Asgard Sheds Vs Storms

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Asgard Weatherproof Metal Sheds stand up to Yet more storms!

Asgard metal sheds are designed and tested to be weatherproof, but when a Storm comes to the UK with mass flooding and strong winds, do Asgard sheds stay dry inside? We asked some of our loyal customers (Asgardains!?) to brace the weather and check if their metal shed is still keeping their pride and joys safe.

“All safe and dry inside! Due to the winds, I thought it might push water through the front fascia vents but they were fine, no leaks, no condensation.” - K&R

“As usual, snow, frost, storms, rain - my bike shed is still dry. We’re quite exposed up on the hills but the shed still remains weatherproof.” - A

“I’m pleased to say our Asgard shed is beating the Storms. The storms had no effect on the shed.” - Luc

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Asgard Sheds vs Storm Eunice

It’s not the first time Asgard Sheds have had to battle through storms - as Storm Eunice threw furniture around the Velo Dad’s garden in February 2022, his Trojan Plus Bike Shed and Secure Store garden shed didn’t budge!

The moral of the story is….get yourself an @asgardstorage (or 2). They aren’t going anywhere ⛈” - The Velo Dad

How are Asgard Sheds Weatherproof?

Asgard sheds have been carefully designed to combat the British Weather;

Asgard & Rain/Snow - Our weatherproof storage sheds are made from galvanised steel. The steel has a zinc plating, and iron phosphate pre-treat and is finished with long-lasting polyester powder-coated paint to make it perfect for outdoor storage. Each Asgard shed comes with a free 10-year anti-perforation warranty. (Find out more).

Each of our panels is precision-made with tight tolerances designed to create snug fitting weatherproof construction and keep water at bay. Some of our larger units are supplied with silicone for extra assurance your shed will be weatherproof. 

Asgards vs Wind - Our metal sheds are made out of heavy-duty galvanised steel with some of our sheds weighing over 100 stone. The weight helps anchor these sheds in position and stand up to strong winds. As an additional option, each Asgard shed can be bolted to the ground, helping to prevent being moved by the wind (or a would-be thief!).  

Metal Shed Condensation - Our weatherproof sheds have a unique ventilation system hidden in the roof to help maintain airflow within the shed and reduce the chance of condensation. Some of our shed models feature additional ventilation on the side panels or front fascia vents to increase airflow further. (Find out more).

Find out more about Asgard's weatherproof storage.

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