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Asgard manufactures metal sheds with integral floors, which is something that other brands of metal, wooden, and plastic sheds don’t always have.

The shed floor is integrated into most Asgard sheds* and is made from tough galvanised steel that ensures the shed cannot be penetrated from the ground up. This security feature will not only prevent thieves from gaining access to the contents of your shed by digging their way in, but it will also ensure that moisture from the ground doesn’t find its way into the shed and damage its contents.

Here are some of Asgard’s high security sheds.

6 x 3 Police Approved Shed
Annexe Bike & Garden Ranges

7 x 11 Gladiator P1
Gladiator Bike, Motorcycle & Garden Ranges

Bike Storage x 7
Centurion Bike, Motorcycle & Garden Ranges

When an Asgard shed is fully assembled, you will find that the metal base makes the structure much more rigid and overall a more solid and impenetrable storage unit. This is because each of the sheds panels are screwed into the base, meaning the unit is a solid structure that doesn’t have any parts that can be pulled apart. As well as this, all of the screws and fixtures are fitted from the inside, which means they cannot be tampered with from the outside of the shed.

An Asgard shed base can also be bolted to the ground, which provides the final bit of extra security. When the integrated metal floor is bolted down to the concrete base below, using ground anchors, the shed cannot be lifted, pushed, or rolled. This means the shed can withstand strong winds and other elements, as well as intruders who might try and force their way into the shed by any means possible. These important shed security features contribute towards our Secured by Design Police approved sheds, Loss Prevention Certification Board certified and UK Locksmith approved storage.

Sheds are often an easy target for thieves, whether the burglaries are planned or are simply opportunists. Police forces across the country are regularly warning the public to be vigilant when it comes to the security of their sheds.

Below are some recent warnings from around the country.

“Residents in Leeds are being encouraged to keep their sheds and garages locked after a recent increase in burglaries. Outbuildings have been targeted recently with items such as bikes and power tools stolen. Simply by keeping outbuildings secure – for example with good quality locks – you can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim. A secure door with a good lock can make all the difference. If you are buying padlocks and chains look to buy products that are Sold Secure tested or Secured by Design (SBD) approved.” - West Yorkshire Police, 2020.

“60 break-ins a day as thieves target garden sheds. Bicycles are the number one target - followed by appliances such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and drills. A poll of police forces in England and Wales from 2014 to 2018 found there were an average of 22,500 shed burglaries a year. Lancashire was the worst affected region with 12,592 thefts over the period, while Greater Manchester was the second worst hit with 11,946. At number three, Humberside Police handled 10,733 reported thefts from sheds, with West Yorkshire Police fourth on 9,760 and Cleveland Police fifth with 8,062.” -, 2019.

“Police warning to Worcestershire gardeners and allotment owners after spike in shed thefts. Thieves are targeting allotments and also sheds in people's gardens. They are stealing all kinds of gardening equipment, but are especially interested in the more expensive items such as lawnmowers and rotavators.” - Birmingham Mail 2020.

Unfortunately, thefts from sheds are a nationwide issue. If you’re serious about protecting your outdoor gear, it would be worthwhile taking a look at the Metal Garden Sheds that Asgard has to offer.

*Excluding Asgard bike shelters.

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