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High-Security London Bike Storage

Asgard is a British manufacturer of secure bike storage. Based in Yorkshire, we design, manufacture and deliver all of our storage sheds for both the public and commercial environments, with our high-security sheds being especially popular in cycling hotspots - London and Bristol. 

We pride ourselves on being responsible manufacturers, with many accreditations including ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental) and FORS Silver (safe delivery). Sustainable practices and materials are at the heart of our manufacturing process, we’re proud to use 30% recycled Welsh steel to manufacture our sheds, and they are 99% recyclable at the end of their life, creating sustainable high-quality sheds. With our in-house fleet of wagons, we can easily deliver our units across the UK mainland. 

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Insurance Approved Bike Sheds for London 

With 20,000 bikes stolen every year in London*, we know how secure London bike storage is key to keeping them protected and you on the move. We have a large selection of high-security metal sheds that are UK Locksmiths approved, Secured By Design Certified, and Level 1 Loss Prevention Certification Board approved, making our bike storage solutions a great way to protect your bikes and equipment. These sheds have been through rigorous testing (you can see the sheds being beaten up here!)

These high-security sheds feature reinforced panels and doors, welded stainless steel hinges, and an integral metal base that bolts to the floor. Our anti-theft handle is designed to shear off in an attempted attack, helping to prevent entry. This is teamed up with our 5-point locking mechanism featuring an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant lock and deadbolts. As a bonus, some of our shed models can be fitted with electricity and a camera, alarm, and light combo for added protection. 

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Reducing Condensation in our bike sheds

All Agard bike storage is ventilated via hidden ventilation holes in the roof eaves, allowing air to flow freely inside the shed, and helping to maintain a dry environment. In our larger bike sheds, additional ventilation has been added to provide even better protection against moisture. 

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Bike Storage Delivery to all London Boroughs

All our sheds can be delivered to London Boroughs for free! Our Head Office and factory are based in Yorkshire, and we have a warehouse in London where we hold our London bike storage deliveries. This set-up gives our teams the flexibility to deliver bike storage sheds into all boroughs of London, quickly and efficiently. Our London bike storage team not only delivers all of our bike stores but can also install your bike shed if needed! 

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