick iphone snaps for now but I will explore professional photos asap. I think with a little effort there should be an opportunity for PR quality marketing images. I found the plant behind yesterday for £20 on a local website and it looks like it has been there for ever. The lavender at the front should soften the front further by next Spring. All in all a fantastic result.

Cathy Willcocks

Thanks so much Asgard. Loads of much needed secure bike storage for our cycling family. Electric system and lighting installed too.


Smart bike shed blends into the garden corner nicely


Hi! Our Asgard 3x Bike Store arrived today and we couldn’t be more chuffed! I thought I’d leave a review to share our positive experience and hopefully some tips with other customers! The whole family pitched in to build the shed and we were surprised just how easy it was - not even one family argument!! Every part fitted together as promised and there were some great little additions to the design (like the spacers around the roof giving ventilation and security) that we were very impressed with. It is a very well engineered shed. It is wonderful to not have to store our often wet and muddy bikes in the house anymore and we have complete peace of mind that the bikes are secure, even on a busy city centre street, due to how sturdy the shed and locking mechanism is, as well as the fact all the fixings are from the inside out making it impenetrable! As we are renters with a sloped front garden we created a base for the shed out using the wedges provided as well as some wooden wedges and then filled underneath the shed with expanding foam. The steel base is incredibly strong even when mounted slightly off the ground, and there’s no chance of anyone being able to move the shed. We even had a passerby come and ask where we had got the shed from whilst we were constructing it as they were impressed by how robust it looked. Here are some photos of the construction process and the finished product that we got throughout the day. A great product and so worth the money, I’ll be recommending to anyone who needs a storage shed - thank you Asgard!

Peter Lambert

Dear Asgard Here’s our review. How we love our new ACCESS E PLUS bike shed! It was delivered two weeks ago and a friend and input it up the next day. Now our two electric bikes are safe and snug inside and not getting in the way in the dining room and the hall There is even plenty of room for my mountain bike too - this means that I only have to store my road bike in the cellar and since this one is really light it is easy to lift up and down the steps. Now I can avoid impaling myself in pedals and bars every time I go down in the cellar. The shed is extremely well made and fits together perfectly with instructions that are easy to follow. We were worried that it would look obtrusive in the garden but on the contrary it seems to fit well. There is also lots of room to hang and store bike stuff that does not now need to be in the house . Really pleased with it so far. Many thanks to you and your team Well done! Pete Lambert

Paul Friday

We took delivery of our E-Bike shed a couple of weeks ago, and must say we are so pleased, not only with the pre and post sales support, but the whole experience has been great. Assembly of the product was quite logical and methodical, everything aligned and went together really well. The final finish and appearance is fabulous, and looks great. Oh and really useful for storing our bikes lol. very highly recommended. Many thanks Paul

Colin Brown

My electric bike tucked away for the night. Easy to put together and we'll worth the wait , very secure

Paul Roberts

Great product, because I had an uneven base I made a wood base out of decking then leveled it up using slates, took me and a friend no time at all to erect it, and there you are.

Nick Williams

Great service from the guys who had it put together in no time at all… Very impressed with the excellent service and the quality of the product. If you're considering secure storage options at home I would not hesitate. I totally recommend Asgard.

David Martin

Excellent product - looks good, solidly built and incredibly secure. Very pleased.

Ed Burrows

We live in a ground floor flat with a garden. Storage space is at a real premium so everything has to have its place. The site for the shed is also restricted. The Asgard bike store fits perfectly, gives us all the space we needed, is really well made and was simple to put together on my own. It looks good. What's not to like?


New secure bike storage from @AsgardStorage #mtblife #notmycat

Bari Pollard

Spent the last couple of hours putting this impressive @asgardstorage bike shed together, It's big enough to move in! Can now take my bike down from Kitchen wall


This is my 2nd purchase having purchased one several years ago the old one is still in immaculate condition. I needed more storage space so bought with confidence. Very important to follow the instructions precisely so that the locks align correctly, I had to reverse a few steps to adjust but all good now as my base is good and level. If you want a quality product that lasts and keeps your bikes secure look no further.

Michelle Nicholson

Love this bike shed easy to assemble and great appearance, super security

Neil Edwards

One of the ancient Scandinavian Saga's states that a bike shed constructed between dawn and dusk on the 1st August will bring lifelong security and good luck. Or at least a 10 year guarantee. More importantly we no longer have three bikes in the kitchen. Great service, well made, easy to construct, and built in Yorkshire. Happy Yorkshire Day!!!

Johanna Gosden

Loving the new bike storage

Peter Mead

Bike shed built and then there were two.

Ian Ray

We have recently doubled up with our second Asgard bike shed. Our first, perfect fit our cargo bike, the best secure solution for this type of bike I could find! Because the first shed was such good quality we decided to get another, making use of the Blue Light 15% off offer. Great quality product (and yes we have carpeted inside! ) thanks again!


Fantastic Bike Shed. A Very well made storage for my bikes. Solid as a rock. Colour so fits in with theme of garden.

Christine Johnson

Great bike shed which we bought during lockdown; we had our doubts that we would be able to fit our 4 adult bikes in, despite the fact that it was advertised for 4, but we needn’t have worried as our 2 racing bikes and 2 hybrid ones fit comfortably inside this well constructed shed. We bought some extras which make storing all our gear easily and still have space to spare. We were kept up to date regarding delivery of the item which arrived exactly when we were expecting it. Getting the bikes in and out is an easy process and we could not be happier with this product.

Toni & Nick

Our @asgardstorage bike storage arrived today! No more dragging the bikes through the house and marking the walls! After Nick researching and reading lots on storage, this one was police and insurance approved! Pretty dam strong, smart and secure! It took just over an hour to build

Adrian Anastas‎

Been wanting one of these for years. Had an extension done last year and got the builders to put a base down for me. One more bike on the turbo trainer, and the dog trailer to fit in.

Marylyn Christie

So pleased. What can I say? I love it. I ordered this shed for delivery and erection because I knew it would be heavy and I would have be erecting it alone, so decided to leave it to the professionals. The installation service was first class. The chap who installed it was courteous and very efficient. I can't fault the shed, strong, well built and sturdy and now I have no worries about the safety of my bikes. I knew that before ordering as someone had recommended these to me and I'm so glad they did. I would advise getting the shelves as they are a great addition and provides you with extra storage space.

David ward

Very happy with the bike shed, great pre sales service, super delivery, driver was great. Easy to assemble, fits in like a dream. Very solid. Would recommend.

Rachel Curtis

Great to get a like from @AsgardStorageas I am a proud owner of one of their bike stores #BikeWeekUK

Matt Kavanagh

Very robust and well finished construction. Arrived flat packed, helpful delivery guy and pretty straight forward to put together, though preparing a level base is essential. All in all a good solution and looks secure and built to last. Very happy with it. The only negative is I don't know how you'd get 4 29ers in there. I have a 27.5" hard tail and another bike and it's a jiggle to get that in and out every day.

Robin Cole

New ⁦@AsgardStorage⁩ home for our bikes, very smart and secure, loving it!

Julian Ellacott

Incredibly sturdy and very roomy.I am really pleased with this. I don’t actually use it for e-bikes (yet, at least), but the size was perfect for using as an outdoor store, for 2/3 normal bikes, 3 sets of golf clubs, some folding chairs and garden/bike tools. It is very well made, but surprisingly easy to put together (takes a couple of hours, and make sure you have a power screwdriver, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow). All in all I’m very pleased with it and my neighbours are envious!


