Storing Your New Bike in an Asgard Shed!

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Have you received a brand new bike for Christmas?

If so, congratulations, you’re in for tonnes of fun! To ensure your new adventures aren’t spoilt, storing it safely is always top priority! According to Cyclist, over 376,000 bicycles are stolen each year, which is roughly one every 90 seconds. However, our Asgard sheds provide top-level security to ensure your bikes are safe throughout the year.

If you already have an Asgard shed, you’re probably familiar with how secure our metal sheds are. Asgard Secure Steel Storage bike sheds have an array of security features, protecting your bikes from theft and the different seasons. From hidden ventilation to stop condensation to tough locking systems, here is a list of our cycle stores:

Access Bike Shed

The Access Bike Shed is one of our most popular bike sheds due to its gas-assisted lift up lid and huge double doors, giving you full access to all the riding gear inside. This shed can store up to 4 bikes* and features a tough 3 point locking system, including a shrouded twin locking system, and an integral deadbolt (steel) locking bar. The Access also has hidden ventilation to improve airflow inside and reduce any condensation build-up. The integral metal floor means no water will enter your shed that can damage your bikes and accessories.

Access secure metal shed


Annexe Secured by Design Shed

The Annexe bike shed is Secured by Design (Police) approved and has an incredible 5 point locking system. To achieve Secured by Design status, the Annexe has undergone rigorous testing by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). Like all Asgard bicycle stores, the Annexe metal shed also has an integral metal floor, reinforced doors, hinges, panels and hidden ventilation in the roof.

Annexe secure cycle storage

The Centurion Cycle Store

If you’re a family of cyclists with more than one bike, our Centurion can house up to 6 bikes*, as well as all your accessories! The Centurion is also Secured by Design (Police) approved and has been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. This cycle store features an exceptional 5 point locking system, including a steel-plated lock, deadbolts and a pick resistant lock and for added security, this storage shed also boasts reinforced doors, hinges and panels. Either side of Centurion are large vented sections to allow moisture to escape. This shed also has an integrated metal floor.

Centurion secure cycle storage

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and if you have any questions about our Asgard sheds, our new chatbot is on hand to answer all your questions! Have a lovely new year!

We’re so excited for all the new adventures you’ll have on your new bike in 2020!

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