Building your Aasgard bike storage unit

Assembly of the Annexe bike storage unit from Asgard

The Annexe consists of 11 panels and over 150 screws, brackets and fixing devices. It also comes with assembly instructions that the architect of The Shard would be proud of.Asgard - Looks, size and functionality

This is a section from the going going bike review which you can see (full video) by clicking the link above.

However, if you have a powerdriver screwdriver and a mate to help, you will be able to follow the 8 step instructions and assemble the Annexe with minimal fuss. We didn't use a powerdriver and it took us 80 minutes to assemble.

The Annexe has a robust aesthetic. It's not ugly but any beauty it possesses is derived from its functionality and strength. It will comfortably store 3 bikes, with plenty of room for accessories and spares. As a result it is a large beast; requiring around 2 square metres of outdoor space.

See the Annexe high security bike store here.