Needed this for my large 29er and a road bike. Excellent quality and so far perfect solution for my bicycle storage needs. Definitely waterproof (tested in the storms of the past few days). Got the bundle with shelves and hooks which are very useful. I could most likely fit in a second 29er (a third bike in total) without the need to remove wheels and possibly even a 4th bike (a 3rd 29er might require removing front wheel). Perfect excuse to buy more bicycles. 2 people to build is recommended, but pretty straightforward with the right tools.

Jim Fraser

We are delighted with our new units and with the service we received from Asgard, from the initial enquiry to installation we received great service and a great price

Dianne Leyland

Smart, secure and Yorkshire weatherproof. With six bikes and a whole load of accompanying gear between us, my husband and I now have side-by-side his n' hers bike stores!Whilst not cheap, the installation service was great - as a bit of a neat freak. I'm so pleased with how well they lined up the new store with the existing one. Everything fits in beautifully, feels secure and when our area was recently battered by days of torrential rain, not a single drop made it inside. Definitely a sound investment.

Christopher Walkden

Very happy with my new shed solid and well made with zero issues. I picked it up yesterday and it took me 2 hours to put together on my own. Easily went together apart from trying to get the bolt holes lined up for the hinged top. This was only because I was on my own and did not have someone inside the shed at the time to push the panel into line for me. I made due by wedging a sweeping brush inside to push the panel. Very happy and I am sure to buy another one day given a larger garden.

Graeme Yule

Let down by delivery charge. Excellent secure bike store.

Adrian Strudwick

Very solid, high quality storage.I bought this to store 3 adult bikes (one MTB,a hybrid and a road bike). These fit easily and it could probably take a small child's bike too. Assembly took about 90 mins with a helper and the end product is excellent; very solid and reassuring. I bought it with the accessory pack with padlocks, shelves, ground anchor/chain and hooks which was great value compared to adding them separately. Being steel, it's a bit noisy when you open it, but not a bad thing from a security point of view as it should deter any would-be thieves. Overall, well recommended!

Old Rider

Three years on, and look, I hardly ever access the unit, but - everything is dry and as good as new inside - big thanks to Asgard for quality British Manufacturing!

Prof Josh

Came back from holiday to a tidy bike shed installed on the drive from @AsgardStorage. Very pleased so far!

Andrew Myers

Arrived in good time. Well packaged so no damage

P Burn

Good quality shed

Warrren Muckell

Great bit of engineering. Asked if he put it up himself - Yes with a little help from a friend and your excellent support.

Jim Mott

Initially I wanted something bigger to get my motorbike and a couple of pushbikes in but after being realistic about the space available decided I could only get something big enough for the MTBs. After a lot of looking and reading reviews and quite a bit of measuring I decided the Metal Bike Shed for 29ers was what I needed and it certainly didn't dissapoint. Asgard were pleasure to deal with, from ordering online through to the very helpful delivery. I assembled the shed myself, in hindsight it would have been a lot better with a little help but I just couldn't wait. Fitting the lid in particular is a two person job but otherwise it went together no problem. There's plenty of space inside, I reckon I could even sit there and have a beer with a friend should I so wish, although we might want to throw some cushions on the floor for comfort. I'd definitely recommend the wooden floor, I think the metal would end up quite scratched once there was some dirt in there. A couple of shelves will make it a bit more usefull for storing bits and bobs too. I've recommended these to friends and wouldn't hesitate to buy another shed from Asgard.

Gareth Jones

Thanks for delivery of my Asgard metal bike shed for 29ers. I put it up without assistance in the end – even the lid went on as a one-person job. I had bought the shed to house 4 of my 5 bikes, accepting that one would have to stay in the summerhouse – especially as one of the bikes is an enduro bike with a 48-inch wheelbase. In the end, all 5 fit easily – 2 mountain bikes, one cross bike and 2 road bikes along with shelves, tyres, helmets, shoes etc. I’ve attached a few photos to show the installation and the bikes inside. Instead of a concrete base I put in a braced, treated timber base that’s worked very well over some uneven paving – doors fit well.

Martin Culverhouse

Delivered on agreed date nice and early as I had to build it myself and as an ex fabricator, I have to say how well the shed is made and how well it fitted together. I didn't use a cordless screwdriver and managed to finish the assembly in 2 hours but would recommend using someone else to help with the hinge assembly.It's a really good bit of kit, I'm really pleased how it went together and it looks quality in every aspect. I'll review again in a year or so to see how it's wearing.

Gareth Purnell

Purchased the 29er shed after a break in to my garage where thieves smashed in through the roof and cut the motorcycle chains that ground anchored them to the floor to remove two of my high end custom mountain bikes. Went for the 29er shed not because I have 29ers but looking for the greater amount of space that it would allow for. The length is very good and comfortably fits a DH Bike, Enduro Bike and a Dirt Jump bike. With the modern trend for wider handlebars i'm not convinced it would be possible to fit a 4th bike in there without undoing stems etc which would really be a bit of a hassle. However getting 4 in there would be a squeeze but then I suppose it would depend on how precious you are about your bikes and if you mind them grinding against each other. Personally I wouldn't try and squeeze a 4th in there. Overall the shed is quite good and offers another level of security for the bikes stored in my garage one issue that i do have is that one of the sides lines up very well and it's easy to do the padlock up. on the other side the loop of the lid and the loop of the base to not quite marry correctly and can be a bit fiddly to get the pad lock done up.


Awesome bike shed, tough, strong, hard as nails. Get one, you will not regret it - I think a 2nd one is due soon, Pending Spouse permission


This is a great value product - bought during a sale so saved 10% making it even better value. Heavy dutys locks, feels very secure

Richard Penfound

Great solution to N + 1 in a small flat. I have three bikes that I use regularly for different purposes, and a 1 bedroom flat with a small garden.The shed is great - no more bike obstacle courses to get to my kitchen, and zero worries about security. An added bonus that I hadn't considered is the amount of gear you can fit in as well as the bikes. Helmets, panniers, gloves , shoes and so on. You need the hooks and shelves to make the most of it mind. Customer service was excellent. I lost a bolt missing from the initial delivery and I was sent a replacement within 24 hours. Quality is as good as you would expect. The price makes it (for me) more than casual purchase. I can't see a reason why it shouldn't last 20+ years - it's that well designed and made. One word of caution - I think it would be a struggle to fit three modern mountain bikes in, as they tend to all have wide bars these days. My two mountain bikes and one road bike is about the limit of the shed's capacity.

Paul O Donoghue

Asgard Storage this is the second one I've purchased as I moved house. I can't fault customer service as a panel was damaged in transit and you always rectify any issues. So I am very happy.

Nick George

Got delivery of the bike shed yesterday and it’s exactly what we hoped for, needed secure storage for 4 bikes and some tools. All built in about 2.5 hours and looks great

Junaid Ibrahim

Mustafa has always been in & around bikes. Anyone have experience of getting a small person on a bike? At what age to get him going on a balance bike?


Helping Dad build his Christmas bike shed from @asgardstorage ...Its the dogs b**llcks! Proper Yorkshire engineering... just like me. He’s very pleased! seemed to enjoy building it too, like a giant Lego set, the big kid!

