How well does your bike storage look after your bikes in the snow?

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The snow is on its way. The Met Office has warned us of forthcoming weather that includes blizzards, ice, wind,  fog, rain, and snow. You name it, there’s a warning about it for this week.

One thing you don't need to worry about is your storage shed from Asgard because they are made with weatherproof steel and include a ventilation system that helps keep condensation out of your metal shed. This unique feature helps to ensure your bike and garden equipment is protected from uncontrollable weather elements. No matter what the weather throws at you here in the UK, Asgard Secure Steel Storage has got you covered.

If you do plan on braving the weather and using your bikes, you’re certainly braver than us! We’ve got some handy tips to get the most out of your Asgard when it snows.

  • When defrosting the locks on your Asgard remember to use warm water, NOT boiling water on your locks. Using boiling water on a frozen lock can quickly freeze the inside of the lock and break the mechanism on the padlock. Alternatively, you could also try one of our service pens, which creates a lubricant film, helping to ease the dirt and grime within your frozen lock.

  • Clear your rain guards of snow to stop snow from falling into the unit when it is open. Leaving a build-up of snow on your rain guards can create puddles inside your bike storage.

  • Remember to make sure that your bike storage is closed when it’s not in use, in order to keep the snow out. This sounds like an obvious tip but trust us it’s a goodie! All our metal sheds come with a return bend fixed to the inside of the left door, which is an added security feature. This feature also gives the unit extra strength and security, should anyone try to break into your bike storage.

We tested our Access Plus Bike storage in the snow when the Beast from the East hit the UK. Watch our Youtube video below to see how it got on in extreme weather conditions.

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