How to blend your Garden Shed into your landscaping?

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How do you blend your Garden Shed into your landscaping?

When choosing a garden shed, it’s easy to lean towards the stereotypically pretty wooden garden sheds with window panes. We get the appeal, but they hugely lack in security. Not only can you see the contents from the outside, but they are easy to break into, have poor locks, and often get weaker with age. A metal garden shed is often the best choice all around; they don’t age, they are super secure and require little-to-no maintenance. They just need some clever landscaping to camouflage and disguise the shed into your garden design. Here are a few suggestions from ourselves and our customers; 


Ivory Access to match the wall and fence 3 Asgard sheds in brown blend into the dark brown fence Gladiator Garden Shed with a leading patio


Choose your Shed Colour

The colour of your shed plays the most important part to blend it into your garden, obviously, a bright bold colour will draw attention to it. That’s why our Asgard sheds are available in dark-forest green, grey or ivory. The dark grey and green are particularly suited for blending into the garden fence or background, with more eye-popping planting to focus on. 

The current black garden fence trend is hugely popular and works on large blocks of black helping define the space and make your greens look lush, and the planting shine bright. Asgard sheds are easy to hide if you know how.

Location & Shed Size

Choosing the right location for your garden shed is key. It’s worth considering where your shed is in relation to the sun, patio and where you sit. During the day, you may move around your garden and face a certain direction to either keep the sun out of your eyes or bask in the sun, depending on if you’re a sun lover or not. Placing a shed in your direct eye line will draw your focus to it. 

At Asgard, we’ve had customer feedback on just how much they love our Access range of sheds due to the compact size and low height. Replacing a tall traditional shed with a shorter compact shed helps remove the garden shed from your eye line. 


2 Centurions hidden behind a fence partition An addition bike store covered in wooden cladding A Trojan Plus in its own garden enclosure A bike locker with wooden cladding


Build a Privacy Fence or Trellis around the Shed

Many of our Asgard customers have built frameworks for climbing plants, a trellis around the sides or even in some cases, cladding and green planted roof around their sheds! They look truly stunning. They help blend in your shed to the landscape and can either be designed to embrace the shed and integrate it into the landscape or hide it away. Even a privacy fence with the shed tucked neatly behind is a great way to add garden storage without drawing attention to it. 

It’s worth noting, however, that Asgard sheds feature a unique ventilation system to minimise condensation. Whichever method you choose, it’s worth keeping these areas clear. You can find more about condensation and planting here


Flowers cover the Access to blend into a garden The green finish allows it to blend in the plants and flowers


Use Trees & Planting

Trees and planting are a great way to make your garden shed to blend in. A nearby tree can help to shelter your shed from the sun and disguise your shed while looking down on your garden from your first-floor bedroom or balcony. A mixture of heights will help to ensure your garden shed isn’t the tallest item in your garden, just ensure the roots of your tree won’t disrupt the shed’s level base in the future. 

Ornamental grasses, such as Pampas Grasses (4m tall), Stipa Gigantia (2.5m tall) or Buchanan Zotov/ Toetoe (2.5m), can grow very tall to help blend the shed into your planted borders. On average, our taller garden sheds peak at just over 2.1m, and some grass varieties can even grow up to 5m! Their evergreen foliage ensures the shed still blends in during the winter months. Similar to trellises and cladding, it’s worth ensuring that the plants aren’t located too close to your shed to create condensation and block Asgard’s unique ventilation system.  


Blend in a brown shed into a garden A bricked patio gives easy access into the Asgard Centurion Motorbike Storage A modern patio leags to this asgard garden storage


A Well-Designed Patio and Path

A firm and level well-designed patio and path can distract from your shed, and make the shed to sit into the landscape. The key is to make the shed look intentional and part of your garden design, and not an afterthought. 


Be inspired by other Asgard Customers

Our Asgard customers have been very creative in the past blending their sheds into the garden. You can get further inspiration from our customer’s photos on our Pinterest boards and website

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