Edward Wright

A good metal bike storage. Big enough for me to also get my workout gear in, weights, bench etc.. Easy enough to build, and heavy enough that hopefully no one will try to steal. Good customer service, I actually purchased too much and they contacted me and let me know and removed from my bill. All in all a good product, good customer service, just need to sort the delivery out. Maybe I just got unlucky?!?!

Andre Williams

Very happy!! Subfloor in plus rubber flooring and chain anchor/cable bike lock. Bike ready!!

James McDermott

Excellent quality and great customer service. The delivery team carried the shed into my garden and once my base had set, I built the shed. I was harder work and took longer than I planned but I was able to assemble it on my with a bit of planning. I opted for the bundle which included the floor and two shelves. Very pleased so far.

Julian Thomas

Love it! A spot on piece of kit, the second one in my family!

Andrew Fosker

Just Perfect! Much to the annoyance of the rest of my family, I have kept my bike in the house for the last 18 months, while everyone else's were locked outside, attached to a large tree. It was therefore with great relief, when after a friend's recommendation, we ordered our Asgard. When it finally arrived it spent a few weeks in its component parts in the garden while I prevaricated about building it. Eventually, with the help of my wife it went together easily (although two people are essential I think for lots of it). It is even better than I expected & seems very very secure & we now have a bike free house!

Paul Cozens

Great product. Brought the Bike storage x4 to store my families mountain bikes. It’s a great, very secure product. Easily fits two adults and a child's bike in also room for all my cleaning and maintenance gear and daughters scooter. Great to have the bikes out of the house and first time I have felt they are safe outside the house after two previous thefts from the shed. Takes a few weeks to get the shed made and delivered but worth the wait. fairly easy to put together, my drill batteries were flat and didn't want to wait to get it put together so done it old school (screwdriver) a couple of blisters later all done.

Neil Shelton-Smith

Brilliant bike store. The shed arrived on time and was unloaded by a very helpful driver! The erection process was relatively straightforward. Once completed the shed comfortably housed three adult bikes and with the additional shelf all the bits and bobs associated with them. Overall a very good bit of kit!! I would certainly recommend it to friends and family.

Kerry Gardner

Great product well worth the money. I wouldn’t hesitate about recommending this product to others at its great who haven’t got room for a shed so this is the ideal alternative for me to safely secure our bikes

Jonny Depth

This is a great shed - look at the attached picture, frozen solid and inside?? Perfect, not a drop of moisture, awesome piece of shed technology. Secure and hardwearing. 1005% recommended

John O_Reilly

Excellent experience - from customer service to product to installation. An excellent experience - from friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff at first contact through to delivery on time, with quality parts and instructions. Putting the shed together was straightforward, with good, sturdy, and well-fitting components. It is clear the product is functional and long-lasting, so I am very pleased with my purchase - many thanks to all at Asgard!

James Kennedy

Here is a picture of my trojan plus installed this week and next to my bike shed also. Looks great and really pleased with both. Many thanks!

Iulian Avasiloaia

Very easy access, very practical. Very happy with this purchase, not that complicated to put together. This is definitely a two-person job, especially when you put together the first few panels then the lid at the end. Impressed with the design, the security features and ease of access to the contents once the build is finished. I also ordered two shelves, they fit perfectly, at precisely the right height too.

Martin Brigden-Gwinnutt

Finally built shed. 29 er. Couple of small issues but pleased as it now houses 1 29er, 1 standard mtb and one mid racer recumbent.

Alan G Shearer

Love mine. Room for our two bikes and a few bits & pieces.

Ian Clark

Just built my Access Plus for 29ers. Excellent quality and really easy to build. Cheers. :)

Dr. Robert hughes

I wanted a four bike storage shed which was secure and good value. The asgard shed fits the bill. The buying procedure was simple and delivery was prompt and right to the place i needed it even though i live down a little lane. Construction of the shed was simple and the instructions were straightforward. My family's 4 bikes are now stored securely with all their accessories. Thank you Asgard, i will be recommending you to my friends.

Peter Everson

Great piece of kit. Took delivery of my Access E Plus on Monday 18/03/2019 great delivery service. The Bike storage was up and running by the afternoon. Everything went to plan on the build and I am so happy with the result. The only minor negative was that the hooks I ordered were not with the delivery but due to Asgard’s delivery driver and fantastic after sales service I received them the following day. I am so delighted with my purchase and I can thoroughly recommend Asgard to any future customers.


Most secure storage ever! If anyone is able to break into this storage they can gladly take the bikes! Bike storage arrived with hardly any packaging using a 'cage' which was great as it meant not having to do a skip run. Driver was able to give us a quick guide what to fit first etc, very friendly. It took two of us around two hours to assemble, husband said instructions were not the best but we managed. Once fully assembled the storage is massive but our two bikes fit in comfortably. Purchased a shelf to hold helmets etc. Would recommend and now feel happier that bikes are safe.

The Man

I king love this shed. Great stuff - big enuff for all my stuff and more - bikes, and child seats. this is just after I finished it, more pictures to follow. Deli very was 3 weeks - all went together well - good service - delivery men decent eniough.

Stuart Mckeown

Used my first day of isolation to build myself a shed.

Sharron Clark

Very impressed, worth the investment. I ordered an Asgard metal shed to replace a crumbling wooden one. The ordering and delivery process was really straight forward and the customer service team were excellent with additional help and support. The shed was easy to assemble and my Dad and Brother-in-Law had it cracked very quickly. One tip - a head torch was a great asset when fixing the roof to the sides from inside the shed. Would highly recommend this product and I am delighted I now have a worry-free shed for many years to come!

Steve Biggs

With 141 screws I know my new Addition bike store is going to be nice and secure ... but also how GREAT electric screwdrivers are! Managed to build it all on my own too as the nextdoor neighbour had just broken his ankle

Laura Foster

Perfect for storing all our parkrun paraphernalia.

David Robertson

Just put this together this morning. Instructions were pretty easy to follow. All panels etc are good quality. I liked the fact there was one size of screw for the whole thing. I was really pleased until it came to hanging the doors. Overall I still think it's a great bike shed.

Darren Carlton

I've had 2 bikes stolen from my garden shed in the last year so enough was enough I bought this shed and it was built to order and delivered on time it went together effortlessly my son and I assembled it in an hour and it is so strong I can't imagine any thieving got getting in it in a hurry ! 10 out of 10 for service and quality.


It took a little time and a few choice words were said but it’s up. Huzzah.

Rik Meadows

Mine makes a great sunlounger and our cat loves it too


This is such a great product, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some more secure storage for their bikes. It is really solid and feels very secure. I got the ivory colour which I'm pleased to say looks good too. I was a bit worried it wouldn't look as nice as my old wooden shed, but I think it looks great. I was also able to build this myself with reasonable ease. The only bit that I needed help with was lifting the roof on.

