What makes Asgard sheds so secure?

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There are many questions we get frequently asked at Asgard and one of these happens to be “Why are Asgard sheds so secure?” 

At Asgard we have been manufacturing secure steel storage units for over 50 years and during this time we have designed and developed storage units with security in mind. Our metal sheds include a variety of features which add to the security of the unit, you’ll also find a selection of our sheds have been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (this could lead to insurance discounts).

What makes an Asgard shed so secure?

Locking systems

A variety of locking systems are available depending on the shed you choose. Our sheds are fitted with either a discus padlocks, a 2 point locking system, a 3 point locking system or a 5 point locking system. For the toughest security, our 5 point locking system will give you the best protection.

Reinforced door panels

The doors on all of our sheds are made from extra tough heavy duty steel. On our Loss Prevention Certification Board approved sheds, you’ll also find additional bracing bars on the doors for maximum security.

Reinforced hinges

The hinges on our metal sheds are fixed to the units internally. This design feature prevents an external hinge attack. As an additional security measure our LPCB approved sheds have extra welding for more security.

Rain guard

You’ll find our integral rain guard on a selection of our sheds. This feature helps keep the toughest wind and rain out, leaving your stored items safe and dry.

Tough high security bike sheds


Unlike other sheds, Asgard sheds are built from the inside out, all screws and fixings are internal. This method of construction stops thieves from unscrewing your shed from the outside.

Integral metal floor

All of our metal storage units have a full metal floor, this creates additional security and allows the shed to be bolted to the ground.

Fixing bolts

Each Asgard shed comes with a fixing kit. This kit allows you to bolt your metal shed to the ground.


Asgard sheds are extremely heavy, meaning no one can attempt to carry away your shed. 

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