Asgard Motorcycle Garage Features

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Find out why our Motorcycle Garage provides the best protection from theft. 

1. Galvanised steel

This Asgard motorcycle garage is made from strong weatherproof steel, the same as all Asgard metal storage units. 

2. Vented side panel

Our motorcycle garage features vented side panels, which allow exhaust vapours to escape.

3. Easy assembly

This garage comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. An assembly service is also available. 

4. Metal shed 10 year warranty

Asgard sheds come with a 10 year warranty as standard.

5. Large double doors 

Fitted with large double doors for easy access inside the garage.

6. Integral metal base and protective wooden floor 

Fitted with an integral metal base for security and supplied with a wooden subfloor to protect your motrbike tyres.

7. Hook Rail

The provided hook rail is ideal for hanging helmets and leathers

8. Heavy duty ramp

The heavy duty ramp allows you to ride your motorbike straight inside the garage.

9. Tough 5 point locking system 

Fitted with a tough 5 point locking system to keep your motorcycle safe. 

10. UK Locksmiths  Association Approved 

The Asgard motorcycle garage is the only Locksmith Association Approved Motorcycle Garage in the UK. 

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