James Charlton

Over ten years old took down and rebuilt at new house still as good as new

Patrick Brady

A fortress of a shed. Well from the ordering, to communication, delivery and installation I could not recommend both Asgard and the 6x Bike shed enough. 2 x adult mountain bike, 2 x boys mountain bike, 3 sets of golf clubs and i still have room for a lawn mower plus all the other gubbins i had all over the place. I am glad i went for the fitting option as it took the professionals a couple of hours - i think i would have taken me a couple of days. Seriously impressed with the quality of workmanship that has gone into this unit. well done Asgard

Mark Parry

Outstanding I need something to keep my babies safe, I race mountain bikes and have three high end (trail, downhill and x4 bike) also a commuter bike. After a lot of research and to be honest not a lot of options I decided to go with this product afte a mate had a different Asgard bike safe. As for this shed it feels bombproof and feel very happy leaving my babies in it. I highly recommend this unit.

Alec Duffield

Brilliant service and even better shed. plenty of room for at least 7 bikes + tools work stand etc. Relatively easy to assemble,, I'd recommend having 2 of you, but one person can do it if you take your time! Updates on delivery were excellent, with two very friendly delivery men.


We replaced the old wooden shed in the cottage garden with a new @asgardstorage bike shed. It’s wired up with lights and power and right by the cottage door. Workshop and bike wash also available and rental bikes and ebikes are available locally from @bike_garage and refuelling at @cafe_adventure_hope

David Carreyette

Sturdy and very well made. Brought back confidence for tenants. My rental house in in an area that has cycle thefts. The metal garden shed I used to have had a foot through it and some expensive cycles stolen so I needed a secure store to regain confidence. I was impressed with the video and the Police design mark, so ordered the large cycle store. The day the store arrived was on time and the team kindly lifted the old shed out of the way to go on the existing slab base. The guys were very good despite the not so great weather being around Xmas time. I am very pleased with the store and so are my seven tenants, some of whom regularly cycle to work. The inside has plenty of room including shelves and custom places to prop and hang the bikes - well thought out and designed. I have already had other landlords ask where I got the store from and am delighted to recommend Asgard to them.

Ray Lowe

Having just moved into a new house with no garage, we needed somewhere to store all our tools and 2 bikes. We wanted something really secure but good to look at. This 8-bike shed, in the colour of brown really fits the bill. It's strong, secure and easy to use. We are absolutely delighted. Thank you.

Kevan Crystall

Great shed. The shed is very strong easy to assemble, only needed someone to help me put roof on apart from loads of screws recommend a good electric screwdriver. loads of storage i bought the pack with floor panels these make a big difference. could do with another shelf or two and less hooks. but would recommend this purchase to anyone

Lorna Sneddon

Easy to build and secure. Very secure bike storage. Took only a couple of hours to put together. Maybe not the best looking thing in the garden but gives me confidence it will keep our bikes safe from theft. Does what it was bought to do.

Katherine Williams

Perfect! We have no side access through to our garden, and with my bike and my children’s bikes clogging up our hallway, my parents very kindly bought us one of these bike sheds. I was a bit worried about it costing so much but I can see why now. It’s really sturdy, heavy excellent quality. As it’s at the front of our house we needed something no-one could break into and it’s so secure. The locks are totally hidden away. The way the lid lifts up with the hinges is so good, no need to worry about anyone getting banged on the head. Overall I would highly recommend this bike shed. Thank you!!

John Clayton

Brilliantly designed and constructed Bike Store. We have just installed our ASGARD Bike store. We employed our builder to lay the base and assemble it.My first profession was as an aerospace engineer where accuracy of engineering , etc is essential. I have often been disappointed by the quality of equipment/structures which one buys from other companies. Our builder and I were very impressed with the thinking and engineering that went into our store. The assembly of the elements fitted perfectly and the final result is an excellent addition to our garden. Overall, an excellent job and we look forward to our bikes being stored securely for many years.

Chris Barnett

Love my shine green Asgard bike shed thanks to everyone who works at Asgard, well worth the money

Annette Keith

Went up easily. This is the second metal shed that we’ve bought. The previous one (not Asgard) was 3 weeks in assembly. This one was up in a morning. Very sturdy and capacious.


Outdoor Bike Storage Units | Thanks for following up - we're really pleased with the shed!

David Barthorpe

Perfect! We have always struggled with storage space in our home. With 2 growing kids, this meant MORE bikes. It had become tiresome dragging bikes through the house and so we again turned to Asgard to seek a solution, already aware that the quality and security of the storage they offer (we have another shed elsewhere!) is exceptional. Asgard did not disappoint and this 2 bike locker (or 3 kids bikes, 2 scooters and an adult commuter + gear!) was perfect for fitting in a small space at the front of our house. Cannot recommend Asgard highly enough. They offer great customer service, exceptional products and accurate delivery time frames.

Tom Kenderdine

Excellent service & communication. We ordered unit back in Jan/Feb, but then due to Covid -19 our shipment was delayed. We was kept very well informed, with the option of full refund if we so wished. Eventually we was contacted & within a couple of weeks the truck arrived. The assembly guys were brilliant. They assembled unit with a couple of hours & talked me through specifications etc. Very highly recommended & well worth the cost of the professionals erecting it.

Chris Reynolds

Am i the only person who fills these? 5 bikes, spares, helmets, cleaning equipment....all easy to get at, racing bike in last as they are used more frequently, slow part is the 4 Kryptonite faggedaboudit locks & nooses


Well pleased!!!!! I must say I’m over the moon with my recent purchase. I bought this to tidy up my current shed and safely secure the family’s bikes, great size for 2 adults and 2 kids bikes and some space left for Karcher and other bits. Delivery took a couple of months due to the virus slowing it all down but when the delivery day came I was first drop and was on they were on time, nice Helpful delivery driver. Instillation and construction was fine, did this on my own but another person would have been helpful and once I worked out how to hang the first piece. Overall really impressed with the purchase, well made and constructed and out of quality material. Maybe Wish I’d gone a little bigger, my own fault I suppose.

Barrie Stephenson

Excellent quality and straightforward self build This exceeded my expectations. The panels were delivered to my back yard despite difficult access. The instructions were straightforward and I was soon screwing the panels together. Everything fitted. As a boy I loved Mecano sets and this was even easier than one of those although help is needed to hold panels in place while the first screws are put in. The toughest part was fixing to the ground into solid stone. But now it’s bolted down it’s going nowhere! It looks really smart too. I will be ordering an Asgard Shed soon I’m so pleased with this bike store.

Richard Jory

Arrived yesterday thought you might want this photo. Thanks, very happy with it, 4 bikes in and loads of other stuff!

Mark Williams

Excellent product. Really good bike shelter. Feels safe and easily holds out 3 adult bikes, two kids bikes and a bike trailer. Went together pretty well and feels really solid now it’s up! Would happily recommend to others and would definitely buy again.

Patricia Bailey

Just the job. We needed more space in the garage so the bikes had to go. We had seen examples of your bike sheds when visiting relatives in London and researched them on your web site. Space was a premium and so at the cost of moving two rhubarb plants we selected the bike shelter- storage x 2. We laid the foundation on bedded slabs and the assembly was straight forward for two people. It is smart and inconspicuous. Well worth the money.

Susan Nosko

Lockdown project.We scanned the internet for weeks and decided to go with the Asgard 2 bike shed. After having the local council approve your drawings and specifications for our conversion ( shop to a residential flat). We took it upon ourselves to build up, level and secure a solid base to the side of the stone wall. The instructions were very clear and we managed to fit the shed up in four hours allowing for our uneven base. We are very happy with the finished job. We can’t recommend Asgard enough. Thank you.


