Parcel Boxes from Asgard

Asgard Home Delivery Box Customer Comments

"Big thank you to Asgard. I would have been lost this year without my parcel box. This is the 1st year I have done all of my XMAS shopping online, every single parcel was safe and secure when I got home. Thanks!" - Mrs BH - Manchester
Section of online review from a top 100 UK reviewer"....a very handy 'safe place' for a number of deliveries that are too big to get though the letter box. It's certainly been very useful for us since we installed it. Just leave a little note on the door so the delivery person knows that you have a parcel safe and where it is. Our post lady is very pleased that she can offload our larger post deliveries whether we are in or not".  Full Parcel Box review here
"As an ebay addict this is perfect for me. The box is big enough for all my mail order goods. No more queuing at the Post Office depot for me" - P.Roberts Shrewsbury.
 "As a pensioner I can't always get to the shops so I often have my prescriptions delivered. If I can't make it to the door in time the delivery man puts them in the box for me" - E.B. Wiltshire
 "Look at the snow I have just found when I got back, and inside, all nice and dry is my present .Thanks it was a life saver "- Carol full parcel box pictures here
"Good solid box"- Online order
"Very satisfied" - Online order
"Ideal. During the cold weather I couldn't get to the shops. My local shop put all my shopping in my box which I had fixed into the porch."
"We have 3 of these by our factory door. Useful for deliveries..." See Case Study Here 
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