Comparison of Asgard garden security products

Why is Asgard the Best Metal Storage available?

We design, build, deliver and install our own products, with;
  • Thicker steel - for security
  • Heavier Products - quality construction
  • Array of sizes and security options -value for money and flexible
  • Weather proof construction -quality and reliability
  • 10 year warranty -long term products
  • UK Made - BSI approved products
  • Delivered and installed by our own staff -for quality
  • Welded construction - for strength and security
  • Integral metal base -for strength and security
  • LPCB certificated products -the best metal storage in the UK
  • Tried, tested and approved by Locksmithsvery secure products
  • Approved Locking Systems - for security 
  • Accredited Products - the best in the industry
  • Self assembly -value for money
  • Asgard assembly -easy for you
  • Vented roof system -reduces moisture inside the sheds
  • Double folded joints -for security
  • Recommended by leading industry press - the best in the industry
We think Asgard produce the best garden sheds around, but don't take our word for it!
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To prove our point we got a local guy to build an Asgard Shed and another shed from a local garden centre.  Just to see what he thinks are the strengths and weaknesses of each. Hopefully this short blog will tell you why you should look at quality and longevity in your Metal Shed not just a cheap short term fix.  In this short article we will compare a shed at around the £220 (We will call this shed X) with a mid level Metal shed from Asgard at around £400.  
Overall Construction- First Impressions:
Shed X is made from quite thin feeling corrugated steel. The steel is then painted with a special paint to give some weather proofing against the elements. The entire shed is supplied flat packed for self assembly, all screws and fittings are supplied, as are detailed assembly instructions. All components are wrapped together; the weight of the entire flat packed shed is light and nice and easy to move around. Finished in a light grey colour - A good start.
Asgard is constructed from thicker feeling steel which is coated in a weather proof polyester paint giving a tough weather resistance. The Asgard shed is also supplied flat packed (for home assembly) - (An assembly option is available at extra cost from Asgard). All screws and fittings are supplied with detailed illustrated instructions. The shed is delivered by an Asgard delivery van as the weight of the shed is considerable. Each panel is individually wrapped in blanket during transportation to ensure there is no damage and to reduce packaging waste. The delivery guys carried the shed through to the build point.
Best Metal Sheds On The Market
Asgard full metal base and a weatherproof build                                    Shed X thin gauge steel and no integral base
Shed X is really easy to assemble. The panels are light and easy to handle. There are very few screws in the shed, so assembly is swift and easy. It is worth noting the panels on this shed don't have the best finish, sharp corners are every where so a pair of gloves are recommended. In general the shed feels a little cheap  (but then it is) and rather oddly there is no base?  
Metal Sheds From Asgard
Shed X - A poor finish through out the entire shed. Exposed screws on the inside are a potential hazzard.
Asgard Very intuitive to assemble, the instructions aren't really needed. The panels are handed and have a sticker on them for the man who would rather go blind than read instructions (me!). There are a lot of screws in this shed so an electric screwdriver is essential. The weight and quality feel of the panels is immense, the roof of the Asgard weights as much as the entire weight of shed X. (I must admit putting the roof on myself was tricky as I am (ahem) a little short. I would get a helper next time.  The finish of each panel is near perfect, no sharp edges anywhere and despite the vast number of screw holes EVERY SINGLE ONE lines up!  - which is pretty amazing. The Asgard shed takes a little longer to assemble (45 mins on my own + the odd rest) simply because there is a base in this shed and so many screws.  When I say base I mean a real base!!  It's rock solid all the side panels link into it internally, so it really is a tough little cookie. Again I recommend gloves - Asgard has no sharp bits, but these panels are very heavy.
I am no expert in sheds, but I did notice that all the fixings on the Asgard are internal so once the shed is locked up you can't get in. Shed X has all the screws on the out side, which I really dont understand!?!? If I am a burglar all I need is a 50p screw driver to break in. However it does make shed X really easy to put together where with the Asgard you have to be inside the shed to screw it together. 
Metal Sheds From Asgard
Asgard hinges - reinforced                                                                                                        Shed X Hinges - thin and weak
Shed Bases: 
This is important!! The Asgard shed needs a decent base to sit on, if you put this on grass you may find the uneven ground will make it difficult to open the doors, as the shed has an integral metal floor. So, if that floor is wonky the door action won't be smooth. However, I am lucky as this one sits in a car park but Asgard supply some levelling blocks in the assembly bag as standard so there is some give and take with the floor. The Asgard base is really heavy and has fixing points in the corners to bolt the shed to the ground - Bolts are supplied free with the shed. I Can't see the need to bolt it down though - This is a heavy shed. At best you may be able to knock it over - but it's going no where.
