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Snow Proof Metal Sheds

It’s that time of year again, when the days are shorter and the nights are colder! With the winter weather comes concerns for storing away your bikes and motorbikes, but we’ve got some handy tips to ease your worry. Our Asgard metal sheds are snowproof and condensation resistant with some great design features that can help to protect your bikes from the snow and UK weather.



Can I stop shed condensation build-up?

Condensation in metal sheds can be a big worry! But, a handy tip for those riding their motorcycles in this cold weather - allow your motorbike to cool down before storing it away in the shed. The fumes and heated engine can cause perspiration in a cold metal shed and cause condensation.

You’ll be happy to know that Asgard all-metal sheds are condensation-resistant as they have been designed with a hidden ventilation system in the roof, reducing any condensation build-up in your shed. Our motorcycle garages also have additional ventilated panels, allowing for better airflow in the secure garage.  Keeping bikes not just safe but also dry.

Snow Proof Asgard Sheds

Why is a metal shed better in the winter?

While all shed materials have their positives and negatives, we would have to say that metal sheds beat them all! Snow tends to sit on your shed until it dissolves and evaporates, and for a wooden shed that means that the wood is soaking up this additional moisture for days - maybe even a week! Whereas Asgard sheds are made from tough galvanised steel which is weatherproof and it keeps the snow and water out! That’s why we call them snowproof sheds.

Additionally, with no floor, wooden sheds are not immune from condensation, they often sit on a raw concrete base allowing moisture to rise up into the structure. Our secure metal storage sheds come with integral metal floors (with an additional wooden subfloor) creating a secure box to keep the moisture out!

Secured by Design approved Metal Shed

Whilst advertised as waterproof, the extreme cold can cause plastic sheds to contract which leaves gaps for snow or water to get into the shed (not good!). Asgard metal sheds are weatherproof, regardless of the heat, rain or snow. Everything about the design is to ensure it keeps whatever is inside protected, from the reinforced panels, and hinges, to the weight of the shed to stop it from blowing away! And while both metal and plastic sheds can be subject to condensation, Asgard sheds have that little edge with the hidden ventilation system to keep it to a minimum and an integrated floor to keep all moisture out of the shed.

How can I stop my bikes & tools from going rusty?

While our Asgard sheds have a handy ventilation system and they’re very low maintenance to look after, we do recommend a little maintenance when it comes to looking after your bikes and motorbikes. Throughout the day, your bike and motorbike endure all types of things, from mud splatters to puddles, and more. Wiping down your bikes and motorcycles means these substances are not sticking to your bike or dripping onto your metal shed floor.

Galvanised Steel Asgard Sheds

Also, if you’re worried about rust on your metal shed - don’t! Galvanised steel has a coating of zinc, that when intact, stops corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron. Asgard sheds are made with fully galvanised steel, making the shed snow proof, condensation proof and safe from rust.

Any other handy tips?

When defrosting the locks on your Asgard shed, remember to use warm water NOT boiling water on your locks. Using boiling water on a frozen lock can quickly freeze the inside of the lock and break the mechanism on the padlock. Alternatively, you can also try one of our service pens which creates a lubricant film helping to ease the dirt and grime within your frozen lock.

Clear your rain guards of snow, this stops snow from falling into the unit when open and creating puddles inside your bike and motorcycle storage.

You can find out more about Asgard sheds and condensation here.

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