Secure tack storage box

Secure Tack Storage Unit

Don't become a victim of horse tack theft. Store your tack securely in a high security, secure tack storage box from Asgard.  The Asgard tack storage shed features the usual high quality, fully galvanised construction as all Asgard storage.  As an LPCB approved secure tack stoarge unit (Loss Prevention Certification Board - to level 1 you can be sure this is an exceptionally secure shed.  Heavy duty, reinforced panels, 5 point dead bolt locking system AND a pick and drill resistant ensure this tack store is safe "out in the field".  Ofcourse as the Asgard tack store is made from thick, heavy duty steel this unit is fully rodent proof.


Asgarde secure Tack storage box



What is the Asgard tack storage unit made from?

Our high security tack storage box is made from the strongest weatherproof steel- fully galvanised steel makes all Asgard storage products rust resistant.

How does the tack storage unit work?

Reinforced doors, hinges and panels make this unit extremely robust and add to its security. The tool rail included helps to maximise storage inside the unit, while the integral rain guard keeps out heavy wind and rain, making this unit perfect for the outdoors.

Tack storage customer comments

"Good unit, The brown is perfect for our stable. You hardly know it's there"

"Very heavy unit,very strong. We have had it 1 month and already our horse has kicked it. Still standing though!"

"We really likeour unit. It blends in so well with our stable area" L - Scotland

"We are very pleased with the unit. We initially sought something of this sort because country rats are very fond of horse grain. Since installing this unit, we haven't had a single nibble or hole in the grain bags from so much as a mouse, let alone a rat. They simply can't get in there.  Excellent". - Janet Rainey

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