Cafe Bike Lock

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Easy to use bike lock for my shed and at whilst I'm at work
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Cafe Bike Lock

Cafe Bike Lock

Secure your bike on the move with a Cafe Bike Lock

All Asgard metal sheds are designed to be secure with thick galvanised steel construction and superb locking mechanisms, keeping your bikes safe from opportunist thieves. However, whilst your bikes may be safe at home, how about when you are out riding and stopping off to refuel at a coffee shop or the office? This key-operated cable bike lock is an essential tool to keep your bikes safe whilst you’re out and about, and as extra protection within your Asgard shed.

This bicycle lock is manufactured from an 8mm diameter x 1m long tough twisted coil cable core with a durable weatherproof vinyl coating to resist cutting through the cable. The cafe bike lock is simple and easy to use, simply uncoil, loop around your external or internal anchor point, and click together to lock. When you are ready, simply use a key to unlock your bike lock. 

Additional Bike Security At Home

Whilst your Asgard shed is super tough, you may prefer an extra layer of protection within your shed, giving you peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to protect your pride and joy. This bike lock works excellently with any of Asgard’s ground anchors. Any would-be thief would have to get past Asgard’s impressive security measures AND then an internal anchor and chain. 

Securing Bikes when you’re Out & About

Ideal as a cafe bike lock, this coil bike cable comes with a practical mount, allowing you to easily store your bike lock on your bike frame, ensuring you have easy access to it when you need it most. The cable offers essential security to wrap your bike to any external anchor point. With a 1m cable, this bike lock is designed to wrap around the bike frame and tyres to keep all of your bike safe.



Cable Bike Lock

  • Includes: Cable Bike Lock - essential security bike lock.
  • Includes: A Practical Mount - store your lock on your bike.
  • Includes: 2 Keys - a back-up in case you lose a key.
  • Includes: 1 Year Warranty - as standard.

Bike Lock Features

  • Secure Bike Lock - for essential bike safety.
  • Practical Mount - handy storage to take your bike with you. 
  • Key Operated - simple to use with no codes to remember.
  • 8mm Twisted Coil Cable Core & Durable Vinyl Coating - to resist cutting through the cable.
  • Weatherproof Design - suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Black Cable - with black mounts and locks.
  • 1m Bike Cable - to wrap around your bike.
  • Ideal for Home & Away - with a lightweight design.
  • Free UK delivery to most of the UK mainland* - check your postcode.
  • Delivered within 2 weeks - if ordered separately from an Asgard shed.

Leightweight cafe bike lock

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