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Secure and protect your garden tools and equipment in a high security metal shed that will provide the best protection for your tools & equipment. A tough, all metal construction has given Asgard high security sheds a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board, which could help to reduce insurance premiums. An insurance approved* high security shed from Asgard will provide you with years of reliable protection from both theft and the weather.

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  1. Bestseller
    Metal Motorcycle Storage - Police Approved Motorcycle Shed & Garage
    Motorcycle Storage Shed 10ft 11" x 5ft 2"

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  2. Metal Bike Storage - Secured by Design - Police Approved Specification
    Bike Storage x 7 Police Approved

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  3. 5x14 metal shed - The Centurion Plus2
    5x14 Centurion P2 Metal Shed - Police Approved

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    Gladiator Motorcycle Plus 1 with Ramp
    Motorcycle Garage Plus 1 - 7ft 4” x 14ft 6”

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Police approved high-security bike & garden storage sheds

No matter what you need to store safely .... from small garden furniture to large power tools, from the storage of the family bikes to protecting your top-end Carbon road bikes from bike theft - Asgard offer a range of high-security metal sheds are designed and manufactured here in Britain.  Every Asgard shed is designed to safely store your most valuable items from theft and the British weather!

Asgard, heavy-duty sheds have a little extra security built-in.  All of our approved metal sheds have been tested by independent bodies to ensure your most valuable equipment is safe and secure today!  Each LPCB approved bike shed has been further endorsed by the Police (Secured By Design) and is independently audited every year.

Heavy-Duty Locking

To help deter thieves, Asgard, heavy-duty storage sheds are fitted with extra strong 5 point locking systems, reinforced doors, extra locking points, bracing bars, double folded sections, and welded hinges. These British made metal storage sheds will beat the thieves & the weather, thanks to their galvanised (weatherproof) steel panel design and the unique vented roof design (helping to keep condensation to a minimum) - keeping your valuable equipment not just safe but also dry.

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