Weather Resistant OSB3 Subfloors for Asgard Sheds

Shed with Floors - Wooden Subfloors

What is OSB3 board?

What are Asgard Subfloors made from?
All Asgard sheds feature integral metal floors for strength, security, and helping to prevent condensation. Our wooden subfloors are designed to prevent scratches and damage to the metal floor by adding an extra layer of protection. Our floors are made from OSB3 board and tanalised batons (Lattes).

Wooden Subfloors UK Made
UK Made wooden subfloors

What is OSB3 board?
OSB stands for ‘Oriented Strand Board’ and is becoming more and more popular due to its versatility and durability.

What is OSB3 board made of?
OSB3 is a high-quality, engineered wood panel that is made of small pieces of lumber that are glued and pressed together in a specific orientation. This creates a panel that is exceptionally strong and durable - suitable for bikes, motorcycles and gardening equipment to be wheeled over time and time again.

OSB3 is also more environmentally friendly than other building materials or floor types because it is made from sustainable resources, i.e. scrap pieces of wood. This contributes to Asgard sheds being a sustainable outdoor storage solution. (Find out more about our sustainability here).

Wood is uniquely renewable among building materials. It also has the lowest energy consumption.  Wood products are also the only building materials with negative net CO2 emissions. This puts wood among the most environmentally efficient building materials on the market.


Why do we use OSB boards for our Asgard Sheds?

  1. OSB3 is a strong, durable, and moisture-resistant board that is perfect for flooring. 
  2. OSB3 is an excellent insulator and can help to reduce condensation. 
  3. OSB3 is easy to work with and can be cut, drilled, nailed or screwed without splitting.
  4. OSB3 is an affordable option that provides good value for your money.
  5. OSB3 is a sustainable product that is made from recycled materials.
  6. OSB3 is lightweight and doesn’t damage during transportation, which makes it ideal for us to deliver.
  7. OSB3 has a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  8. OSB3 is resistant to insects and pests, making it a more durable option than some other types of wood products and suitable for storage sheds.
Wooden Tanalised Batons

What are Tanalised Batons?
All of our floors are designed specifically for their shed range and sizes, making them easy to fit with precision. Most of the wooden subfloor packs are batoned underneath for strength and to ensure a smooth flat finish across the shed. 

Tanalised timber has been pressure-treated to help preserve the wood, helping it last longer. When preservative protection is applied via a pressure method, the treatment penetrates right into the centre of the wood. Unlike preservatives applied with a brush, this treatment is material deep and not just on the surface, and so protects the wood and gives it a longer life span. 

Can I get my own floor from a shop?
Yes you can!  Any DIY shop will supply plywood, some will supply OSB board.  At the time of writing, buying OSB3 board directly from a DIY store is cheaper... However, you will need to buy more than you need, cut down the sheet to size, and add in your batons.  At the time of writing the cost of a Centurion P3 floor is 20% cheaper in materials than direct from Asgard.  However, there will be 20% waste cut-offs due to board size and you will require nails for the batons, a good quality saw and time.

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