Fantastic small bike shed. Bought this to store 2 bikes with the emphasis on high security, wasn’t going to risk leaving them in a wooden shed. Having been in the fire service for 30 years I’ve had to force entry to lots of premises including secure metal doors. This shed would take a lot of force with the resulting noise created being a deterrent itself. Very happy with the security and quality of this product. I got the accessories pack which was well worth it and there’s room for gardening equipment, tools plus bikes. Highly recommend this over wooden or cheap thin metal sheds, you can relax knowing that you’re stuff is adequately protected.

G Hignett

Top quality shed. Got my shed a few weeks ago now and apart from a few issues with slight manufacturing errors that were resolved quickly, it’s been perfect, could easy fit 3 Road/hybrid bikes in with helmets, tools and cleaning gear.

Paul Wilson

Really happy with our Asgard Storage Access bike shed. Can finally store the bikes out of the house somewhere I know they will be safe. Fairly easy to build and the bikes seem happy in there new home

Peter Gracey

Excellent bike safe. Exceptional service from start to finish. Great communication regarding delivery and advice on installation. Installation was easy, definitely not rocket science. Great to give our bikes and all the associated gear their own secure place. Perfect fit down the side of our house.

Kelly-ann Luckhurst

Brilliant Bike Shed I was a little worried upon buying the shed as it is quite a lot of money compared to wooden counterparts, but on assembling the shed i knew I had made the right choice. The quality was immediately obvious and it’s really good to support a British company. I live in a high bike crime area and am not worried about the bikes in this shed at all! It was very easy to put together, looks great and holds our two mountain bikes and two town bikes with room for all our bike gear too. Would absolutely recommend. Although if you had four large MTB I would say this might be a little tight and to get the bigger model.

Steven Haasz

Bought the Access bike store in 2009 and it is still in perfect condition with no signs of wear despite British climate. Company has given brilliant service. Recently moved the store and when reassembling I noticed that one bracket was bent - which explained why had always been a little difficult to lock. Called Asgard and 11 years after purchase they replaced it free of charge. Super company and recommend them very highly!!

Chris Jolly

So Happy with my big green box! Every part of buying, arranging delivery, building and using my 4 bicycle storage unit has been really easy. It really is very well made and the instructions were spot on.

Jen Willingham

No more bikes in the house! Great bike shed. Having gradually accumulated 4 bikes between us, keeping them inside a tiny cottage was no longer an option! We had to excavate a section of the raised garden so that the shed wouldn’t take over our small patio, but it was worth the effort. Despite the garden floor being uneven, we managed to lay concrete paving slabs evenly enough to assemble the shed easily, and it all slotted together with no problems. It fits all the bikes in comfortably, including helmets, shoes & track pump. We don’t have any of the shelves or hooks and seem to be coping fine so far. All in all it’s a great shed, very secure, keeps everything dry and it’s easy to get the bikes in & out of. A happy customer! :)


One of my best ever purchases The Annexe looks good, suitably sturdy with a reassuringly enormous lock. Big enough to store my 2 adult hybrid bikes and 29er (with the front wheel popped off) plus 4 spare pairs of 50mm tyres. Getting the bikes in and out is a doddle, so much easier than keeping them inside the house. I opted for the shed plus accessories bundle, very glad I did. The accessories make the Annexe much more useful. I also opted to erect the shed myself, which was a very rewarding and satisfying experience.


Really pleased with my purchase. I'm really pleased with my 3 bike shed. I managed to build it by myself partly due to the lockdown restrictions. It was pretty straight forward though to be honest but would be easier with two people. The build quality is excellent and the lock feels really sturdy. I feel much happier knowing my bikes are stored in it safely overnight rather than in my shed. Delivery was really good and I was kept in touch when it was arriving which meant I didn't have to hang around all day. I have recommended one to the family already.

Richard Head

My bike shed for 4 was delivered by Mick right on time with a friendly smile and all parts present and in good order. The shed was easy and satisfying to put together following the clear instructions provided and with the use of two pairs of hands, a power screw driver, hand held screw driver and spanner. The materials are a very high quality and the shed is a solid and practical design. It feels like it will last longer than I will! There is comfortably room enough for my two adult road bikes, lots of equipment and tools including a set of bike rollers, bike stand and toolbox amongst numerous other items. I will now be able to sleep soundly knowing my property is safe and secure. For added peace of mind, the shed also complies with my bike insurance :)

Adrian Wilkins

Bought this for my Lambretta as the size was perfect, and couldn’t have been more pleased, bit pricey but the quality shines through and feel at ease that my pride and joy is safely locked away. And as for personal service, fantastic. Made in the UK? All the way, well done. Even my neighbour will be placing an order

Helen Reid

I am absolutely delighted with this Access E Plus storage unit. The quality is great and is perfect for me as someone who doesn’t have a garage & was fed up with parts of my house looking like Halfords! The extra space meant I can now store my bike rack & maintenance equipment in there too. I opted for the Asgard assembly service and the guys from the company were fantastic, friendly & very professional. One of the padlocks was a bit stiff & they rang through to order me a new set which arrived the next day. Wonderful service all round from everyone at Asgard .. I was kept informed all the way through the ordering & delivery process & I highly recommend this company. Thank you.

David Beecham

Might seem costly but good value for money. The unit arrived on time and was relatively easy to build. I managed it on my own and I’m 70 yo. I positioned mine on a printed concrete drive down the side of the house and used the supplied shims to level it up. I keep my e-bike in it and quite a bit of stuff out of my garage as there’s plenty of space. Very secure and heavy. Any would be tea leaf would make a real racket trying to steal my bike! Looks the business. Very satisfied with it and good value for money.

Jim Anderson

sooooooo worth it


Very happy the new @AsgardStorage bike shed is here. No more dragging bikes up to the second floor!


Hey @asgardstorage thanks for getting my awesome Asgard Bike shed to me even in lockdown!! It's level and ready. #thievesdontbother #secureas**** #bikestorage #yeahbikes #chargeduster

Susan C

Frustrated by lack of space in our garage to store our four bikes, we bought the Asgard Access Plus Metal Bike Shed. We love it! Bikes are safely stored away, kept clean and dry, and easily accessible. The Asgard team were super helpful, the delivery on time, and easy assembly.

Chris Moores

The pandemic delayed its arrival by over 6 weeks, but today it arrived and only took me an hour to build it this evening. Just the floor to lay at the weekend and another project complete #prideandjoy #ultimateprotection

Lulu McLulu

Our bike shed has been the unexpected hit of our lockdown! It gets the sun nearly all day & it the perfect spot for lunch!

Rebecca Ursell

Got this 4 years ago, couldn’t be happier. Like I said, got this around 4 years ago and am very happy with it. It still looks smart. It is bigger than you might think - as well as two bikes, i now store my lawnmower in there. I damaged a key a few months ago and getting a replacement was straightforward (make sure you keep the details!)

David Elliot

Great Bike Storage Product Delivery driver messaged day before his estimated time of arrival, able to message back with more exact details of our location. Arrived spot on time. Managed to put most of it up single handed but help needed with doors which were the trickiest bit. One minor problem with door handle dealt with very quickly and politely on the phone - my thanks to whoever answered and solved it so well. Ivory colour goes well with stones and fence behind.

