Looking after your Asgard shed in extreme weather:

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Snow and Metal Sheds

Looking after your Asgard shed in extreme weather:

Asgard sheds are designed and made in Britain, (Yorkshire) so we know a thing or two about bad weather.

All Asgard sheds are supplied with a set of care and maintenance instructions, offering guidance on how to keep your new Asgard shed in tip-top condition and working as it should.

For everyday use, that really is all you need. But in extreme weather conditions, there are a few extra steps you can take to keep your shed looking good and functioning well.

coastal outdoor storage sheds

 Coastal Areas.

Asgard sheds are made from Galvanised metal – Galvanised metal has been dipped in a special protective coating, which will help to prevent rusting to the bare metal underneath. 

Each panel is then powdered painted with exterior quality textured paint over the top of the galvanising process, so our sheds are as weather resistant as they can be. With a wipe down every month or so your Asgard shed will remain in good condition for many years (see our care instructions here). However in coastal areas, salt is present in the air, and over time this will settle on your shed. Eventually, salt deposits will attack the paint finish and work their way through to the galvanised metal underneath. This process takes many weeks or even months to happen, but once this has started immediate action is needed. Don’t worry it’s very easy to prevent this from happening. Simply wipe the unit every couple of weeks with soapy water (in particular any large flat upwards-facing panels such as roof panels) and the risk of rust will be reduced significantly.

Should you see a blister or bubble in the paintwork proceed as the following:

  1. Remove the loose paint
  2. Treat any exposed paintwork with rust inhibitor
  3. Cover the affected area with Asgard touch-up paint (available from our website)

Extreme Weather Conditions:


Asgard sheds are fully galvanised metal, so they are designed to withstand the rigours of the British weather. However, metal is a conductor of heat by its very nature. So if you site a metal shed in direct sunlight, it will inevitably get hot. In extreme heat, the shed may become too hot to touch. In this instance, you must avoid using your shed and check that contents are not vulnerable to extreme heat (flammable liquids etc) and remove them from your shed if necessary. Ideally, you should install your shed in an area of your garden that has some cover from the midday sun, distant trees, or in the shadow of your house is ideal.

cream garden shed
Asgard Shed Condensation

Extreme cold:

Asgard sheds have been designed to reduce condensation via its unique ventilated design and integral, full metal base. However, in extremely cold weather, we ALWAYS recommend you periodically check the contents of your shed for signs of condensation, just in case. If you do find condensation inside the shed, remove using a cloth as soon as possible and leave the unit open for the condensation to dissipate naturally. Condensation can normally be avoided by sitting the shed away from foliage and leaving at least 1.5m around the shed to allow air to flow freely. But in extreme cold, the risk of moisture ingress is much higher.


Heavy snowfall can be a problem with any metal shed. Snowfall sat on your shed for a long period of time, will decrease the temperature inside and keep it low much longer than it should. Snow and ice may also potentially affect the paint finish on your shed. We always advise that you brush large deposits of snow and try and clear the doors of snow to prevent snow from melting into the shed. If you have experienced an extended period of heavy snowfall, we recommend you check any shed contents that are vulnerable to extreme temperatures – such as hose pipes, liquids etc. and remove them if necessary.

Asgard Shed with Snow
Weatherproof metal storage shed

Extreme wind and rain:

Violent storms pose a threat when using the shed. Asgard sheds are made from heavy gauge metal and so the panels are heavy, the doors on our sheds can weigh up to 25kg each, which makes them potentially dangerous in strong winds. We recommend you do not operate your shed in strong winds. Asgard sheds are exceptionally heavy and so robust enough to withstand heavy wind, however, Asgard always recommends you bolt your shed to the ground with the provided ground fixings for extra safety and security.

Insulating your shed:

As an extra layer of protection, you could consider insulating your Asgard shed. Cheap and easy to do, this can often help to reduce the heat or cold inside the shed. 

Further details can be found on the Asgard warranty page here

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