Funny shed related things

Here you will find amusing items and articles from around the internet - all shed related.

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In a hurry? Get on your bike!
How many bike locks is enough?
Build your own garden shed! 
A metal garden shed with a difference 
Unusual recycled garden shed
Snow bikes
Crazy boat shed
Need shoes for riding your bike? 
What to do when you've forgotten your bike lock
How not to secure your bike!
What happens to wooden garden sheds in bad weather? 
What to do when you don't have Asgard bike storage
Cycling snacks
How to shop on your bike
Bring cycling into your garden
How to get a horse without spending a fortune
Is this the worlds most comfortable bike?
The next big thing in cycling
Crazy bike lane
Bike lane to nowhere
This bike is good enough to eat!
Is this the most ironic warning sign?
A shed man has devoted his life to sheds.
Cycling dives to a new level
Have you got the cycling bug?
What happens when you leave your bike outside
Now you can ride a bike to every occasion
Is this the most stylish bike?
How to throw a summer garden party
The new way to mow the lawn
Cycle in style
How far would you get on these bike routes?
Metal shed gone wrong
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