Steven Kersey

Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Really happy with my Asgard Metal Bike Shed for 29ers. Loads of room. Bought it to securely store 2 bikes, one my old 2012 Voodoo Hoodoo and my new 2019 Scott Aspect Eride 10, plus other items. The quality is excellent, much sturdier than other manufacturers metal sheds on sale. I added a bike rack to keep the bikes upright, and a foam floor to protect the paint, perhaps this is something that you could add to your accessories. Also I think the customer service was excellent, kept me informed via email of the delivery and when I mentioned a small problem with the paint on one of the door hinges this was resolved no problem at all. Very happy with the whole experience and would recommend Asgard if you want very secure storage in your garden. Thanks again Asgard. Steve.


This Bike Storage x 2 shed by asgard is perfect for what i wanted, I keep my mobility scooter in it plus there is plenty of room to put some folding garden chairs in the back to store for the winter i have put a pece of ply on the flore to keep things dry its great i love it

Linda Bratcher

Hi guys! Got my bike shed and it’s looking fabulous in its new home. Thank you! Special shout-out to the delivery guy! All the best Linda


Hi, it's actually my bike shed and I love it! Made using our bikes much easier. And now it looks even better.

Alex Woodcraft

Finished the #greenroof bike shed in North London. Used all the materials from the weekend exhibition except the stand which I will use another year. Looks pretty good I think, all on top of an @asgardstorage bike shed

Had Roy

I went back to my caravan for the first time since it was closed for winter yesterday, driving through the site was worrying as we passed 4 sheds that had been destroyed during the winter, nothing but a few contents left where the shed should have been. I am delighted to say that our asgard is in exactly the same position as it was left, looking as good as the morning we built it, everything inside dry and in tact, a fantastic purchase that I'd recommend to anyone

Juliet Hunter

Living in a terraced house we got fed up of storing our bikes in the house extension and then traipsing them through the house each time we wanted to use them. We originally thought we wouldn’t have room in our small front garden but when we measured up we found the shed would fit - so we took the plunge and bought directly off the website. We’ve had it 3 weeks now and wish we’d bought it sooner. It fits 1 x hybrid and 2 x road bikes really easily plus helmets and pump. It’s not the prettiest thing to have outside the house so we’ve pushed it back into a camellia bush and bought a narrow, deep planter and hope to get these two climbing roses to trail up the sides and over the top.

Ian & Mel

I love my Asgard shed! 3 years old and other than a few cobwebs as good as the day it was built. The paint has not faded and not a hint of moisture or rust. Great access with the flip up lid and big doors, easy to wheel in a bike and a mower and a power washed. It blends in really well with the garden and offers more security than the plastic tat that was there before that blew over. 100% recommend the Access for everyday use.

Seth Thomas

As I can't get from my back garden to the front without going through the house and we were getting fed up with dirty tyre tracks in the house I needed a solution. This secure bike shed is fantastic, it took me a couple of hours to put together (with a little help with the roof) and was very easy to do. It not only looks fantastic, it is secure and big enough for our 3 bikes and all the kit including car rack etc. Asgard is such good quality that we have now just purchased a garden shed too! I would highly recommend but be aware that there is a long (8 weeks) lead time which in itself says how great they are.

Douglas Burns

Now that I have this I can't imagine why I didn't get one years ago. I feel confident in keeping 2 pretty expensive bikes (which up to now have lived indoors) and 2 others - all full size adult frames - in a practical, sturdy and secure solution. OK so I may have had to twist the straight bars on the least used bike which lives at the back, but if it had drops like the others don't think this would be necessary. Glad I went for the 29er version as the extra length has meant that I have been able to fit in a set of shelves to take various bike related bits as well as spare wheels/track pump/work stand. Assembly is relatively straight forward and I managed it on my own, but wouldn't recommend doing so as fitting the top was pretty tricky given its weight and size. With a cordless driver (essential!) managed it in an afternoon. Definitely worth the relatively long delivery lead time. Pleasant and helpful delivery driver. Pleasantly surprised to find that a set of padlocks came included which I wasn't expecting.


Great product, good value for money, excellent communication, very helpful delivery driver. I am very impressed with the quality of our new bike shed, it came with clear assembly instructions, really easy to erect, my wife and I had it up and completed in 2hrs, including time for a coffee half way. Very roomy, we have our 2 adult bikes plus 2 folding chairs and 2 sun loungers in it comfortably. We would have no hesitation in recommending Asgard stores to anyone. First class thank you very much.

Adam Griffiths

After reading the rest of the good reviews I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of the police approved bike sheds in brown. Although pricey I can safely say I’m confident my bike is now safe being stored next to my house. The colour is actually really nice for brown, and the shed was easy enough to assemble with two people. Just be prepared that delivery time can take around 4 weeks which didn’t bother me and that my mountain bike with 29 inch wheels only just fits into this shed. All in all very happy with it. Thanks!

Philip Cope

I have just bought myself an electric bike for touring and have found the perfect shed to store it in whilst at the caravan. It was delivered on time and as soon as it arrived I and a friend put it together which took just over 4 hours, with the help of an electric screwdriver! Good step by step instructions saying how many screws needed in each place. I am very impressed with the shed - it looks good and there is plenty of room to store my bikes and garden tools too.


Just a quick not to say a big thanks to Asgard for my wonderful Bike Shed – its sound pathetic but it really has changed my life and actually encouraged me to do more riding! Gone are the days of a wet ride then dragging the bike through the hallway, marking the walls wrecking the carpet and getting abuse from the Wife. Which in turn made riding a chore… not now! My bikes live at the front of the house safe and snug in their Asgard! There’s enough room for my helmet etc. and I’ve even put one of the hooks on the outside so I can hang my wet jacket outside the unit to dry – perhaps I should patent that idea?


a very productive afternoon in cold & sunny Sheffield, put together my 2nd storage unit to match my old one. Top quality products & good value for money

Tom Lister

Easy to assemble and seems very secure. Fits in well in our garden. Great service from Asgard - cannot fault it.

Sam Wright

Fab selection of sizes of sheds, the Asgard Trojan plus was perfect in narrow pend but tardis like inside. Currently it’s storing a cast iron bath while the bathroom is stripped out. It will be a brill, secure bike shed after.

Antony Ashby

These are extremely well made units managed to assembly both units on my own. These look good and are extremely secure locking system is top grade. Have ordered a gas bottle unit to tidy up that area as well.

Chris Hughes

The Grand kids love the Shed!

Ben Thompson

Asgard called to arrange delivery. Took a couple of hours to assemble by myself. Great product. Secure shed. Great product.

Christopher Chung

I was surprised how much time I had spent looking for a bike shed. I’m so glad I found Asgard as there is no comparable product, the build quality is awesome. I was fortunate that the delivery driver was able to assemble the shed and they did it a lot faster than I would have, but having said that it did look fairly simple. We went for the green colour and it nicely blends with the hedge it is next to. I keep two adult bikes and three children bikes, this is a squeeze. This should comfortably fit 3 adult bikes and 4 adult bikes with some jiggery pockery. I also received a set of padlocks with my delivery and this is a very nice surprise.

Anthony Frith

Bought on the back of other customer reviews and product review from Bike Radar. It is a very well engineered product that was reasonably easy to assemble, only needing help from another to fit the roof. Using it to store 4 adult bikes, including one 29er, though it does take a bit of careful positioning. The locks are well protected and it feels very secure. I think the price is pretty good considering the quality and I managed to find a discount somewhere on the web site which was great. Very pleased overall and more than happy to recommend to others.

