Metal Sheds And Condensation

Reduced condensation in your shed

All Metal Sheds get full of condensation? Not all of them. Asgard Metal sheds have hidden vents in the roof that allows more air flow inside the shed. These vents are situated all the way around the shed giving maximum air flow.
Some units such at the Flexistore and Motorcycle garages feature extra vents for improved airflow even more.
Shed Vents Reduce Condensation
With these roof vents in your shed, all of your stored items will be kept safe and dry.
It is still possible to see some condensation even with all these vents.  To keep any moisture down to almost zero you must show care when placing your Asgard.  You MUST place your shed away from plants and shrubs as they naturally produce moisture.
On a cold day, try to let any warm items (motorcycle, chainsaw) etc. cool down before storing.