Burner King Weatherproof Cover


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Burner King Weatherproof Cover

Woodburner, Weatherproof Cover:

The Burner King waterproof cover is the perfect way to keep your Asgard Outdoor Log Burner/ Woodburner in perfect condition - no matter what the weather. 

Made from heavy-duty PVC material, this waterproof cover is tailor-made to fit the Asgard Burner King, Dedicated Outdoor Wood Burner.

This cover will ONLY fit the Asgard Woodburner.


Product Code: ASGWBCOVER

Weatherproof Outdoor WoodBurner Cover


Custom made - to fit the Burner King - Perfect for long-term storage*.

PVC material - tough and weatherproof.

Made in Britain - By the Asgard upholstery team.


*Please note this has not been designed to accommodate the cowl, The cowl must be removed prior to fitting the cover.

This cover will ONLY fit the Asgard Woodburner.



Burner King Cover Dimensions

The perfect fit for the Asgard Burner King - Dedicated Outdoor Woodburner.

Asgard Burner King Cover Dimensions

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