Adrian Roberts

I ordered this shed and selected the option to build it myself. The instructions were spot on but took me a while with the help of my 10yr old son! Wish I’d paid extra for the helpful guys who dropped it off to build it for us! Definitely needs two people to build if you’re considering building yourself. Once built, the shed is very solid and well designed. I like the way the lid lifts so effortlessly, similar mechanism to a hatchback boot on a car. The design is first class, I have no concerns that anyone could break into it and it is weatherproof, probably bomb proof! At present we’re only storing two bikes in it but could easily fit two more if/when required. Extremely pleased with this purchase and the service I received. Thanks Asgard

Jim Jackson

Excellent storage solution for 4 bikes with bags of room for accessories. Things that would improve it: 1) some means of securing the doors when open, they swing freely in the wind and could damage my car if it's parked too close. 2) Whilst I've managed to use the hook pack to hang my roof carriers, a purpose designed solution would be better. It went together easily (mind the setting on your drill driver or the screws will strip out the threads they cut), and I managed it by myself up until putting the lid on which required an extra set of hands. Overall, very pleased!


Firstly, don’t try to put one up without an electric screwdriver, but a few holes have to be done by hand as they’re tucked right into the corners. Secondly, Wow! So easy to build, instructions were clear and with a good wooden floor screwed down through the metal floor into the cement base below it’s absolutely immovable. I attached a large pin lock through the floor and have 2 chains through the pin to attach my bikes to the ground. Now all I need is to fill it up, as it gives off quite a lot of noise when I open it at 5:30am to go to work. Anyone know the best way to insulate it to quiet it down a little?

Pete Everson

Took delivery of my Access E Plus on Monday 18/03/2019 great delivery service. The Bike storage was up and running by the afternoon. Everything went to plan on the build and I am so happy with the result. The only minor negative was that the hooks I ordered were not with the delivery but due to Asgard’s delivery driver and fantastic after sales service I received them the following day. I am so delighted with my purchase and I can thoroughly recommend Asgard to any future customers.

Keith Weston

Arrived promptly at 9am, helped by the driver, who gave some useful tips and hints, placed out the large several pieces on the hard standing ready for assembly. The instructions were clear and armed with my tool set began, once the sides were up, the pace...secured to the ground, thankfully the shim plates to helped to adjust the doors. Then the lid, though 2 people stated, I managed to assemble the final pieces, the lid. Now completed a sturdy piece of engineering and robust. Both locks fitted, ebikes secure. Cup of tea and rich tea, with the sunny weather, great day for building....thanks for the service and early delivery helped. Highly recommend the company for service, updates and delivery.

Sue Collins

We have 2 Asgard sheds at our holiday home in The South of France. I shared the pictures last year and won shed of the month but we love them so much I thought I would share them again! They are really secure and we can store so much in them.

Suzanne Tobin

Love ours and so pleased with quality and price

Kev Lally

All done thanks. Can you pass my thanks to Neil please for getting it to me asap

Stuart Grant

After a few niggles with paint finish were dealt with by customer services, the final constructed shed sits firmly anchored down on patio slabs. Given this model has no steel floor, anchoring it was essential. I have installed a 12mm thick plywood sheet cut to exact size, so my bikes don't sit on the cold slabs! On really stormy wet days a little water does get in around the door, but it is not enough to affect my bikes. The shed is solid and the lock mechanism reassuringly firm, so overall I am very happy with the outcome. Although there are a couple of alternatives on the market, Asgard have the edge in my opinion. I feel confident that my bikes are safe and sound and recommend this product. Don't put your pride and joy in a standard garden shed or a garage with a simple locking mechanism, invest in one of the Asgard ranges of bike lockers.

Paul Leicester

Having found Asgard on the internet we went to the Bradford base to view the products. Staff were able and more than willing to answer all questions. We had viewed several metal sheds elsewhere but nothing came anywhere close in strength, quality or price. Easily ordered and used a voucher code to get a further 5% off. The shed was delivered before the expected date by helpful and knowledgable staff. Assembly was much easier than anticipated and took me and my brother less than two hours. The result is a very strong and easily accessible outside store for Dads mobility scooter. Beware of so called scooter stores elsewhere, they are flimsy, overpriced and insecure.

Keith Gymer

Excellent product - could usefully add fittings for storing accessories Very solidly built quality product - and good value at the discounted sale price. Easy to assemble - do need two people to fit the roof section - putting sealant around door end frame is tricky as there are gaps you need to fill which are awkward to reach. Plenty of space for the specified 2 bikes - we get 3 in our plus a uni-cycle on the door. Two regularly used face out and third less used is in the middle facing in. Have added fittings to the door to hang locks and the uni-cycle. Did also add a tray for bits like tool kits on the inside bottom of the door, but water got in (evidently through holes in the door in storm), so moved this to left side wall. Would be good if Asgard had a neater custom option like this.

Chris Jean

And the gratuitous before shot!! Did this with the missus. Wasnt quick, and aside from the wind trying to tear it down as we put the first panels up, it went up quite quickly.

Caroline Hurst

With help, put up my Asgard shed today in less than two hours. Thanks to the extremely well made product and easy to follow instructions, this was a joy!! Well done, would definitely recommend buying one of these!

Cheryl Lovell

my fabulous new shed! Perfect for our bikes and still have plenty of room left. I love how the colour seems to blend it well with my yard

John Heron

The safe that lives in the garden...holds 2 bikes (125s) easily...even had a third in there.


After our old insecure wooden shed rotted away and had to be replaced, we opted for the Asgard Cycle Storage x8 metal shed (also called the 'Gladiator Cycle Unit' on our delivery note and 'Gladiator Motorcycle' on our assembly instructions). Here are our thoughts: DELIVERY: 9-week lead time, but we were told about this at the outset and considered the wait worth it in terms of getting the right shed. Towards the end of the 9-week period it looked as if I was going to have to swap my days at work to receive the delivery, but after a couple of phone calls it ended up being a day that was more convenient. ASSEMBLY: we opted for self-assembly in order to save the substantial assembly cost. It took us a lot longer than the 2 hours that apparently the fitters take (if that's how long it takes them I take my hat off!) - more like a whole day with 2 people. You definitely need 2 people some of the time, to hold up the corner pieces until they stand up on their own, and to put the roof sections on. It was fine doing it ourselves: a long day, but satisfying, and the instructions were very good on the whole (with just a query needed to confirm that the roof joint strips are fitted just with silicone). You definitely need a power tool for all the screws except the door hinges. The shed sat really well on our concrete base, with all the holes lining up pretty neatly. QUALITY OF ASSEMBLED SHED: seems excellent quality in terms of anti-rust galvanised finish, anti-theft robustness, ventilation, rain- and snow-shedding apex roof etc. Also very good internal space and nice touches like metal channels to cover up the sharp screw ends, a ramp by the front doors, plastic wedges of different thicknesses supplied in case the base isn't quite level... We also think it's pretty attractive in our garden, blending in well - at least with the green colour we chose (see photo). OVERALL VERDICT: not cheap, but it feels like a very good investment which will be maintenance-free and will provide peace of mind for our bikes and gardening stuff.

