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Asgard sheds in action

Click on any of the below to see the Asgard product range in action! 

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Asgard on the TV: Alan Titchmarsh show. 

The Access Bike Storage Unit - store 4 bikes 

The Access Bike Store Reinforced Locking Mechanism

The Access Bike Store High Security design for safe cycle storage. 

The Access Bike Shed top lid lift for easy access into the unit. 

The Access Bike Shed with Shelf and hooks - see how the optional accessories increase your storage space 

The Access Bike Store in use  - suitable for secure outdoor storage for your bikes. 

The Access Bike Shed - Store up to 4 Bicycles! 

Building the Access Bike Shed with Insulation, carpeting and underfloor heating

The Addition Bike Storage Unit - store 3 bikes  

The Addition Bike Shed - 6x3ft secure cycle storage unit.

The Addition Bike Shed - secure cycle locking. 

The Addition Bike Store in use - Storing up to 3 bicycles 

The Annexe High Security Bike Store

Can we break into an Asgard bike storage unit? 

The Motorcycle Storage Garage

How to build a motorcycle garage - From the UK Locksmiths Association. 

The Parcel Delivery Box  (coming soon)