Shed X  Well it doesn't have a base. So I'm not actually sure what you are supposed to keep in a shed with no floor. I have just locked the shed with my bike in, then picked up the side of the shed to put the spare tyre in with it.
Best Metal Sheds On The Market
Asgard integral pick resistant Locks                            Shed X basic hasp and staple locksNow it's assembled.
Looking around both sheds the difference is remarkable. The Asgard shed is much better looking IMO (the neighbours will be jealous) Nice touches such as the integral rain guard keep driving rain out of the door joints (I'm told that if you pay for installation Asgard will also apply Silicone around all other joints as well)  A series of hidden vents in the underside of the roof reduce condensation. The whole shed is very substantial. A very nice piece of kit.  
Shed X I actually like the grey finish, but  am no expert but this is not really not in the same league as the Asgard shed. The whole shed seems to wobble this may be because there is no base to keep it all together. The panels are paper thin, I can actually push the joints in with nothing buy my finger and thumb. On the plus side the gaps around the door are very forgiving if you don't have a level base there is plenty of play in the doors. So that is a plus (I suppose) The finish quality is generally OK the paint is smooth and even. Some joints are sharp and at head height (eves) near the door which is a concern.
Shed X The doors are made from the same disappointing material as the rest of the shed (low grade, thin metal) The finish is very poor and again the door is attached from the outside. The hinges are tacked on with either glue or weld.
Asgard The door is immense. Reinforced folds are everywhere. Warning though!! You must have the shed on a flat base, these doors look as they are precision engineered, so to get them to work properly you must have the shed level. The hinges are internal and screwed on into something called nutserts? I would again advise a 2nd pair of hands when putting the doors on these doors have some weight in them. - Using a 2nd person would avoid lots of bad language.
Shed X has a traditional hasp and staple arrangement for your own padlock. However as I have already mentioned, with all the screws on the outside and the fact you can lift the shed up negates the need for a padlock as it is in effect - useless. There is a benefit to this system though. If I ever lose my key I can lift the shed out of the way to get my lawn mower out.  
Asgard The Asgard shed has an integral drill and pick resistant lock. Superb locking action!  A lovely touch is the ability to unlock from the inside without a key so the kids won't get locked inside (though that is tempting). Inside the shed you will find an integral lock and bolt system giving this shed no less than 3 reinforced steel locking points. These locks will shear off if a breakin is attempted.  
The Asgard locking system has been approved by the UK Locksmiths Association so I think thats a pretty decent endorsement
Sheds with metal bases
Shed X - No internal floor - A Security Risk                               Asgard - Fully Integral Floor For Strength And SecurityShed X:
Inside the shed is absolutly fine. It does what it says in the box. There are no leaks and no sharp corners. A few screws do stick through in the roof though, so look out if you are one of those tall types. The external weather proof coating is also present on the inside, so rust should not be a problem internally.
Asgard No leaks and a good quality internal finish. The Asgard does has the benefit of accessory packs of hooks and shelves (at extra cost). These (I'm told) screw into the back at predefined points and are made from the same material as the shed. The integral floor is the winner here, this will keep the moisture out as well as the thieves. 
asgard shed construction
Asgard storage, welded and folded for strength and security
The Asgard shed is twice as much to buy as Shed X, that you can't deny. But for twice the money you get a metal shed with a ten year warranty, made in the UK (support local industry), with a recognised reputation (these guys sell to the Police). The shed is of top quality, looks great and will last forever. It is my understanding the Asgard shed is so good that it sells into local government for schools and colleges for sports equipment storage-  some 2000 or so School Storage Packs in use across the UK.
Shed X is fine if you want a cheap way of covering up some low cost plastic patio furniture from the rain. In honesty though Shed X really has no security benefit at all. No matter how good your padlock is a potential thief only has to lift the shed out of the way or unscrew the lock. For those of you who are environmentally aware Shed X is made over seas and imported in huge crates, so not great for our carbon foot print or the ailing UK economy.
If you can afford it buy the Asgard shed. If you can't afford the Asgard shed then save up a little longer until you can.  

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