Stephen Horsham

Will be finished tonight ran out of daylight but will get some pics to you over the weekend. Easy to build even on my own. Nearly done, lined with mdf, cctv added and alarm connected to house. Both bikes fit a treat and enough room to walk down the middle. perfect size Asgard folk

Gary Readshaw

The Asgard shed has been great for us, an ideal place to store tools and materials, safely and securely – being a remote location, its important that we have confidence that our equipment is safe and secure

Jon Hirst

Only room for two bikes if you get there before the missus and her garden furniture lol� Best £325 I've ever spent...2nd hand but as good as new.

Chay Keogh

I ordered this after quite a bit of research. The product is as good as the website suggests. Solid construction and does the trick of holding my five bikes, plus helmets, shoes and servicing equipment. Paid for install and well worth it. The two fellas were extremely courteous and had it built in less than 2 hours. I know that would have taken me at least a day and half. Two small watch outs - arranging delivery was easy but I hadn't considered I would need to fit in with other scheduled deliveries. It wasn't a problem, just not what I was expecting. The chipboard sub floor is also a little oversized on the cut and doesn't sit completely flush as it doesn't allow for the base pins/screws sticking out (hence losing a star).

Neil Armitage

We recently moved house and in the process forfeited a garage in order to gain more internal space, but this left us needing storage for 6 bikes. I came across the Asgard sheds and decided this would provide the solution we needed. We went for the ‘cycle storage x8’ shed in brown, which is sized at approx 2.2m x 2.7m.

Matthew Johnson

Box delivered today, built and fixed down in 90 mins. Easy to build, Great quality product, Very sturdy. Recommend if your looking at storing your bikes outside.

Matthew Clarke

They are very good indeed. Here's one of my 3 Asgards.


You may pay a little bit more for this compared to other sheds but I can honestly say the quality is second to none! From ordering through to the assembly I wasn’t disappointed, the ladies in the office were helpful the delivery drivers were spot on time, assembly took me about 3 hrs on my own, there are lots of screws, I love my bike home and feel confident to leave my pride and joy in there, it is certainly secure!

Ian Tear

Thought I would send you a picture of my Bike Storage x 3 - Police Approved shed, before it completely disappears!

Darren C

I am really impressed by the build quality of this product. This is the perfect place to store 3 of my precious road bikes. I think the brown colour looks really good. Sure these Asgard bike storage boxes aren't cheap, but it's worth paying a bit extra for superb build quality such as this. I would totally recommend investing in one of these bad boys!

Dan Miller

God of strength, heroes, sports, athletes, health, agriculture, fertility, trade, oracles and divine protector of mankind. And a shed. And here's mine!

Sue Hale

She's a beauty, We also spy the Access Photobombing in the background! Yep! We now have his and hers cycle sheds.


This is such a great product, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some more secure storage for their bikes. It is really solid and feels very secure. I got the ivory colour which I'm pleased to say looks good too. I was a bit worried it wouldn't look as nice as my old wooden shed, but I think it looks great. I was also able to build this myself with reasonable ease. The only bit that I needed help with was lifting the roof on.

Richard Meadows

Sturdy secure and smart. Took about 2 hours to assemble. Pleased with this product, it keeps dry inside too.

Jan Molyneux

Best thing we ever bought.

Derick Doughty

Mine under my carport - love it!!

Alan Baxter

Absolutely delighted with this product, very sturdy and secure, can sleep eat knowing my bikes are Secure. Nice job Asgard!!

Wendy Evans

My happily situated Asgard Addition. Very pleased with the brown colour

Chris Hopkins

Love mine!!!!

James Robinson

Spent an hour or two assembling our additions storage shed yesterday.


Easy to build even for a novice DIYer like me! Well constructed out of quality materials. Would definitely recommend.

John Grz

Can store 3 bikes with ease and with space to hang stuff inside like helmets, tools etc. Quality product. One frustration was with assembly. The side panels did not fit to the base properly. I had to "bend up" all the flanges on the base a couple of mm using a screwdriver and a piece of wood. After this the panels slotted into place snugly and assembly was straightforward and quick. Also no problem for one person to assemble. So 4/5 stars due this hassle.

Robin Harris

The specification fitted my needs perfectly - highly secure storage for 3 bikes. Security was a critical factor in my decision. Ordering and delivery were first class - the predicted lead time was 6 weeks but delivery was more like 5 weeks. This was not a concern as preparing a sound base took longer than that to organise! I prepared a 100mm deep concrete base. Before my purchase I needed to know if the doors opened to almost 180 degrees and your customer service team answered this query very well.

Richard Yale

Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with my new Asgard Additions Bike Storage. I am glad I went for the Ivory colour – it looks fresh and modern and brings light into my garden. It was easy to construct and is well designed and engineered, even down to the finer details such as the self-cutting bolts to secure it into the hardstanding. It is great to see innovative, quality products being designed, manufactured and also delivered by a British company.

Yvonne Glen

Well worth the wait. Having spent a small fortune on two ebikes we needed secure storage and having searched the internet came across Asgard. The unit fits nicely in the space we had available and we are very happy with our purchase. It’s not cheap however as my father always says you get what you pay for! It’s sturdy, took two people around three hours to erect and houses the two bikes and accessories safely.

Joanne Tate

Bikes can stay in there for now

Gary Austin

There was slight confusion on the delivery via email but it arrived a week before the 9 week wait. All was fine except the front left panel, which Asgard supplied a new one and that was damaged in transit. The second one arrived in perfect condition. I was being particular because these aren't cheap and I wanted it to perfect lack of communication from customer services on delivery times. But I guess that's not their strength, building quality sheds is. Asgards instructions were very particular so I had to question a few elements which again customer services provided replacements. You definitely need two people to construct parts but most of it can be done on your own. Overall I'm very happy with the end product and the cream matches the low wall which I'm happy with.

Barry & Sarah

Took delivery in the last couple of days of a new Asgard bike shed. Very pleased with it, very solid, please see attached photos. Took 2 hours to construct!

Steve Mottram

What can I say, it’s heavy, built like a bus and bigger than I expected but I love the build quality so much I’ve just ordered a 7x7 Gladiator one too.

Carlos Dias-Madeira

After nearly 10 years of having my @asgardstorage protecting our 4 bikes in the front garden they deserve a shout out. The shed is like new! No rust, no issues, such a solid sound piece of kit. If you need a bike shed I couldn't recommend a better one!


Out the kitchen window, cos it's chucking it down. 4 bikes (carefully) plus loads of odds and sods. Well worth the money.

Lynda Beveridge

We recently purchased an Asgard Secure Steel Storage container from your company. We operate a community sports club and needed a new container to replace our - well let's just say "weathered" predecessor. I wanted to send you a photo of it against our (I must say myself) incredible scenery here in Wester Ross, the Highlands of Scotland. It rains a lot here so your storage container really will be put to the test!

John Gilleese

Access bike shed loaded and locked. Nearly melted putting this up in the sunshine but hopefully it can stop my bikes from walking off! This one is £525 (incl. delivery) and can take 4 bikes. I thought that sounded expensive but after reading reviews from a few sites, it seemed a good buy. And after building it, it definitely seems worth the money.

Chris Nicholson

Great quality, even better customer service. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent. The customer service / communication would make me come back to this British company. The build quality was excellent and this made the self build so straight forward to put together in about 1.5 hours. Once together, it had a good look and fitted in our small garden.


Received delivery our smart new bike store this week and it’s already assembled and full of bikes!