Asgard Shed Levelling Shims


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This is available for orders valued between £250 - £5,000. With plans designed to offer you convenience and flexibility.

Very heavy duty plastic spacers useful for the shed and as a scraper and spacer for general diy jobs.
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Asgard Shed Levelling Shims

Levelling Shims

All Asgard sheds are designed to be self-assembled, with each of our sheds supplied with a full set of fully illustrated instructions. Each shed pack contains all the necessary fixtures and fittings to build your new Asgard shed plus we include a handy pack of “levelling shims”. The leveling shims, or packers/spacers, come in a selection of 2mm, 4mm, or 5mm thicknesses to suit the size of your shed. However, if you find your base is very uneven and you need a few more, they can be bought directly.

Asgard Levelling Packers What are leveling shims? 

Leveling shims are included to help to get your shed level during installation. Asgard sheds are precision-made items, designed and built to tight tolerances – a tight tolerance ensures that our sheds are tough, weatherproof and secure. The packers are designed to slide under a corner of your shed to lift it up, creating a level base and aligning panels and doors so they fit and operate smoothly as designed. 

Asgard Shims

Please see our page How to use Asgard leveling shims for more information on how to use your packer. 


Why is a level base Important? 

Before building your Asgard shed, it is important to make sure you have a good, firm base constructed from either concrete, tarmac, or paving slabs for your shed to sit on. We do not recommend grass or decking, as our sheds are the heaviest on the market, with some weighing over 76 stone, you need a decent base just to take the weight!  

An uneven base could prevent the shed from going together and the locks from operating smoothly, our installation packs carry plenty of shims in – but just in case you need some more for your shed or other DIY projects you can buy them in packs of 30 -

  • 10 x 2mm
  • 10 x 4mm
  • 10 x 5mm


The levelling shims, or packers/spacers, come in a selection of 2mm, 4mm or 5mm thicknesses to suit the size of your shed.


Asgard Leveling Shims 

  • Top up shims pack.
  • Made from black durable plastic.
  • Helps to level up your shed.
  • Discrete design.
  • 30 68mm x 68mm square shims in 3 thicknesses.
  • 2mm, 4mm and 5mm thick shims.
  • Free delivery. 
  • Delivered in 7 days*. 
  • Easy to use with no tools required, simply slot under your shed.
  • Many other uses around the home and garden. 
  • See our ‘how to use shims’ page for more guidance. 


Each pack contains:

  • 10 x 2mm thick shims
  • 10 x 4mm thick shims
  • 10 x 5mm thick shims


*usual despatch time.

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