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Our garden sheds have an excellent reputation for strength and security. Designed and manufactured in the UK, all of our sheds are made from Welsh heavy-duty galvanised steel - making them very strong, sturdy and durable. With an integral metal floor, the sheds offer full protection all around, simply put, they are built to last - and we’re so confident they come with a free 10 year warranty! 

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Secure Garden Shed Features

Asgard metal garden sheds are designed to be secure, keeping your tools not only safe but dry. The metal carcass and integral base are all fixed from the inside, leaving no exposed screws for thieves to gain leverage (and making it safe for children!). The base can be bolted to the ground too, making it hard to prise the shed up to gain access. 

XL High Security Metal Garden Shed

Additional security comes from the locking mechanism, with models varying from a 2-point locking mechanism (for use with your own padlock), 3-point locking mechanisms, 5-point locking mechanisms or 5-point locking mechanisms with Police approval! The 3 & 5-point locking sheds all feature a pick-and-drill resistant lock that's rated to EN1303 and the handle is designed to shear off in an attempted attack.

“I purchased my Asgard shed around 14 years ago after our wooden shed had been broken into. It really was a fantastic purchase and gave immediate peace of mind. As you can see from the photos it even retains its original colour. Completely maintenance free apart from a squirt or two of oil on the hinges and lock. I recall it was very straight forward to assemble. It remains solid as a rock, Couldn’t recommend this shed enough.” - Kieth & his Centurion Police Approved 5x7 Shed

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What makes our garden storage sheds weatherproof? 

As Asgard sheds are made of galvanised metal with a weather-resistant coating, they are designed to withstand the harshest of British weather. However, we have also incorporated a unique ventilation system in the roof to maintain airflow and reduce condensation, keeping all your tools dry.

“Hiya Andy, As mentioned, I’ve had a wide-open bag of ready mix postcrete and a multi-purpose concrete bag in the shed for 6 months + and they are still powder dry, good to use. I’m quite amazed to be honest, I kept looking at it thinking ‘I bet that’s starting to absorb moisture, I should at least cover it up’ – but no, bone dry! A huge win, even in the thunderstorms it’s still good inside.” - Kate & Rob, Flexistore 5x7 shed Asgard Weatherproof Storage Shed

Walk in Garden Storage Shed

“I put up this shed on a concrete base in a few hours by myself. The instructions were clear and the build quality such that all the bolt holes lined up and all the panels slotted together precisely. A year later the shed is completely solid. The paint all intact. I was impressed by how little condensation there was during the winter. There was no mould on my stuff as I have had in other sheds, and the walls stayed totally dry. The only moisture visible was on the roof panel, but this soon cleared and was never enough to drip. The locking mechanism works smoothly a year in. I added a wooden floor which helps reduce noise as well as protecting the base. I would definitely get an Asgard shed again.” - Atina, Trojan 7x3 metal shed

Garden Sheds designed for Gardeners

Asgard garden sheds are designed for gardeners and the issues they face! That's why we’ve concentrated on making rodent-proof sheds, to keep your equipment and materials safe from little critters! We’ve also created a range of bespoke tool racks and shelving to make the most out of the space. Our latest shed, the Sentry 3x7 shed, was road tested by influencer and horticulture expert Katelyn - she loved the shed, adding one of our lights to help her maximise the allotment time, and she even attached her own bespoke guttering!

“Firstly, it lasts longer and is much easier to care for than wood. It’s also incredibly hard to break into with their locking mechanisms - our allotment is in London where our site’s sheds get broken into a few times a year, that is a lot of locks and windows to replace. 

I was delighted when Asgard got in touch to ask if I’d like to test out their new Sentry shed at the allotment. It was perfect timing as I had been trying to decide for a couple of years what the most eco friendly, secure and long lasting type of shed would be and this is it! … It went up in record speed and I filled it immediately with my precious tools, knowing they’d be safe. Thank you Asgard!” - Katelyn, In a Tiny Garden

Garden shed customer comments

We have a loyal customer base who have shared their Asgard experiences with us, including:

"Well made and well engineered" "Good, solid, value for your money". "Quick delivery, good communications" - recommended CV
"Very pleased with this item, very nice delivery people would recommend" A1 "Excellent product, despatched on time, would buy again anytime!!!!!!!!!!" "Fantastic Weatherproof Garden Storage - thanks Asgard"

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