Lockers FAQ

Here is a list of the most common questions we have had over the last 12 months for our lockers

Who do you supply lockers for?
We have a range of stylish and secure lockers which we supply to a range of public and office environments including Schools, colleges, universities, gyms, recreational centres, fitness centres, health clubs, country clubs, golf clubhouses, athletic clubs, sports centres, swimming pools, spas, police stations, fire stations, airports, hospitals, skating rinks, bowling alleys and business offices.

What is the expected lead time for custom or production locker orders?
Our standard lead time is approximately 3-5 weeks. If you have a specific deadline to meet, gives us a call. We have a lot of options available to us and our customer service department will most likely be able to find a way to meet your needs.

Do you sell small quantities?
Yes! We have no minimum order limitations.

What colours are available?
Our most popular colours are grey, blue and red, but we offer a range colours as well as the option of anti-bacterial paint. Contact us for more details.

We have a specific design specification for our College, will you be able to work to them?
Absolutely! We work closely with architects and general contractors every day and have a range of lockers to meet interior and design specifications for the range of School Lockers.

Are all lockers made in the same way?
Definitely not! Although most lockers may initially look similar in design, there are many differences that affect locker quality, durability; such as door rigidity and reinforcement, door function, locking mechanisms, hinges, thickness of steel, paint finish and ventilation systems. The Asgard lockers are made in the same way as our high security metal garden sheds, making them tough, long-lasting and cost effective option.

Are metal, plastic or wood lockers best for my needs?
Metal lockers meet the needs of most locker requirements as they are secure, cost effective and are usually considered the most aesthetically appealing. For greater detail and more information about the various types of lockers available, visit our metal lockers pages while browsing the site.

What locks will my lockers accept?
Most of our lockers accept both padlock type locks and/or built-in type locks. The most common locks for lockers come with a master key control feature for administrative access and include: built-in combination locks, built-in keyed locks, and combination padlocks. Other locks that work with our lockers are coin operated return or collect locks and keyed padlocks. Contact us for more details.

For more information on our Lockers, see our Locker Storage range here.