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Police approved Motorcycle Storage - Asgard

After high demand from our customers, we are delighted to introduce the Secured by Design approved Gladiator Plus 1 Motorcycle Storage Garage. The garage offers an abundance of features, ensuring you are provided with the utmost security for your motorcycle this summer.

The garage is made out of tough, galvanised (weatherproof) steel and boasts a 5-point locking system, featuring a pick and drill resistant Euro lock and heavy deadbolts. We’re proud to say that the Gladiator Plus 1 has undergone rigorous insurance testing making it Secured by Design (police) approved, LPCB Level 1 (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved and UK Locksmith approved, which means that your motorcycle and accessories are safe when you’re not home.

The storage garage measures at 2.24m wide and 3.33m long, providing you with quick and easy access in and out of your shed for summer ride outs. The large, easy-access doors and access ramp allow you to enter, grab your helmet and leathers and mount your motorcycle.  Less time storing, more time riding!

Motorcycle Storage Security Features
The garage also features an Integral steel floor, with an additional wooden subfloor to protect your tyres, and for extra security, the unit can be bolted down to the ground. Mounting plates can be found on either side of the shed, with an electric mounting plate kit included to add power, allowing you to charge your bike battery whilst it is stored safely in the garage.

All of our secure sheds come with built-in, hidden ventilation in the roof to reduce the risk of condensation build-up in the garage. Also, to provide maximum protection for your motorcycle, there are additional ventilated side panels. This reduces the risk of fumes and moisture building up after a ride out and keeps your motorcycle safe and dry throughout the year, whether it is being stored long-term or short-term.


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