Mobile Phone Lockers

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Mobile Phone Lockers

Large Mobile Phone Lockers For Schools from £200

Asgard are Proserve and National Contract suppliers, As such have supplied lockers and storage to Schools and Colleges across the UK for decades.   As true British manufacturers, we are always looking at new and interesting designs, to suit any need.

Heavy Duty Mobile Phone Lockers

Designed by our in-house design team and specifically for schools and colleges. Our mobile phone lockers can be custom-made to meet your school's exact needs.  From a single unit to a locker capable of storing hundreds of phones and electronic devices. Asgard can supply a fully bespoke solution.  As with all Asgard products our Phone lockers are made from heavy-duty (Briitish) steel, in multiple finishes and colours, and are designed to withstand the rigors of school life. 

Multiple-compartments Secure Mobile Phone Storage

Our mobile phone lockers can be customised to suit any size or need, with individual locks and compartments per student or per class.

Depending on the intended use, Asgard lockers can be made from galvanised or mild steel.  All Asgard Lockers can be vented, for gym use… on feet and waterproof for wetrooms. 

We offer a large range of locker security options. 

  • Combination locks.
  • Coin-operated locks.
  • Electronic locks.
  • App and Blue tooth operated locking systems.
  • Charging points within the lockers for keeping devices charged and ready to go.
  • Master keys for staff.

Phone Lockers for any location

All of our lockers can be free-standing or bolted to the wall, bolted to the ground, or bolted together in banks all designed for maximum security.

Available in any height width or configuration, our mobile phone lockers are the perfect solution for keeping the children's electronic devices safe during the school day.

We also offer a huge range of locker internals… shelves, coat hooks, hanging rails, and split compartments.  Anything you could need, allowing us to combine electronic storage and security with standard locker options.

With customers including MI5, HMRC, and the Houses of Parliament – we are confident that our lockers are of the highest quality.

Several standard locker packs are available in addition to our bespoke/custom design service starting from £200 per locker unit.

Browse through some client images to see a selection of Asgard lockers in use.

Starting at £200 per unit

As the exact price depends on quantity or exact design, For a quick quote please drop us an email with some details such as quantity, style and location and we will email you straight back.


Product Code: LockersMobile


  • Combination locks - with master override for staff.
  • Coin-operated locks - with master override for staff.
  • Electronic locks - with master override for staff.
  • App and Blue tooth operated locking systems - with a master override.
  • Charging points within the lockers - keep devices charged/ ready to go.
  • Bolt to the ground, wall, or each other for security.
  • Master keys for staff - for all lockers.

Mobile Phone Lockers For Schools & Offices

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