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This is available for orders valued between £250 - £5,000. With plans designed to offer you convenience and flexibility.

Good quality and helps to absorb noise


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Wooden Subfloor for the Sentry Metal Shed

The Sentry comes with an integral metal base as standard. However a wooden subfloor offers more protection to your equipment as well as the metal base fo the shed.

This protective flooring is made from tough 20mm wood and is designed to reduce noise inside the unit.

Simply drop the floor into place for a perfect fit. There is no drilling or cutting required, as all of our wooden subfloors are pre-cut to size to fit the unit.

When ordering, please ensure your floor pack is the correct one for your unit.

This flooring pack is suitable for the Asgard Sentry only.



Wooden Subfloor

Asgard Storage Subfloor Dimension
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