Asgard Outdoor Furniture - Customer Pictures & Reviews

Asgard Outdoor wood burners are the perfect solution for keeping warm late into the summer evenings or for warming up your outdoor space on a winter's morning.  Full steel construction, cooking plates on top, and heat-resistant glass give your garden a warm glow late into the evening. 

See below a small selection of Asgard customers cooking a treat in their garden.


Hello Asgard, thank you for the prompt delivery, Our new Woodburner is fantastic! It has been absolutely perfect for those chilly Spring Evenings, keeping us warm with our evening drinks.


Hi Andy, The burner was a huge success at our party this weekend, the amount of heat given off was incredible. As you can see in the pictures we even boiled the kettle on it and cooked up a few sausages. The guests were very impressed, so expect some emails this week. N


Hi Andy, The WoodBurner just keeps on getting better, here we are cooking breakfast last weekend, and having a cuppa. Then a cheeky lunch time drink. Thanks for all your help and advice. We are getting up early just to cook on it.


The woodburner keeps on giving!! here it is with our new pizza oven on - cooking up some tasty lunch